200 Ebola Survivors Train in Entrepreneurship


Over 200 Ebola survivors over the weekend ended 10-day ‘intensive’ entrepreneurship training.

The executive director of a local business group under the canopy, “Business Link,” Madam Edwina D. Vankun-Lincoln, said the training was intended to empower those Ebola survivors, who are benefiting from donors funding with skills to manage the little resources.

“They will not always be called Ebola survivors so it is now time for them to make use of what they are getting from donor organizations to empower themselves,” she said.

The ceremony was held at the Compound of ELWA in Paynesville, where Madam Vankun-Lincoln said Ebola survivors are now receiving little funding from organizations of goodwill, but cautioned them that their title as “Ebola Survivors” would eventually change as time goes by.

Madam Lincoln said giving survivor’s money is good, but if they do not properly plan on how to use what they are receiving from donors, it will be an embarrassment for them in the near future.

The training was held with the aim to transition “Ebola Survivors” from that name to a stage where they would manage their own lives and destiny.

Business Link was contracted by the Samaritan Purse to provide the training for Ebola survivors in the areas of introduction to entrepreneurship in Liberia, costumes services, building their confidence, budgeting and other areas of business management.

Business Links gives support to small businesses; plans for financial services for businesses that have worked with them for the past six years to ensure that businesses take their economic in their own hands.


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