2 EAC Executives Held in Contempt


Judge Yamie Gbeisay yesterday held the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a senior vice president of Equity Assurance Company in contempt and subsequently jailed them for their repeated refusal to adhere to order.

Judge Gbeisay of Criminal Court ‘C’ issued the order for the CEO, only identified as Ukauwa, and his deputy Siaka Toure to pay over US$1,500 as insurance liability to Judge Emery Paye, now assigned in Nimba County as Resident Judge.

It was their continued refusal to pay the money that prompted Judge Gbeisay to order court officers with the backing of officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP) to enforce the arrest warrant which brought the two senior managers under the jurisdiction of the court.

When they were arrested, Gbeisay, without the least delay, instructed the court to commit the pair to the Monrovia Central Prison until they comply with the order.

Paye’s vehicle was hit last year by one of Equity’s clients whose identity was not disclosed, and as a result of that accident the judge sustained serious head injuries and his car was badly damaged.

After the accident the company’s customer reported the matter to his insurer for compensation of over US$1,500 to have the judge’s car repaired and refund some of his medical expenses, which Paye had already settled and was requesting a refund.

But they refused to cover the expenses, although they initially agreed to cover those liabilities.
Liability insurance covers damages that a driver is legally responsible for.
After an investigation was conducted by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the company as part of the case, it was established that the client communicated with his insurer.
However, although the company’s management had agreed to cover the expenses, up to present they had not done so.


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