2 Drown, 1 Survives Canoe Tragedy

The incident occurred on the St. Paul river, between Gaikpelei and Kay-pee in Fuamah District, Bong County

Two fishermen identified as James Robert (Naako), who was in his 40’s, and James Sona, in his 30’s, are feared dead after their canoe was capsized by strong currents as they were crossing the St. Paul River to get to Kortumah Fish Pond last weekend.

A third person identified as Singbeh Emmanuel, who survived the tragedy, informed community leaders in Haindii about the drowning. The incident occurred between Gaikpelei and Kay-pee in Fuamah District, Bong County.

Kay-pee is the old Lutheran Mission at the lower end of the St. Paul River near the Kortumah Fish Pond. Authorities said a massive search is ongoing for the missing men.

The incident was confirmed by local authorities at about 1:00 pm last Saturday.

Sources said James Robert is married with a kid and an aged mother. He was supporting his family through fishing activities, as well as involving in casual labor in the district.

His parents are from Grand Bassa.

The second victim, James Sona, moved to Haindii four months ago from Dobli Town, Yabayon Clan. He was supporting himself by harvesting palm nuts, fishing and as a casual laborer.


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