2 LP Senior Executives Resign

Former LP chairman Israel Akinsanya and executive council member Maxwell Grisgby

 In the aftermath of the ongoing legal brawl between the opposition Liberty Party (LP) and authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) following the conduct of the October 10 elections, two of the party’s senior executives have resigned from their respective positions.

In his letter of resignation, the former chairman, Israel Akinsanya, cited ‘personal reasons’ which he believes compelled him to quit the LP.

T. Maxwell Grisgby II, also another LP executive member, tendered in his letter of resignation on Wednesday, November 22. He did not give any reason for quitting, though it is being speculated that he was weary of the ongoing legal rigmarole between the party and the NEC.

Akinsanya served as the opposition party’s chairman during the 2011 presidential and legislative elections, a position he occupied when he was accused of allegedly bankrolling the party’s campaigns while working with the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) as vice president for public affairs.

After a demoralizing defeat, LP political leader Charles W. Brumskine announced his resignation from politics.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, November 21, Akinsanya said: “Yes, l have resigned; and its personal.” He then hung up the phone.

“This letter serves as my resignation letter effective immediately from the Liberty Party. I thank you and the Executive Committee for the time they allowed me to serve,” his letter to the party chairman, Benjamin Sanvee, said.

For Grisgby, he said, “I herein tender my letter of resignation as a member of the Executive Committee as well as a partisan of the Liberty Party.” He then extended his profound gratitude to the Executive Committee for the privilege to serve the Liberty Party.

Darius Dillon, LP’s acting National Chairman, in a telephone interview confirmed receipt of the men’s resignation. “We wish them well. They are free citizens and have the right to move on with their lives,” he said.


  1. Israel AkinsanyaII

    “Dear Sir,
    This letter, serves as my resignation letter immediately, from the Liberty Party, I thank you and the Executive Committee for the time served.

    Israel Akinsanya II”

    Plan and simple. Welcome to CDC, Israel. He can no longer stand Charles Brumskine holding the runoff election hostage and refused to listen to advise from Akinsanyan

  2. No problem! The Liberian people will not be deterred by your abrupt resignation just because Counselor Brumskine took his complaint to NEC and supreme court. He has done the right thing. You have rejected the court process and welcomes a fraudulent election results. Some Liberians lack patient and accept the wrong thing for the sake of peace. I say “NO” ! These elections Mr. Akinsanya are not free and fair. Unfortunately, you have given into pressure.

    • Thanks, Mr. Taylor,

      These are the same people who do not want anything to be fix, they still want to push things under the rug.

  3. Another goddamn rogue for CDC. Akinsaya stole scratch cards from Lonestar Cell. Alex Tyler, another CDC rogue. ha ha ha ha. So so dirty rogues for CDC.

  4. Of course, no sound politician or patriot would continue to remain in a party which has become AN ENEMY OF THE NATION simply because the so called Standard Bearer (Charles Brumskine) wants to hold the nation hostage for his personal interest. He Brumskine’s diabolical intent is to be seen as a victim, while Varney Sherman wants to hold the nation hostage to save his neck from his imprisonment and disgrace for his commision of his crime of bribery.

  5. It is good to form part of a party, served executive committees for the emancipation of the Liberian people but resignation are obvious to anyone as required by fundamental rights and laws.
    Please let put Liberia first and not our personal interest. Peaceful transition in our country is my concern! PEACE ACTOR OF GRAND GEDEH COUNTY.

  6. Thank you Ms. Elfreda Harris, sometimes I ‘ m writing from my mobile phone, with out editing. At least you got my message.
    The issue with Mr. Akinsanya’s defection from the LP to the CDC, shouldn’t be any problem. He is exercising his constitutional right. Besides, I see other witting, calling him a rogue, devils , betrayal etc….how suddenly he has receive these titles. We didn’t hear any of these against him for the “thousand years” he was with LP.
    Let us put Liberia first. The choice of the Liberian people, is what matters, not individual EGO. Our people have suffered a lot from bad decisions made by politicians in the past. Various commodities, prices of US dollars, gasoline and food have soared, just for the past month, since the election impasse. It is the average Liberian that feels it.
    A peaceful transition is what concerning me, not who wins or loss. When things become uncertain, Mr. Brumskins will be the first to get his air ticket to Abidjan, Freetown or Conakry, back to Full Church, Virginia , USA , where he resides, as always it has been, leaving our people to suffer and die.

  7. Two men have quit Liberty Party? So what’s the big deal? The grass across a neighbor’s fence may not be all that green. But if the two gentlemen can find peace and happiness in CDC’s camp, so be it. There’s nothing to fret about. Knowing Brumskine, I don’t think he’ll give a hoot. Brumskine probably wanted those guys out of his space in the first place.


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