2 SEGAL Security Guards Charged for ‘Stealing Fuel Oil’


Two guards of SEGAL Security, a private security firm, have been accused of stealing three containers of fuel oil valued at over L$6,000.  They have been charged and turned over to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice for prosecution.

Anthony Appleton and Peter N. Lemeh were charged with theft of property by the Liberia National Police (LNP).

The incident allegedly took place on November 27, in the 15th Street community.

The security guards were arrested following an internal investigation conducted by Segal’s own chief investigator, Amos S. Kumeh.

Kumeh’s investigation followed a tip off from one Jacob Dossen about their guards’ involvement in the disappearance of three containers of fuel oil, at their 15th Street assigned area, according to police records.  

Dossen, who is one of the caretakers of the compound, alleged that the fuel got missing when he left the area to buy a scratch card, so that he could phone his boss lady.

He did not mention the name of his boss lady when he was interrogated by the police.

The two accused men, who worked together at the 15th Street compound, denied the allegation when they appeared before SEGAL’s investigation and that of the police.

It is not clear whether the defendants have been suspended.

Interestingly, during the preliminary investigation, police quoted defendant Lemeh as saying “while I was getting out of the generator room, where I had gone to dry my clothes, I met the caretaker, Dossen.”

He was further quoted as saying, “I heard him saying, I will make sure you get to jail.”

Police also quoted Appleton saying, “Before the incident, I was assigned at the front of the compound, there I managed to see Dossen entering and he went directly into the generator room that is situated at the back of the compound.”

“That was when I heard noise about missing fuel oil, “Appleton explained.

Surprisingly, police claimed that since no burglary took place at the compound, they did not have any alternative but to charge the defendants with the crime.


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