2 Wounded in Land Dispute


A land dispute between Milton Bukeh, administrator of the intestate estate of the late Gbarbour, Kpawee, Flee, Napal and Ballah and his siblings left one person seriously wounded and the administrator sustaining minor injury last Saturday, August 8, 2015.
The property is situated in Norvleen Town (behind the Omega Tower) in Margibi County. In early 2012, the monthly Probate Court for Montserrado County convicted Nathaniel Ballah who, along with his collaborators, was serving as administrator with authorization to sell over 200 of 700 acres of said land, through which he prepared fake land deeds.
Ballah and his colleagues were granted the letter of administration on September 28, 2004, and it was signed by Judge Amymusu F. Jones, who was then presiding.
Judge Jones’ letter was revoked by her successor, Judge Vinton Holder, who is currently undergoing a one year suspension by the Supreme Court.
Prior to his suspension, Judge Holder approved an application making Milton Bukeh the new administrator for the intestate estate at the center of contention.
Court’s document showed that the land was deeded March 14, 1944, signed by the late President William V.S. Tubman in favor of Gbarbour, Kpawee, Flee, Napal and Ballah.
The incident which occurred on Saturday, August 8, happened when administrator Milton Bukeh authorized one Moses Napleh, a licensed surveyor, to conduct a resurvey of ten of the remaining 500 acres of land, based on the ruling of Judge Holder.
It was during the re-survey that Ballah, along with his collaborators, were accused of violently attacking Bukeh and his other family members, including Napleh, in an attempt to prevent them from carrying out their survey.
He alleged that Ballah came with cutlasses and knives to the area on Saturday claiming the land and later forcefully ordered him to vacate the area.
“He also came along with men armed with cutlasses and other deadly objects. I was beaten and sustained a wound on my left arm, while my other sibling was badly beaten. He is currently taking treatment,” Bukeh further explained.
During the process, according to him, he lost over US$650 along with some of his personal belongings, including his survey equipment that was damaged by the men.
Police were immediately called to quell the feud, but the atmosphere remained tense, according to Milton Bukeh.


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