20 Coaches Commend LNOC for Basketball Seminar

Some of the members of the participating coaches at the end of the seminar

Participants of a one-day basketball coaching seminar organized by the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) over the weekend told journalists that their hearts were filled with joy for the knowledge they gained from it.

The coaching seminar was held on Saturday, January 26, at the headquarters of the LNOC on Randall Street in Monrovia, and 20 out of the 25 second and third division coaches invited for the seminar attended.

Karnto Tonkeleh of female division side Commissioners said all that she and the rest of her fellow coaches gained from the seminar would help to advance their ideas in coaching basketball.

Angel R. Buckle of Desert Ladies described the knowledge she gained from the seminar as outstanding and that it has added to the ideas she already had in the field.

Wonween Toe paid tribute to the organizers of the seminar because, according to her, what she learned will strengthen her player and game development.

Kun C. Lewis is the head coach of Invaders basketball squad, and he said he is happy for the ideas he acquired from the seminar and will use the experience for his team and players.

Abel Z. Cole is the head coach of the Seventh Day Adventist high school, and he described the seminar as timely.

Jerry L. Bryane is the head coach of female side Desert Knights, and he believes that the knowledge he gained from the seminar would help train basketball players better.

LNOC Secretary-General Mr. Boie F. L. Corvah spoke on the long-term athlete development and the seven stages of physical activities of athlete’s performance in sports.

Mr. Corvah described the responses of the coaches as positive and promised to organize another seminar for first division coaches. He called on the beneficiaries to contribute their knowledge for the growth of basketball.

LNOC Assistant Secretary Ahmed Samuel Tukpeh, who spoke on LNOC’s activities with all sporting institutions in Liberia, described the huge turn up as an advantage for the coaches and the institutions they represented.

Mr. Tukpeh called on the coaches to help disseminate the knowledge they received from the seminar, because it would help develop talents of current and future athletes.

One of LBA’s senior coaches Varfley Corneh called on the coaches to use their knowledge from the seminar better in order to replace the old hands in the coaching of basketball.


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