‘2016 A Very Crucial Year’


Bong County Senator, Jewel Howard-Taylor, has said that the legislature is looking forward to returning to the Capitol Building on Monday, January 11, saying 2016 will be very crucial for implementing a lot of matters, including the Code of Conduct.

Senator Taylor said President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf now needs to appoint an ombudsman, referencing the need for this to issues surrounding the just ended Lofa County by-election, which she said would not have happened were the Code of Conduct actualized.

“It is now law, but she must appoint the ombudsmen so that people have a place to report cases to so that we all can test the democracy… Without her making those appointments all will be noise on the radio, but I think all of the political parties need to call for these appointments as that is part of this law,” she said.

Another issue the National Patriotic Party stalwart touched on was the new Labor Law, which has already been passed and signed into law, the minimum wage, and printing the law into handbills.

She said the Legislature needs to “put the feet of the Executive Branch to the fire” to ensure that those laws already signed by the President can be printed into handbills; and until such is done, Senator Taylor warned that it cannot be an enforceable law.

“The office of the President needs to follow up why that has not been done because our citizens have been looking forward to this new bill that sets up the standard for salaries and benefits, and I think it shouldn’t lag behind,” she said.

Meanwhile, Senator Taylor has disclosed that she would not be Senator today if her former husband, Charles Taylor had not given her the opportunity to be first lady, to interact with people across the country and learn what it means to be a female leader.

“Mr. Taylor is in a very difficult situation. Our children, who are very young, are suffering because their father is not here so we just continue to pray for him that God will keep him. He called and spoke with me and the children on Sunday and we wished him happy New Year, and we encouraged him. He is not ailing, even though it is a difficult situation for any person to be in, stuck in a four by four (4×4) cell which is mentally stressful by itself,” she said.


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