2 Women Birth ‘Strange Creatures in Bassa


By Folo-Glagba Korkollie

The Daily Observer newspaper’s Grand Bassa County office in Buchanan has received information about two women giving birth to ‘strange creatures’ at separately locations recently in Glakon Statutory District #2 ‘A’.

Martha Joe, a midwife told this newspaper at the scene of where the women were reportedly delivered that since she and her team of trained traditional midwives started delivering women about 15 years ago, they have never experienced such ‘extraordinary creatures’ coming out of any woman’s stomach.

According to the Midwife narration, the first woman, Joan Kpah, was in her 10th month when she gave birth to a creature that was in the form of a ‘black cobra.’ “Just in time Madam Kpah was in labor pain, we suddenly observed a long black cobra-like living creature coming out of the woman’s stomach.

The situation terrified us to the extent that we were thinking the snake would bite any of us, but that was to the contrary,” the midwife said.

The traditional birth attendants killed the creature, and were also happy in the end because the expectant mother survived the ordeal.

Marpue Gaye, the second woman, was said to have carried the pregnancy for 12th months in Goegbahn Township near the SOS Children’s Village when she too reportedly delivered a baby girl, but the baby had three horns on her forehead.

The midwife described the three horns that were in the form of hair attachment, including one ear and two long teeth; one attached to the upper gum and the other at the lower one.

The three-horned baby died few minutes after it was born, and subsequently was buried.

Terrified residents, who witnessed the scenarios, described the two ‘births as extra-ordinary,’ blaming the ‘demons’ or witchcraft activities in the district being applied at the highest level.

But a long standing medical practitioner, speaking to the Daily Observer, said such birth as the horned baby can be attributed to abnormal fetal development. According to him, Environmental factors, such as infectious diseases, drugs, chemicals, and radiation, have been shown to cause abnormal development by inducing chromosome abnormalities, specific gene changes, vascular changes, or mechanical disruption.

This branch of medicine is called Teratology which is the study of the causes, mechanisms, and manifestations of abnormal fetal development.

In many traditional societies including those in Liberia, such birth defects are usually attributed to witchcraft and it would not be surprising if the surviving mothers face ostracization



  1. As a child, I heard of such occurrences from traditional midwives. They’d refer to such babies as GINA; never survived. Such babies were simply left behind; as they would say. The COBRA story is quite an extreme.

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