2 Win Over LD2M


It may be termed as a dream come true or dream never thought of, but the reality is that it has happened. And only by a stroke of luck it was, that two young Liberians have joined the list of Liberian Dollar millionaires.

Eric Robinson, 30, and Sylvester Wounuah, 23, are the newest millionaires to join the ever increasing list of the cash boys but their stories for reaching their status is an intriguing one, which came courtesy of Winner’s Incorporated, a sports betting company operating in the country.

The two men have decided to invest their money as well as seek higher education.

Robinson and Wounuah won LD$1,116,180 each, which is about US$12,684 over the weekend after taking up an interesting ticket that contained some of the most fascinating results that swept across the European soccer games last week.

The two winners had picked a ticket that cost LD$30.00

They were astonished at the end of the day when they realized that their ticket was the jackpot.

Speaking yesterday at the cash award ceremony Mr. Yacob Batshon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Winners Incorporated Liberia, said even though the company has given money out to winners, the two young men had won big money.

He described the winning as a great promotion, as the company stands to get more profit from the money they are giving out to the winners because it will encourage more customers for the company.

CEO Batshon disclosed that the company came in the country to help Liberians by providing jobs and brightening the minds of Liberians that participate in it.

“Our company is growing because we give our winners the exact amount they win and we don’t delay in making payments,” he said.


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