2 MFA Students for F4F Tournament in Russia

Liberia's two representative, Sao Jackson (L) who will participate as a footballer and Zeta Kromah (R) who will participate as a journalist at the Friendship for Football (F4F) program in Moscow, Russia.

Monrovia Football Academy’s Sao Jackson and Zeta Kromah, a female student-athlete, both under 12, are to represent Liberia at the Football for Friendship (F4F) tournament in Moscow, Russia, from June 8-15.

Student-athlete Jackson will participate as a footballer, specifically as a defender on the Galapagos Sea Lions team, an international mixed football team. The team is made up of six players from six countries, including Cyprus, Liberia, Bangladesh, China PR, Turkey and Caicos Island and Anguilla.

Galapagos Sea Lions are part of the 32 international teams of friendship that will play against each other in the Gazprom Football for Friendship International Championship. The friendly tournament aims to bring together children from around the world and celebrate the uniting spirit of football.

The formation of the 32 international teams of friendship, as well as the determination of playing roles for individual young players from each country (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or forward), were done during the open draw held in Moscow on Thursday, February 15. Each international mixed team of friendship will be trained by young coaches – football players of 14-16 years old.

Kromah will participate as a young journalist to report on local and global activities of the F4F program as part of the International Children’s Press Center. She will also spread awareness on the Nine Values (friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, tradition and honor) of the F4F program.

Both Jackson and Kromah will also participate in the Football for Friendship International Children’s Forum, where the youngsters will get a chance to meet their peers from other countries, share their experiences, and discuss with famous footballers and journalists on how to promote key values of the F4F program around the world.

F4F is supported by Gazprom and FIFA. Its aim is to develop youth football and a healthy lifestyle, as well as promote tolerance, open-mindedness, and respect for different cultures and nationalities between children from across the globe. This year, the F4F program has expanded to 211 countries and regions.


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