2 Lawmakers Join ANC

- Promise ‘strategic campaigns’ for Cummings’ presidential bid

Rep. Jeremiah W.N. McCaulay, ANC Standard Bearer Alexander B. Cummings and Rep. Lester M. Paye

Two members of the House of Representatives, Sinoe County District #2 Rep. Jeremiah W.N. McCaulay and Rep. Lester M. Paye of Bong County District #4, have abandoned the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) to join the Alternative National Congress (ANC) ahead of the upcoming October elections.

“I have formally joined the ANC of Alexander Cummings on whose ticket I would be contesting for re-election in the ensuing elections,” Rep. McCaulay told reporters.
The lawmaker said the de-certification of the NDC was a complete disappointment for him.
Rep. McCaulay said he is confident that he has already won the election because of his many achievements, including roads and an administrative building constructed in District #2, in Sinoe.

In the 2011 elections, McCaulay emerged as the winner out of nine contestants with 1,851 votes, equivalent to 26.5 percent.

Rep. Lester M. Paye, of Bong County District #4, contested the 2011 election as an independent candidate, and won out of 11 contestants, with 2,875 votes, representing 16.7 percent.

Rep. Paye told reporters that he joined the ANC because it has a demanding manifesto and its standard bearer is the best among the presidential aspirants.

“I am proud to join the ANC among 26 political parties because l believe in the party. It’s the best alternative and its standard bearer is corruption free,” said Rep. Paye. “Mr. Cummings is free from corruption; he is the best of the lesser evils and not one of the recycled politicians.”

Rep. Paye told reporters he formally joined the ANC on April 1.
The ANC was formally established on August 17, 2013 following its certification by the National Elections Commission (NEC). Besides thousands of members around the country, the ANC also has members and supporters in the United States and Europe.

Retired Coca-Cola executive Alexander Cummings is the standard bearer and former Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh is the vice standard bearer.

A strong partisan, Julia Sendolo of Nimba County, said Mr. Cummings is the best presidential candidate among those who have expressed interest in running for the Presidency and “would be the best President of Liberia.”


  1. Honorable Jeremiah W.N. McCauley and Honorable Lester N. Paye, as a supporter of the ANC I am pleased to congratulate both of you for making a clever and terrific decision in getting on board the ANC winning train. As we are prepared to resurrect our downtrodden citizens from destitution, I see you both as viable contributors. so, I pray that you both will work harder to get Alex Cummings and the entire ANC team elected. Again, congratulations to you both.

  2. Ha ha ha. Rep Paye said “Alex Cummings is the best of the lesser evils”. Cummings did not come to the aid of Liberians during the 15-year civil war and Ebola but now he is here, because of the presidency. Cummings cannot be trusted.

  3. Well, Mr. Mapleh, Hon. Alexander B. Cummings is applying the Liberian saying which is full of
    wisdom.: “If I can’t help you, I will not destroy or harm you.” That is to say, Since Hon.
    Cummings was never among those Liberians who collected millions of US dollars to finance
    the war to destroy their own country and slaughtered those innocent children, women and
    sicked-inbed as well as the meager infrastructures in the country, he will not also give them
    money to steal nor becomes part of whatever happened in Liberia. I mean, in all respect,
    Hon. Cummings is clean without any dent on him. And I want to sound out this note, that
    today, indeed, Liberians have had the alternative to avoid the recycled politicians for a very
    new beginning we need. Don’t miss the this one time glorious opportunity voters!

  4. Individuals as cummings are so selfish and hipocritical that no patriotic or ordinafy Liberian should even think about such as Cummings. In fact, Cummings and his ANC are secret creations or creatures of corrupt and despotic Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

  5. True!!! Alex Cummings is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s surrogate! All that money he is using are state funds! He is a government’s candidate! THIS IS WHY HE SAYS HE IS NOT INTERESTED IN A WAR CRIMES COURT FOR LIBERIA!

    ACcording to the fool, those the TRC indicted as war criminals should be left to the Liberian judiciary comprising Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s appointed stooges on the Supreme Court Bench as Philip Banks, Francis Korkpor war criminal Kabineh Janeh etc. and judges who are controlled by such stooges and a war criminal!

    And this is where inter alia I agree with Mr. Zoedjallah that Cummings is Not good for Liberia! He is simply a tool of Ellen campagning on state funds given to him by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in order to have her fly with impunity after killing hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women, and other civilians!

  6. Wow!! I can not understand while some people just say words about perfect personality without thinking many times the effect of what they say. Mr. Mapleh…during this political seasons in Liberia, if some of you brothers do not have any acceptable insight of this festival…your just stay out. I am positive (NEC) will very much appreciate you if you can just exercise your constitutional rights which is to go and vote.
    While we may oppose other candidates in this political arena, it is necessary to express our views sensibly and maturely. You spoke of Mr. Cummings as though you know him well. Mr. Cummings is well experience in the corporate world, a man who has built his reputation over the years, he is generous, kind, treats others with respect and innocent with the corruption all over every spectrums of the Liberian society.
    What you have on Mr. Cummings? Some of you roaming from party to parties seeking favor and bad- mouthing perfect personalities for self-interest. Some of You are serving as surrogates for criminals over years…what have you done for Liberia , or those people you pretend to speak for? Mind you… You may be some those guys who can’t share…but questioning a good-will personality who had done, and doing great for our needy people, and in fact….had declared his acceptance no matter what…the results of the presidential elections. I must fatly inform you that….he is the next president of Liberia.

  7. Thanks to the 2 Hon. Gentlemen for making this well calculated Move. Your POSITIONS are base on who you observed as the best Candidate for the Presidency. Yes, indeed Hon. ALEX . B. CUMMINGS and the ANC are the best for LIBERIA’S LEADERSHIP. JOIN US FOR A BETTER LIBERIA FOR ALL.

  8. Marpleh you’re either a boldface lair or you know NOTHING about Mr. Cummings or you’re both. If you don’t have nothing to say, be quiet instead of spewing LIES.

    Mr. Cummings was in Liberia during Ebola when most people were running away. He went there with his colleagues and did help in a significant way. Not only that, he sent a container full of medical supplies. Besides that, he donated MONEY to your government. What did you do instead of sit around and wait on others? Anyway, here’s a 2014 link (from this same paper) to one of the articles written when he risked his life by going into Liberia during the height of Ebola, READ!! https://www.liberianobserver.com/news/coca-cola-company-executive-consoles-liberians/

    Your level of ignorance shows in your posting. You would NOT say the things you’re saying if you simply researched the man and knew a thing or 2 about him.

    Some of you devils are writing lies here while Mr. Cummings is investing his hard earned money in Liberia. Here’s some of what he’s done and trust me, there’s way more.

    Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF) implemented 23 (and many more) quick impact projects with 25 implementing partners, which benefited 30,097 beneficiaries. US$289,386 was spent in the areas of Education, Health Agriculture and Development. A total money value of approximately US$1 Million was generated.

    Key Projects Cost/Benefits

    Paid WAEC fees and provided tutorial support for 2322 students from 21 schools across the country: Total project expenditure -US$106,000

    Established a scholarship and financial aid program with the University of Liberia:
    L$1,000,000 for 30 full time students on financial aid and 30 full time scholarship students.

    Partnered with the AMEU and provided scholarships and financial aid:
    L$168,650 for 18 Masses Association beneficiaries and 12 full time scholarships.

    Sponsored the inter high schools debate:
    First place – Isaac A David Memorial High School – US$2,000
    Second place – Sammy Dukuly Memorial High School – US$1,000

    Fostering a culture of excellence in health education:
    CAF supported the Bethel ELWA Chapter to send a UL science student to study medicine at the American International University of Gambia.

    Provided computers and furniture to enhance the learning capacity of the students at the St. Clement University:15 seat computer lab.

    Establishment of the Alexander B. Cummings Jr. modern computer lab at the University of Liberia Fendell Campus: 30 seat computer lab.

    Provided a 350KVA generator to the BWI to enhance their learning capacity in support of vocational and technical training in Liberia: Total project expenditure -US$67,000

    CAF makes an annual contribution for operations of the Alexander B. Cummings, Jr. Model Science and Technology (STEM) School in Duport Road, Paynesville: Total project expenditure – US$25,000 per year.

    Tuition payment for eight(8) law school students at UL: Total project expenditure – US$3,637.50

    Design and publication of Nimba County Community College yearbook for their 1st graduating class: Total project expenditure – US$8,000

    Partnered with the Checago Bright Foundation in providing safe drinking water in deprived communities in the Paynesville and Margibi County: Total project expenditure – US$3,000

    Creation of a computer lab in support for the establishment ever Vocational Technical Training Computer Lab for Children with intellectual disability in Liberia at My Heart’s Appeal: Total project expenditure – US$5,000, 20 seat computer lab.

    In partnership with Vital Voices, a US NGO with global reach, CAF supported Liberian
    Women’s participation at the Trade+Impact Conference in Morocco. The partnership created a global market access for Liberian handicraft and textiles, thus linking manufacturers with buyers: Employment creation and market linkages for over 50 women in Liberia in the tourism and handicraft sectors of Liberia’s economy.

    In June 2017 Cummings Africa Foundation donated two containers of medical Supplies and equipment to six hospitals in six counties in the country worth $ 565,000.00 (LD$62.7 MILLION).
    The donation which falls under the CAF Health Infrastructure Support Project (CHISP), constitutes a large part of the Foundation’s Health program for Liberia and is geared towards addressing some of the challenges faced by the health sector in the country with particular emphasis on rural and peri-urban communities.

    The medical facilities that will receive the CAF donation from six counties across Liberia are as follows:
    • J.J Dossen Memorial Hospital, Harper, Maryland County;
    • C.B.Dunbar Medical Centre, Gbarnga, Bong County;
    • Government Hospital, Buchanan, Grand Bassa;
    • C.H. Ronnie Hospital, Kakata, Margibi County;
    • Curran Lutheran Hospital Zorzor Lofa County; and
    • Fish Town Hospital , Fish Town, River Gee County respectively.

    The donation is part of efforts of the Cummings Africa Foundation to support and improve healthcare delivery in Liberia. This CAF Health Infrastructure Support Project is a collaboration between Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company, MedShare and the Cummings Africa Foundation.

  9. The list of Mr. Cummings’ contributions to Liberia continues to grow. Mr. and Mrs. Cummings has made contributions to the HEARTT Foundation which Liberians have benefited from over the years. Check out their website, his wife is a board member.

    They have financially assisted and worked with the HEARTT Foundation in bringing doctors and nurses to JFK for about 2 – 6 weeks at a time to help Liberians. HEARTT has been operational in Lib dating back to 2008 and places over 70 doctors per year at JFK.

    “The mission of HEARTT is to educate and assist local healthcare providers in developing and/or improving the healthcare system and infrastructure. We envision a world where there are fully functional health systems in all communities, including the communities of underdeveloped countries. Through the transformative powers of our partnerships with leading academic institutions, physicians and our donor community, we facilitate the provision of medical relief and educational services within the communities we serve”.


  10. Thirty Reasons why Mr. Alexander B. Cummings should be elected?

    Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, the political leader of the ANC past has proven the below counts to be a president. I think that the only way you will reason with me that he preferably deserves to be the next president of Liberia is to disconnect yourself from every sentiment and relationship that will undermine your objectivity and place yourself in an intellectual or impartial position and do an honest assessment.

    1. He’s a man of integrity;
    2. He’s Truthful and Straight Forward
    3. He’s Reliable (he says and he does effectively & efficiently),
    4. He’s an example of what he says;
    5. He has good professional and ethical behavior;
    6. He’s innovative, creative and intelligent;
    7. He’s developmental and result-oriented;
    8. He’s humble, gentle and Simple;
    9. He’s generous or open-handed;
    10. He’s accessible and willing to serve;
    11. He’s a proven hardworking man and a business leader;
    12. He’s organized and Responsible;
    13. He’s a God-fearing man;
    14. He has leadership prowess or skills;
    15. He has a good leader-member and human relations;
    16. He accurately responds to a given situation or circumstance when he is asked;
    17. Being a nonaligned person during the Liberian civil crisis, he will be the best person to reconcile the Liberian people;
    18. He is not a traditional politician who is beholden to someone;
    19. He is a new breed with new ideas, new ways, new perspectives and new approaches;
    20. He thinks solution rather the problem;
    21. He’s a change maker;
    22. He has a sustainable practical developmental agenda that will transform Liberia;
    23. He’s calculatedly visionary;
    24. He practically understands the language and needs of the Liberian people;
    25. He listens to people’s argument and concern and proffer a solution;
    26. He’s a problem solver; this is evidenced by his enormous contributions to the Liberian society in the areas of Health, education, technology and infrastructures;
    27. He’s corruption free;
    28. He has communication skills;
    29. He’s someone decisive and has the political will power;
    30. He has follower’s power and he can make things happen.

  11. Now you devils (Mapleh, Garsuah, and Kandajaba) up there writing LIES about Cummings, tell us about the warlords and corrupt politicians you support. Educate us please!! Let us knowing why they’re better…they CAN’T put foot to Cummings no day!

    And everything I’ve written about Cummings are facts, do your research fools.

  12. Yes l thinked and very well sure mr. CUMMING is the best candidate among those running for the liberian Presidency.
    Eventgough l do not know him nor do l have seening him,in person.
    I herein therefore give my strong support to him and therefore ask all my relatives and families and friends to vote him and his ANC party. He will be good president for Liberia.

  13. If Cummings were a man of integrity, corruption free, OR OF ANY of those qualities you have attributed to him, or at least he were an aspirant with new ideaa and new approaches, or in short, reliable, he Cummings would never ne so lawless and anti-justice by rejecting a war crimes court for Liberia and wanting judges prosecuting such war criminals to be the very judges appointed by the main war criminal Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

    Anyone believing the hypocrisy and falsehood of Cummings shall be ashamed of himself or herself after the tapes, and other evidences, on Cummings been given state funds to organize political party have been made public during the campaign season.

    • Kou Gontee….why should you manufacture falsehood against a man with integrity and great sense of vision and direction for our nation? How knowledgeable are you about Liberia politics? If you, or any one has evidence on Hon Cummings by now it was all over the place. However,, if you have one, bring it forth. Are you living on an island within the geographical land scape of Liberia? where were you when the sex tape surfaced recently within the Finance Ministry? Your blackmailing and satanic strategy to smear individuals of good character and integrity is beyond the entanglement of Hon. Cummings You can use that strategy to your corrupt officials who are not free from your tricks, and they will fall for it because your know them…and not to our winnable Candidate, If you have nothing to offer..zip it!!

  14. Maude,

    Ask yourself as to why Cummings is against the establishment of a war crimes court for Liberia to have those you refer to as warlords and corrupt politicians face justice????????

    You are making the same mistake some people made about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that she was the best to lead. Now today these very people have realized Ellen Johnson Sirleaf IS THE WORST PRESIDENT LIBERIA HAS EVER HAD

    . Two of such people are Dr. Tipoteh and Cllr. Tiawen Gongloe; they even ran her campaign for her. But today, they are in a legal battle in reality against her vis a vis her appointment of a foreigner as NEC Chairman.

    • Matilda don’t be like the rest Cummings has NEVER said he’s against war crimes court. Stop with the FALSE statements please or come with facts and not “they say”.

  15. 😂😂😂😂😂Cummings given state funds to organize political party? Another lie to the pile of lies because you can’t find anything on the man. You guys stomach really full. Go right ahead and make your FAKE NEWS available. Nothing you guys do will STOP what’s supposed to happen. Carry on!

  16. Please fellow Liberians, if you don’t find any dirt on my political hero, Mr. Alex Cummings, then I advised that you don’t create nasty political dirt on him. He has a clean hands and he is God send resurrector of dead mama Liberia. So, if you cannot make him don’t attempt to break him!

  17. The partisan boats in Liberia may be anchored very closely together to make it easy for passengers (party members) to jump from one to another.


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