2014: NTAL Achievements Under Review

NTAL Prez Varfley- “We made significant_web.jpg

 In spite of the Ebola menace which downed every activity during 2014, authorities of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL) under the leadership of the president, Rev. Ellen Fartu Varfley, made several achievements.

Some of the achievements according to Rev. Varfley, included the establishment of a credit union for members, the opening of bank accounts for the association’s local branches to received their operational funds as a means of ensuring transparency and accountability and the construction of a national headquarters, the first of its kind in the history of the association.

Among its challenges was ensuring that over 300 teachers whose names were deleted from government payroll were placed backed on salary through negotiations with authorities at the Ministry of Education (MOE).

 Interestingly, during the year in review, the NTAL established its own newsletter to inform members about the activities of the association.

The NTAL president also negotiated with insurance companies, especially Secure Risk, to provide loans to teachers, a support that is now benefitting members of the association.

During the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) early last year, the NTAL, with passion and concern for the members’ healthcare, established an ever ready anti-Ebola awareness Taskforce, which created awareness on the danger of the disease among teachers across the country.

The graduation took place of 92 primary school teachers from a three year In-service Teacher Training Program organized by NTAL in collaboration with the Canadian Teacher Federation (CTF) and MOE.

The recruitment of more female teachers into the association, some of whom are now serving as local presidents and vice presidents of the various branches across the country is another accomplishment of NTAL, according to Rev. Varfley.


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