2 Men Hacked to Death in Ganta


Two bodies believed to be those of hard core criminals in Ganta, Nimba County were found naked in a pool of blood yesterday July 15 around the Blakaypa Community.
The cause of their deaths is still under investigation, according to officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP).
Ganta residents told the Daily Observer that the men were notorious criminals, while others believe that they might have been ordinary persons visiting their girlfriends and because they were not known in the community, the residents considered them as criminals and hacked them to death.
“Maybe, they might have gone to steal or burglarize people’s homes and that could be why they were killed like this,” a Ganta resident speculated.
The Daily Observer gathered however that at about 3 a.m. on the fateful day, the two men allegedly entered the home of a lady, but the lady hid herself, locked the door and yelled for help.
“When people came around, the men fled, but they were chased by an angry mob that caught them and butchered them to death.
There were deep cuts on the bodies, believed to be inflicted by machetes, but there was no machete or any other weapon on the scene of the incident.
Officers of the LNP are yet to establish the identities of the victims, but some Ganta residents identified the men as Saye Fred and Abraham (AB). They did not provide any further detail as to where they might have come from prior to their deaths.
The bodies of the two men have been turned over to Ganta City authorities for burial.
Mob action against suspected criminals is not a strange occurrence in Ganta, residents told the Daily Observer, noting that several years ago, a suspected criminal was mobbed to death in the city center after he allegedly jerked a black plastic bag from a baby mother and attempted to run away with the bag.
According to the LNP two men were brutally beaten by mobs last weekend, but officers managed to rescue them.


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