2 Students Killed, Others Injured


A tragic motor accident over the weekend has left two children dead and two others seriously injured.

“It happened so quickly that we couldn’t see who actually did it,” Mr. Davies, the owner of the shop where the children were when the accident occurred. He said he’s still disturbed after seeing the accident.

“I remember looking at them for a split second because they were so happy on their way home,” he recalled.

According to Mr. Davies, the sound of tires screeching and children screaming alerted him as he ran towards them. Unfortunately upon his arrival, he noticed a white vehicle hitting children one by one.

“The vehicle left the street and was on the sidewalk with the children. The driver had no control over the vehicle because it kept hitting the children. I can’t stop crying,” he tearfully added.

According to witnesses at the scene of the accident, about five children were grouped together heading home from Eagles Elementary.

“Being children, they didn’t know that the driver had lost control as it ran straight into the first boy who fell under the tire, followed by the six year old and the other three children. What made it worse, the car just kept on going towards the Caldwell Bridge without stopping once,” another eye witness added.

According to a driver who tailed the vehicle, the driver turned himself in to Zone 1 Depot 1. “Because of the mob and for fear of angry people spoiling his car or killing him, it was not safe for him to have stopped. The best thing was for him to turn himself over to the nearby Police depot,” another said.

Meanwhile, the two surviving children are reported to be in stable condition, according to clinic administrators in Caldwell.

Community dwellers meanwhile are appealing to government to establish crossing guards to protect students as they walk home on the sidewalk.


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