2 Wounded Peacekeepers Arrive Home from Bamako


Two of the three Liberian soldiers recently wounded in a rocket attack in Timbuktu, Mali arrived home yesterday aboard Air Cote d’Ivoire at the Roberts International Airport in Lower Margibi County.

The two soldiers are Corporal Titus Lahai and Private First Class (Pfc) Beyan Gboloson.

Shortly after touching down, the two soldiers were transported aboard an AFL Ambulance to the Edward Beyan Kesselly (EBK) Health Post, near former Camp Schieffelin on the ELWA/RIA Highway for observation.

It may be recalled that three of the nine soldiers from a platoon of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) assigned under the Nigerian contingent in a peacekeeping mission were wounded in a rocket attack.

The remains of Cpl. Ousmane were recently brought home under United Nations arrangements and buried in Voinjama, Lofa County with befitting military honors.

Assistant Defense Minister for Public Affairs David K. Dahn at the time told the Daily Observer via mobile phone that the three wounded soldiers were in ‘critical condition,’ while the rest were being treated in Mali.

Before they were airlifted to Senegal, the soldiers were evacuated from Timbuktu to Bamako, the capital of Mali.

On June 23, 2013, Liberia deployed its first platoon of soldiers to the United Nations Mission in Mali, with the second and third deployed on June 25, 2015 and September 2, 2016 respectively.


  1. Wounded Liberian soldiers said to be in ” critical condition ” were airlifted to Senegal , but a grand jury indicted Senator for undermining the very nation is send off to the United States for medical attention . With many wishing him a get well soon request . The political power all ways take care of there own . Sooner or later those brave soldiers , if pressure is not put on those who sent them to fight , there is a chance that they will be left on their own . Can JFK treat those soldiers of their wounds ? A crook Senator goes to the US for treatment , while brave soldiers wounded in battle gets to go to JFK or to another African country . Wow !

    • If you are referring to Senator Sherman, the government of Liberia is not footing his medical bill. The Senator is paying his own expenses; the government of Liberia does not pay for government officials to receive medical treatment abroad.

  2. Give us some reasons why the few soldiers Liberia has to protect this land and its people should be helping to fight in that skin cow Mali? We just came out of a civil war, not yet recovered, got a sick nation, leave our sick country to go fight sick reboes. Screw Samukai extremism.
    Every Liberian Soldier should come back home until after 2017 election. We will talk about their Mali cow head fighters later.
    Gone home to silence. Do not call me back.

  3. DO NOT REPLY ME. You do not know how to sell legal instruments. Son you got a point. Do not join that type of GI.
    Come Home in silence.

  4. We are happy to know that our brave soldiers are back home, and we wish them safe recovery. Combat wounds, deaths, and post – traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) are a given in the military, so AFL soldiers serving abroad must, unfortunately, get adjusted to them. This means government should have factored in these by – products of military actions, and prepare the required resources for rehabilitation on the return of our gallant soldiers. Acting on impulse to send soldiers in harm’s way to prove a point may seem expedient, but not practical. It should be a cautionary tale.

    By the way, Mr. James Davies, lawyers of Senator Varney Sherman had asked the court for him to receive medical treatment abroad prior to his fainting/ collapse at the Capitol. So the implication that he “is sent off to America for medical attention” is ludicrous. The Senior Partner in Sherman & Sherman Law Firm could afford medical attention in the US long before he got into politics; and rather than him “undermining the very nation”, evidently, the only bulwark to Liberia’s progress and tranquility is EJS’s resistance to responsive responsible political leadership.

    Mind you, her unrepentant recklessness widened the Congua – Country divide, and may lead to an undemocratic tyranny of the majority if we as a people don’t insist on presidential tickets that gap the divide. Needless to say she has just extended the divide by a notch with the incorrigible Executive Order 84, which even the EU believes is mistaken. That the Europeans who kept a stiff upper lip when their grant of euro 20 million for infant mortality was stolen in 2013 are threatening sanctions over the EO show how tired they’re of EJS’s indifference to the welfare of the vast majority downtrodden.


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