2 Nigerians Arrested with Over LD$3m Cocaine


The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has arrested two Nigerians who reportedly brought into the country a huge quantity of cocaine and the Italian white, estimated at the street value of over LD$3m (equivalent of US$71, 000).

  During a major press conference in Monrovia yesterday, DEA Director Anthony K. Souh, announced the arrest of the two Nigerian suspects, whom he subsequently paraded before the press.

 He assured the public that the suspects would be prosecuted in keeping with the 2014 Drug Law which makes drug trafficking non bailable.

  Director Souh identified the suspects as Damatus Nwafor, 36, and Emmanuel Eze Eskasha, 35, explaining that they were picked up at their respective homes on Bushrod Island in Monrovia on Tuesday.

  Director Souh disclosed that the two Nigerians had not only brought into the country harmful substances, but with other items that are used to prepare the drugs for sale and consumption.

 “This is the first time in the history of this country that we have arrested such a huge consignment of harmful drugs,” Director Souh said, “and we will make sure to prosecute the suspects.”

  Suspect Nwafor, according to the DEA, was arrested at his residence in Point Four, while the second suspect Eskasha was picked up, following a tip off at his rented residence in Sam Gibson Community.

  “While they were undergoing preliminary investigation, the suspects reportedly confessed their involvement with the importation of the dangerous substances,” he said.

  As part of the DEA’s tradition, Director Souh said, it was necessary to inform the public of such an issue of national concern in keeping with DEA’s mandate.

  Director Souh commended the government for the introduction of the new drug law that came into existence last year making such a crime non-bailable.

 “The law is clear and its penalties are evident and meant to prevent and protect the state from falling prey to the culture of lawlessness,” he maintained.

  The DEA Director further said the law would be meaningless and ineffective if not implemented to the letter.

  According to him, the new law is one of the best laws on the continent which conforms to international best practices which DEA officers will enforce.

  “These guys have committed a heinous crime in the country and they must face the full weight of the law. We have our children who sometimes move around by peer pressure to engage in drugs, and so we must punish anyone involved in marketing drugs in our country,” Director Souh emphasized.

   “What is amazing about the suspects is that they have resided in the country as middle-men for an unnamed existing Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was used, reportedly as a cover up to market their illegal drugs,” he said.

   Director Souh, meanwhile, called on the judiciary to work collectively with the DEA to ensure that the issue of drug trafficking is contained in the country.


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