2 Liberian Entrepreneurs Win US$15K From Cummings Africa Foundation

Ms. Wahab and Mr. Blasin posed with smiles.

-Foundation vows to support Liberian entrepreneurs

In what appears to be an empowerment summit by the Cummings Africa Foundation ended this week with a deep smiles on the faces of two Liberian entrepreneurs.

Folton Blasin, finance officer of the “Say No to Hunger” and Satta Wahab, Chief Executive Officer of “Naz Naturals” emerged as the winners of the competition after a participation by 100 entrepreneurs.

Satta Wahab of “Naz Naturals” won US$5,000 in grants from the foundation, while P. Folton Blasin, who represented “Say No to Hunger”, walked away with US$10,000 as first winner. Naz Naturals is involved into various hair products, while Say No to Hunger is involved in agriculture activities in central Liberia.

Cummings Africa Foundation said the financial support to the two winners is intended to financially empower Liberian businesses, many of whom are struggling to grow amid the tough economic situation in the country.

The competition was intended to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their brilliant ideas to improve or scale their businesses, according to the organizers. They were selected through a competitive process and selected as winners out of a hundred contestants.

Ms. Wahab said the competition was a challenge, especially being the only woman among the remaining six males. But again, she said, “we have to work hard and twice as much as our counterparts (men) to get what men will get easily.”

According to her, coming into the competition as the only female, she had to sit and think about the fact that amongst the final contestants, she was the only female.

“I had to work hard to represent us. I had to work hard.” She said she will invest the grant into her business to make it stronger and more competitive, Ms. Wahab said.”

Blasin, whose business is based in Nimba County, said the US$10,000 will help the business support the empowerment of more women, especially those who are single parents.

Mr. Blasin said “Say No to Hunger” also aims to bring more vulnerable youths out of poverty and hunger by giving them employment to earn a livelihood.

Currently, Mr. Blasin said “we are the major vegetable cooperative. With this amount, we plan to give financial assistance to single mothers and vulnerable youths. We want them to leave the street and find a livelihood, especially encouraging people to get involved in agriculture.”

Blasin said about two weeks ago, his cooperative was certificated by the Cooperative Development Agency as a national Cooperative. Now, he says, being the winner of the Nationwide Entrepreneurship summit means a lot.

“With this award, we are going to produce more fresh vegetables and pork meat on the Liberian market. Agro business is key to nation-building and thanks to my hardworking and very committed team.”

Entrepreneurs from all levels of the Liberian business benefitted from the 2-day summit sponsored by the “Cummings Africa Foundation,” intended to promote innovation, idea sharing, and Inspiration.

The summit under the Cummings Africa Foundation is the first in Liberia. The Liberia Entrepreneurship summit appeared to be the most comprehensive business conference of its kind that brought together scores of Liberian business owners.

The summit focused on knowledge sharing, business identification, seminars and masterclasses facilitated by industry experts.

The overarching goal of the summit was to equip Liberian businesses with knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to position their businesses to be drivers of the Liberian Economy.

Blasin added that his organization was proud to receive the prize from Cummings Africa Foundation.

“The process was tough with a high degree of competitiveness to convince a team of high-level panelists about our business idea and proposal among over one hundred entrepreneurs across Liberia and to finally emerge as number one,” he said.


  1. To all participants who did not win a prize, congratulations! This is not the end of the road. Learn from your mistakes, work on improving on all your weak points and positively forge ahead to embracing the future with optimism. It was a competition. Someone must win. It doesn’t mean you guys lost. It simply means you must try to be innovative next time. The world is evolving rapidly, let’s move along with others and stop playing the victim cards all the time.

    To my sweetheart Ms. Wahab, thumbs up girl! Wow! The only female in a male-dominated competition. I can just imagine how nervous it must have been. Do not translate this victory into complacency. Consider it a catalyst to obtaining your dream in life. The era for women depending on men to obtain things is past. What a man can do, a woman can do even better! Dream big Wahab! Don’t limit yourself to your community. Move out in other communities, cities and towns and establish branches. Train others to work for you to earn decent life. May God give you the wisdom and strengthen you!

    To my brother Blasin, my heart leaps for joy to even hear the sector in which you operate. No wonder why you won! The $10,000.00 price money from my role model and beloved presidential aspirant, Alexander B. Cummings, is a challenge:
    Your cooperative should endeavor to supply Nimba with enough vegetables such that none will be imported from neighboring countries;
    Your cooperative should endeavor to supply major supermarkets and all public markets with vegetables that Liberians consume such that none will be imported from neighboring countries;
    Your cooperative should endeavor to supply the rest of Liberia with vegetables such that the country may NEVER resolve to importing vegetables whereas we have a very rich and fertile soil to grow any tropical cash or food crops;
    Your cooperative should, as a long-term project, endeavor to export vegetables to neighboring countries and eventually to Europe.

    Mr. Blasin, to reach these goals, there should be some organizations within the cooperative. Do not mix up things, embrace professionalism.
    If not done yet, get experts to analyze the soils you are undertaking your projects. Let them tell you which soil is best for a given crop. If the soil in an entire village is good for growing bitter bulbs, that entire village should ONLY be specialized in growing bitter bulbs professionally. Likewise, if village B has a good soil for growing tomatoes, let that village supply the market with tomatoes.
    Consider professional conservation methods. Ensure that the vegetables you grow can always be available on the market with a stable price.
    Think about increasing production volume, resort to using organic fertilizers.

    Dear Cummings,
    May God richly bless the works of your hands and preserve you to serve Liberia over the years. May your offspring be endowed with blessings and surrounded with divine protection for what you have started in Liberia. Thank you for coming back home to serve motherland.

  2. Very good job. It is better to give than to receive. Reality: God blesses all cheerful givers. The Liberian electorate will not be tricked or secretly bribed. Anyone who runs for the presidency, must earn the votes and gain the trust of the people. The Liberian people have been misused and taken for a crude ride over the years. Therefore, all presidential aspirants must step forward and do the most honorable and patriotic thing. No funny games through donations, but a genuine committment to the people. May God bless the people of Liberia.

    • Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen!!!!!!!!
      We (Cummings and true supporters) do not play games, we have never played games and will NEVER play games with the Liberian people. We mean business and no hypocrisy.
      So be it!

  3. No names because I don’t know the names of all Liberian politicians who donated rice, cooking oil, motorbikes and money in order to buy votes in the past. My sources have informed me that some Liberian politicians donate money and bags of rice as a way of buying votes. Of course, that’s stupid. In fact, donating money and food items to the needy while there is a hidden motive amounts to corruption. Liberians will not be bought by any philanthropist or by a flimsy charitable organization. All presidential aspirants will be examined.

    • And examined fairly.
      We don’t distribute rice, cooking oil or so for votes. We have endeavored to improving the livelihood of our compatriots by embarking on a relatively fair distribution of the wealth with which the country is endowed.
      We are not yet at the helm of affairs. We are not going to sit by and see others strive for expertise we have.
      We are lending out helping hands to see others grow and become independent in order to not be bought over when these vampires come along the way tomorrow (in 2023).
      We want all Liberians to enjoy their unalienable rights to freedom and self-esteem. We do not seek to help our partisans but any meriting Liberians

      That is our hope.
      We dream of a new Liberia where life will once more have a meaning.
      A country where every little child will live and grow up confidently whilst being assured of a better tomorrow.
      A country where people of all walks of life will like to visit during vacations and fun time.
      A land where excellence will once more attracts attention, prevail and be rewarded.
      A country where love, peace and tranquility will abide.
      This is our hope. A hope cherished by God’s children because he told us that:
      – Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
      – Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
      – Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
      – Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
      – Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
      – Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.
      – Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.
      – Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
      Liberia was founded on Christian principles. We believe in those principles and we are therefore guided by them

      We are good men and women of Liberia; it is therefore high time we sat idly and saw evil prospers.
      We will face the challenge, may God be our strength!

  4. This intellectual banter between my two learned Uncles is truly refreshing and I am learning more and more every day. I wonder, Uncle Dolo, if it was another politician that had donated the prizes, would you have been as lavishing in your praise as you are of Mr. Cummings.. Just asking, Uncle Dolo.

    When you talk of Mr. Cummings, I have to ask, is he going to deliver manna from heaven? I just dont want to see you so disappointed in him if he fails to deliver on his promises. He means well for this country, i am sure, but, is he the right person to lead this country is all i am asking. But only time will answer that question.

    Uncle Hney, I sometimes think that you can be a bit harsh in your criticism of Cummings and others. i stand corrected. But my dad came to your defense, and said that you speak from past experience, perhaps. Who am I to argue with him.

    No, i dont think that i have seen minted coins in my life, but my dad have some Doe Coins that he is keeping as souvenirs, so if you are referring to those, then yes, I have seen minted coins. But i still have not fully grasp the significance of the printing of the 35B. Someone will have to fully explain that to me and dont just say it is necessary to pay civil servants.

    The healthcare system here is a nightmare. infant mortality is high and our old folks are left to fend for themselves. A nation is judged by the way it treats its citizens at dusk and at dawn. Something has to be done about that.

    Uncle Hney, many thanks again for again for everything. I await your information.


    • Joe, Joe, Joe

      You are a very good boy, I must admit. You are a conscious young man growing up with great wisdom and love for Liberia. I highly appreciate your comments, queries and observations on your two uncles.

      Your other uncle is mad with me because I bluntly and audaciously expressed my opinions without reservation. (No name so no need for threats again, please). But he is a good man. He also dearly loves Mama Liberia but condoning the wrong solutions and exploiting the crooked avenues.

      Now about Cummings, everything about him will not be perfect. He will not order manna from heaven. He will not automatically change things. He may not even change a lot of things. But you know Joe, when Jesus was questioned about paying tax, he told the crowd to show him a piece of coin and asked to know whose image was engraved on it. They all answered Caesar. And so Jesus said unto the curious onlookers, give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and unto God what belongs to God.

      There is a natural stratum in every society Joe. Some people were born to be good teachers, and some learned to be. When you sit in a class of a teacher who has such a gift, you develop likeness and love for that subject and may even develop career in that subject area. In Europe and other advanced countries, the entire generation of a family may be tomato farmers, and the children will know nothing else but to farm tomatoes.

      The major problem Africa faces is mismatching. If an African man becomes famous as a footballer, the next thing is the leadership of his country. If he becomes a good soldier, the next thing is to kill everyone to forcefully takeover the leadership.
      NO Joe! It should not be so. Let’s do what we can do best and leave people with leadership abilities and skills to lead. We cannot all become presidents.

      In the Western world, leadership is about having a vision to giving your fellow citizens better living conditions and promoting your country’s interests over others. Since you were born Joe, have you seen a single Liberian leader with such ambition or zeal?

      I prefer and will run campaign to have a president like Cummings for reasons I have previously evoked here Joe.
      Since 1980, we have had leaders with blood stained hands. You remember the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible Joe? Cain wasted his brother’s blood and so God was unpleased with him. His generation suffered serious curse and are still suffering it until the end of time.
      Can’t you see Liberia is under curse Joe? Do you know what the leaders who hypocritically open their mouths in and out of our parliament did to their fellow Liberians? Very atrocious deeds!
      Do you think God is going to bless Liberia with such people at the helm of our leadership? I can’t support any of them. By the way, I am like an outcast in my own family because I could not associate myself with such abomination. I spent my life in exile going through tough times, feigning for myself to survive. I did survive, but some of my brothers and dear friends did not. Are we all going to sit by and see such heinous demons continue to dictate the course of our lives? I refuse to accept it Joe.

      Let’s usher in a morally clean and God-fearing technocrat. There are few of them in Liberia, but I prefer Cummings for now. By the time we can have such person in the executive mansion, we will then turn to God to supplicate and ask for forgiveness of the nation, from there, we will begin to rebuild every fabric of the Liberian economy. Everything in Liberia was disintegrated Joe. Despite the great wars fought in the European countries, things did not fall apart as it was the case in Liberia. Even electric wires were dug from the ground in major cities to be sold.
      Joe, we need someone that can travel the length and breadth of Liberia to speak about forgiveness and be listened to. Liberians still have pains in their hearts for other Liberians. To move forward, there should be sincere and true reconciliation. We are all interdependent and somehow intertwined through marriages and deep-rooted friendships.
      That person should be a proven technocrat. This is no time for politicking and blame game. The children of Liberia deserve decent life, good education and promising future.
      That person should be a humanitarian and philanthropist. A selfless person who would make sacrifices for other human beings to have decent life.
      That person should be cognizant of international finance and proven management skills.

      Joe, I see all these qualities in Cummings. He doesn’t even know me Joe. He has never seen me or heard of me either. He doesn’t even know what I say about him, but I am just objective for Liberia.
      Moreover, he has managed a budget ten times bigger than our country’s annual budget.

      If you, the Liberian people, will give him a chance, frankly speaking, he will suffer in the hands of those vampires. He will try to close their eating spots and they will fight him in any way but we the other people will stand with him to face the fight. It will be tough for him Joe. He will receive blows and bruises, but he will get the job started and a new page will be turned for Liberia. We need someone who can start a sustainable development blueprint, not guessers Joe.
      Give Cummings a chance. I want you to live in a happy and prosperous Liberia with my four little children Joe. Spread the news out to your friends. Cummings will educate you, find you a decent job, make you feel proud of yourself and country.

      Good night Joe.

  5. JM,
    In the US, the vetting of the democratic presidential candidates has begun. The vetting process of the candidates is being done through a primary system. The first caucus state where the candidates converge usually is called Iowa. But the first “primary” state is New Hampshire. In order words, things are being done here methodically. Can Liberia submit itself to civility and learn what’s being done in the US? It’s doable, no pun or jokes intended!

    JM, as literate as America is, the presidential candidates go through a vetting process. No American citizen can spew garbage about the uniqueness of a particular candidate without having to be scrutinized properly. In an undeveloped country such as ours, Cummings’ apologists will not take no for an answer.

    Roughly 40-50 years ago, there was no freedom of speech in Liberia. When Dr. Tipoteh (his name was Ruldolph Roberts) went back home, Tubman was not fund of him because Tipoteh was and is a smart guy who would not kow-tow to the whims of Tubman. The point I am trying to expose is that if Tubman said “no” to anything, no one could challenge his mandate. The popular saying went like this: “so say one, so say all”. Guess what? That Tubman-era mentality still exists in the heads of many people today in Liberia. It is a destructive mechanism that takes us nowhere. We have to change!

    If I say…..”presidential candidates must and should be vetted in order for us not to regret electing another flunkie, some apologists of Cummings will disagree”. The Cummings apologists will tell us that Cummings is the best….no vetting is necessary! In other words, when the Cummings apologists say their man is the best, let’s all agree and shut our mouths!
    These are modern times. No one should be so pedantic as to know all the answers. No one should have the monopoly over everything. If the Cummings apologists say that their man is a saint, all of us should say yessss. So say one, so say all. If you disagree, you will be dissed!

    When you get here, I will tell you about the significance of coins. Ask yourself…….why don’t we have coins in Liberia anymore?

    • Good morning Joe,

      I don’t know what you studied or what you are studying but if you are still in school, I would love you to study Politics or Law. You could become a very good Liberian politician or lawyer. I like your smart peeps at your uncles.

      Making allusion to being a good footballer and depicting Cummings’ qualification from professional experience is no contradiction Joe. A footballer is not forcibly a manager, but you have someone who studied management, worked with a multinational as a manager and resigned to contribute his quota to adding values to our natural resources to ensure equal distribution of wealth. I am simply trying to tell you that the guy is qualified for the job. He will not be mean and selfish; he will not only employ on partisan line, but he will look for the best to occupy the rightful positions.

      Joe, can’t you see the little achievement gotten under Ellen has begun tumbling? We are watching to see how a doctorate degree holder in theology can effectively run UL, a reverend can innovate technologically to making RIA an international hub, etc.

      You agree with me that we need a leader to take us somewhere and you even recognize that the current leadership is not the man of the day, so true Joe. Who then do you have in mind? Let them come out Joe. I really knew and started following Cummings during the terrible Ebola disease outbreak in Liberia. I saw him struggling to put forward the right ideals but was being marginalized and trampled upon. Through research, I found out that he wanted to become president and so I later understood why he was given that treatment. Just a parenthesis, I will not delve on that again.

      Joe, I am a Cummings’ apologist. I am proud to support such Liberian, no shame about it. I am not tribalistic, nepotist and racist. I believe in merit. The USA has a very fine democratic system in vetting presidential aspirants and anyone running for any public office. I would love to see such system instated in Liberia, since our entire governance is copied from that great country. Like the USA or even nearby Ghana, I would love to see all conservatists joining the ANC (I wanted it to have been the New Breed Party = NBP) and the others in either the CDC or UP or whatever party. I would love to see superintendents and all mayors elected but not appointed.
      It will come Joe. Let’s get rid of those old minds.

      Joe, they pretend to kick against the “business as usual” system but in reality, they want to uphold it, but they have failed already.
      Joe, they pretend to support freedom of speech, but they are supporting Weah to oppress it, not good for them.
      Joe, they accuse us of not supporting a vetting system, but we are pushing for a comprehensive democratic system where the unalienable rights of every human being will be upheld.
      Joe, we are not using and will NEVER use guns to make you to vote Cummings, but through persuasive, educative and civilized campaign, we will get the job done for the benefit of all Liberians.

      You see Joe, some people pretend to love Liberia but found it “scurrilous” to have come to serve it after earning their degree. Cummings left behind millions of dollars to come and spend some of his money to get his ideals across with no strings attached.
      You see Joe, some people pretend to love Liberia but they want your meagre salaries to be slashed while Cummings want to improve on salaries to make Liberians to feel at ease to come back home and serve in a similar capacity with decent salaries similar to what they earn abroad.
      You see Joe, some people pretend to love Liberia but always fund of making mockery of UL graduates because they don’t speak like someone who went to school in the USA. Don’t we have our own accent Joe?

      Joe, beware the ides of March!

  6. Uncle Dolo,

    I dont even want to imagine what you went through and I pray that me and my generation will not have to endure what you did. But should we just choose anyone who we think is the better of the group and give him the gavel? You alluded in your piece that because one is a brilliant footballer, he will not necessarily become a good leader and I agree with you. But at the same time, you saying that Cummings will be a good leader for our country because he managed a budget ten times bigger than that of ours. is that not a contradiction?

    I was but a toddler when the war came but I do remember us moving from place to place and it is that war that took away from my dad his wife and from my sister and me,our mother. I remember how, many a night, my dad used to cry himself to sleep over his loss. So, yes, I know what my dad and others went through and I am not prepared at all to go through that just because a politician has a glib tongue and spew all kinds of falsehood from his mouth. I want quiet days and peaceful nights.

    Lack of electricity, bad roads, lawlessness, is my generation’s new normal. So again, my hesitancy for critically looking at what is being said to us and look at who is saying it. The intent behind the words is what matters, my dad says.

    Thank you, Uncle Hney, for giving me Tipoteh’s original name. I still await the meaning of the F in your name.
    But you are always comparing the USA politics with that of Liberia. Is that fair? you talk about primary and caucus. Their literacy rate in the USA is high and so the voters are critical of what their leaders say. But this is not the USA and the literacy rate is low, as im sure you know, not to mention the poverty rate. So, who is to be blame in this case, the voter who will cast his vote for Cummings because Cummings can give him a bag of rice, or Cummings, who is taking advantage of the voter’s poverty and illiteracy.

    yes, Uncle Dolo, we need God’s intervention to heal our nation and to also bring us a leader who will take us from our dark pit. True, it will/cannot be done in a day’s time but we need a leader who can at least start us in the right direction and for sure, it is not George Weah.

    So, Uncle Dolo, your man Cummings still has a lot of work to do, but i am willing to listen to him as I am willing to listern to others. Perhaps this time, I can be persuaded to vote.

  7. JM,
    I dialed your name in, but Messenger didn’t pull up the right guy. Lots of Joe or Joseph Moses came up. I was at a loss because I don’t know you in person. Just be patient. You will get it. I am a private, cool-headed person. I don’t drink or smoke. I have never smoked any kind of cigarette in my life.

    Also, I think you’re playing a unique intercessory role. You’re good at leveling the playing field between rivals. Blessed are the peacemakers. But let’s be realistic. I am not at war with anyone.

    US/Liberia comparison:
    JM, it is a brilliant idea to make comparisons all the time. Comparisons are made by me because I want the very best for my beleaguered country. It’s my firm belief that if we learn to break from our dark ways, we will make progress. There is a struggle for change, but the powerbrokers are resistant to change. The powerbrokers want the Liberian people to believe that it’s okay to do things “our own way”. But guess what? Nine times out of ten, “doing things our own way stinks”. We don’t have a good presidential election system. But what we have can be abrogated or improved if we learn from the Americans.

    The state of Israel was created in 1948. Jesus predicted the creation of the state of Israel before his temporary death at Calvary. The direct implication of what Christ predicted became a reality during our lifetime. The main point that is being made here is that today, Israel has become a basket case! So how did that happen so quickly? The Israelis have become what they are today because they made a commitment to change. The Israelis have a good parliamentary political system. Is it impossible for us to improve ours in Liberia? Do we need trillions of dollars in order for us to make improvement in Liberia. Nope. I make comparisons because I want us to change in Liberia.
    I am sorry (I, we) have deviated from the topic above. But various types of political games are being played in Liberia. We ought to look out for “Greeks who bear gifts”. We ought to be concerned about philanthropists who are making all kinds of charitable contributions. Some Liberian politicians label themselves as “opposition collaborating partners”. We know that a popular radio talk show personality is a member of opposition group. Yet, when the talk show host (Mr. Costa) recently threatened to attack an airport terminal, some philanthropic politicians and their surrogates or apologists didn’t condemn Costa!

    But yet, we are being told that everything is honky-dory. This particular candidate is flawless. Please! All candidates must be vetted! No one is perfect.

  8. JM,
    Some politicians are opportunists. Some of these opportunists don’t have a grip. They’re doing all kinds of things to show that they are patriotic. Their tactics will boomerang in their faces big time! It will not work because it’s a sham. What should also be brought to the forefront is this…it is unethical for a potential presidential candidate to hand out checks and create fake charitable organizations. Doing something like that is equal to buying votes! During election time, these opportunists will remind the voters about the checks they handed out before the election. It will be like “hey friends, I gave y’all checks, I bought 100lb bags of rice, I paid your college tuition, I hired your daughters as cooks. Y’all help me now O, my people. In just 180 days, I bet y’all, I will create 200,000 jobs. I begging you all my people”.

    Anti opportunist campaign Slogan:
    As the 2023 presidential campaign approaches, there will be billboard advertisements displayed all over Liberia. Those of us who are aware of the tricks of the presidential opportunists will inform the Liberian people in a powerful way. Example, an anti opportunist advertisement will go like this:
    Beware of the opportunists amongst us. Some of them will masquerade as patriotic Liberians, but in essence, they’re fraudsters who want to return Liberia to the old ugly days of, “so say one, so say all”.

    The opportunists’ apologists….
    Some of these apologists do not live in Liberia. But for some unknown reasons, the apologists talk as if they live in Liberia. JM, you’ve got to inform these apologists that Liberia can be served in a variety of ways. When a guy or lady who lives in the diaspora makes a farm in Liberia, a handful of Liberians are hired. When a few people are hired, unemployment is reduced. Of course, to make a farm, no publicity is imperative or necessary. A farm maker/owner does not have to brag in order to show who he or she is. The apologists crave for publicity.

    JM, I feel for you. You’re wedged between two solid rocks. You can free yourself from your sad position by flipping a coin. I suggest you choose the head. The head of the coin says many things:

    A. Do not anoint one particular candidate before 2023. Since we’ve watched the movie before, it’s not in our best interest to go for a repeat.

    B. Do not align yourself with the tricky agenda of the apologists and opportunists. Stay clear of them otherwise you’ll be dishonorably contaminated. Their agenda is murky. They promise just about everything, but that’s the equivalent of selling snake oil.

    C. The apologists and opportunists are noted for making empty promises. Example, it is possible for 100,000 jobs to be created in 2-3 years, given our sagging economy. But it creates a sense of false hope to promise a body of people 100,000 jobs in 90 days. That’s being desperate. That’s also dangerous and dishonest.

    Wake up JM. Smell the coffee. The real coffee. Not the coffee of disinformation and misinformation. Don’t be misled. The tale of the coin is no good. Ok JM?

    • Joe,

      This one really made me to laugh my guts out even though we are treating a very serious matter here; the future of Liberia, our common denominator.

      Joe, let me just share few statistics with you on the mineral potential of your country:

      – Total ore reserves at Yekepa are 501 million tons at 48.3% Fe (ArcelorMittal, 2015).
      – The ‘Non-Goma’ deposits within the Bong Range are estimated to contain 304 million tons ore at 36.5% Fe (Government of the Republic of Liberia, 2009).
      – The Bea Mountain deposit, approximately 100 km north of Monrovia, containing more than 500 million tons at 33.2% Fe, has not yet been exploited (Vedanta Resources, 2015).
      – The Wologizi Range has speculative resources of 1.271 billion tons at 30–45% Fe (Williams, 1986).
      – The Putu Mountain has a SAMREC reserve of 102 million tons at 59.3% Fe, with low contents of phosphorus and aluminium (personal communication, Severstal Resources, 2014) and lower grade ore comprising 2.36 billion tons at 34.1% Fe

      Joe, we are on a social network. I will not go further. Here, we are talking about iron ore only, not including gold, diamond, bauxite, manganese, petroleum, etc. All these minerals are embedded in the Liberian subsoil.
      You know Joe, when a businessman sees such assets in his balance sheet, he is eager to move mountains and even touch the sky.
      As a businessman, how can I have such a balance sheet and allow my people to die from hunger?
      As a businessman, how can I have such a balance sheet and fail to attract the best human capital into my country?
      As a businessman, how can I have such a balance sheet and fail to educate every citizen of my country?
      As a businessman, how can I have such a balance sheet and fail to erect the best infrastructure on planet earth?
      As a businessman, how can I have such a balance sheet and allow my fellow countrymen to be scorched in the Saharan desert by the sun or to get drowned in the Mediterranean Sea?

      Joe, with such balance sheet if you cannot provide food, shelter and clothing for your people, call yourself a failure and simply resign.

      It’s good to be an apologist for righteousness. Had Jesus not have apostles, the Gospel could have died with His death. I am proud to be a Cummings’ apologist. His resume is just the kind of Liberian I have long yearned for.

      But you see Joe, I equally encourage you to flip that coin. Don’t be wedged between sincerity and indecisiveness.
      The head of the coin should make you ask yourself if a banker would lend you money to open a bakery if you have no academic knowledge in pastry.
      The head of the coin should make you to differentiate between a fraudster or a trickster from a patriot.
      The head of the coin should make you deduce the ulterior motives of people who support presidential aspirants who cannot do the country any good.

      Joe, had Cummings being an opportunist, why would he had resigned from Cocoa cola to come to Liberia?
      Joe, take my word for it, Cummings may not even need your money as salary when elected as president. He would waive it to humanitarian works.

      I encourage you to vet other candidates Joe. Thank God you are a very smart young man. You will soon understand Liberian so-called “diaspora” and “patriots”.
      They have started polluting your mind to accept the current status quo by saying we should all join hands and work with a government that won’t listen to the voice of the people. They know the game they are playing but they have already lost it big time.
      They have started manipulating opinion polls to once again enkindle the country while they have their plane ticket in the back pocket, sorry it’s not going to work this time.
      They love you dearly, yet they want you to continue living on less than $1 per day and dwelling in quasi-slum areas in order to come as tourist to take your photos to be cynically displayed on their walls for their children and grandchildren.

      With Cummings, I have a dream Joe.
      I have a dream that Liberia will once more take its rightful place in the council of nations to spearhead positive changes like the founding of the OAU in Sanniquellie;
      I have a dream that Liberia will once again spearhead development blueprints like it did in the past for other countries.
      I have a dream that Liberians will once again learn to dream big and innovate to improve the living conditions of humankind.

      Beware Joe, the ides of March!

  9. ” I hired your daughters as cook, Y’all help now O’ my people”. That was really funny, Uncle Hney.

    Uncle Dolo, i just read Mr. Cumming’s profile. Impressive what he did during his tenure at Coca Cola. He retired in March of 2016, if my reading is correct. At times, you make it seem like he just decided to quit his lucrative job in the USA and come here to solve Liberia’s problems. I think he is doing some good things here, but the million dollar question is: Does not qualify him for the highest office in the land?

    Ours is a failed state. That is no doubt about that. Chaos reign everywhere. Danger lurks around every corner and we are gradually sinking. I see education as one of the ways of getting us out this problem. you do not dwell on that much, Do you?

    There is no or very little hope for us, the youths of this land. Help is not in sight anytime soon for us. We own this land as much as anyone does. My dad says this land is for the youths but the elders just borrowed it from us, so they have to give it back to us in a better condition than they found it. Makes perfect sense to me.

    I have a friend and we will call her Mary. Mary is 17 years and she has a 11 month old son. Do the math and you will know how old she was when she got pregnant. She is a single mother. Child’s father is not around.. All my friend Mary thinks about everyday is how to find food for her child to eat for the day. There are many Marys around. What can either of you tell Mary to let know that hope is just around the corner?. In fact, can you tell her anything at all?


  10. JM,
    I feel for your generation! That’s because the educational system is not working too well. Some radical changes are needed in order to improve the quality of education. When I mentioned the idea of overhauling the educational system of Liberia the last time, my brilliant Idea was shrugged off. But guess what? Those people will tell you that they have the answer in terms of how the educational problems of Liberia can be fixed. They will never present a plan to fix something, but they always have answers.

    Your daddy is a good gentleman. You’re being groomed to follow in his footsteps. But more is expected of you. Excel. Wake up to the smell of a well-brewed decaffeinated coffee. Don’t wake up to the tactics of opportunists. Fake charitable organizations will disappear quickly when an election is not won or when the campaign season is over. An organization of charity shouldn’t exist when an election time is looming around the corner. The question is why wasn’t a charitable organization set up years ago before retirement? Isn’t that suspicious?

    In politics, people who claim to have all the answers are not to be trusted. My suggestion to you is this….. don’t allow yourself to be bamboozled by the spreaders of propaganda.
    It’s true, JM. I speak from the position of past experience. Anyone who claims to have all the answers is engaged in misleading a body of people.
    If a politician had seldom visited his or her country, and all of a sudden has decided to quit his or her job because of this and that, you bet that politician is an opportunist.

    If a politician had never visited his or her county of birth and had never introduced himself or herself to his or her county folks and all of a sudden he or she claims to be a derivative of that county, that politician is not a serious politician, but rather a manipulative opportunist.

    100,000 vacancies. Let’s fill the vacancies in 90 days. Whether it is possible or not, let’s do it. Whether there is money in the Treasury to pay the newly hired or not, let’s do it. If we don’t have money to pay the 100,000 newly hired, we’ll donate 100lb sacks of Uncle Ben rice, Argo oil, cheese and sacks of flour. Remember, the plural pronoun “we” refers to the opportunists and apologists, they’re are the decision makers!

    1. 10,000 cooks are needed at the Executive Mansion.

    2. 10,000 grass cutters are needed immediately in the counties.

    3. 25,000 doctors and nurses are needed in the countryside immediately.

    4. 25,000 bus drivers are needed. (Never mind that there aren’t any buses to drive).

    5. 30,000 mine workers are needed in the mountains. We’ve got to export iron ore.

    6. 20,000 gold diggers are needed in 15 counties.

    Mr. President….” But we not got money in the Treasury O. What we must do now”?

    This is serious business. If we do not plan properly, we’re doomed.

  11. Uncle Hney,

    I have never seen my dad laughed so hard. He says to tell you that you have a way with words. He also wants me to ask you, he is sure that you must have a particular person in mind that you support in the next general elections. Or are you just against politicians in general?

    Surely, in your view, there must be some honest politicians around, Dont you think? His words, not mine.


  12. JM,
    Tell your dad hello. God willing, I will get in touch with him soon. Just be sure to keep my information private when you get it. There are two active commenters on our block who know me. I am not the publicity type.

    J, I am not anti Cummings! The Bible states clearly that “we should not keep wickedness in our hearts”. I am in disagreement with him politically.

    What I detest about Cummings and his supporters is this:

    1. Cummings’ supporters sell him as if he is perfect. Some of them say, “Cummings became a millionaire when he worked for Coco-Cola. Cummings’ Coco-Cola work experience will usher in all the good things Liberia needs. Cummings will create 100,000 high-paying jobs in a year’s time.” Well, that’s highly unlikely. Without a shred of doubt, if he were the president, he would probably create 100,000 jobs in three to four years. Create 100,000 jobs in Liberia in 100 days? That’s childish talk. I am not willing to “be reborn” like that. Shoot. I am not jealous at all.

    Cummings’ wealth is insignificant! His work experience is okay, but it does not guarantee good governance, neither does it mean he will not do a good job. Cummings’ economic message didn’t resonate in the past because of many reasons. (I will not state the reasons. If he finds out from me, he’ll reboot. Since I am not his surrogate, I won’t bother to amplify.) And

    2. Cummings presents himself as if he’s the quintessential. He could be. However,
    there are other Liberians who will step forward. It would be brilliant for us to listen carefully to the presidential candidates as they go from county to county during the campaign. When that happens, we will make an informed decision.

    No, I don’t know anyone who aspires to run for the presidency. But, we need a strong competition. We need to hear different types of views from the candidates. It will help us. At the end, if Cummings emerges as the quintessential of all the candidates, he will win. I would like to see a good competition. Not a repeat of what has happened in the past.

    • Dear Joe,

      My reaction cannot be posted?
      Technical or Machiavellian? I don’t know.

      Other comments I have posted can be read. Maybe Webmaster Admin should answer my question.


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