2 Court Clerks Arrested for ‘Falsifying Divorce’ Documents


The premises at the Temple of Justice was a scene of disbelief on Monday when the Monrovia City Court  sent two senior judicial employees believed to be the longest serving staffs to the Monrovia Central Prison having been charged for allegedly falsifying a court’s divorce document.

Francis Morlu and Sampson Karmo clerk of Civil Law Court ‘B’ and clerk typist at the Criminal Court ‘D’ were said to have forged the document and placed a seal of the Civil Law Court with the intention to deceive Janice Bondo Saylay Twun that there was a divorce case filed against her.

It was so strange at the Court to see that a lawyer could not offer themselves to file a bond for Morlu and Karmo to prevent the pair from going to jail, because the crime forgery for which they were charged is a bailable offense
Not having the opportunity to secure their bond, the defendants were not also allowed to provide their respective defenses when they were shortly arraigned before the court to answer to the charge of forgery the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) filed against them.

The MoJ claimed that in June this year, Morlu and Karmo while serving in their respective positions purposely and intentionally connived and criminally falsified court’s document of divorce.

“The defendants purposely connived and criminally forged and falsified court’s document of divorce purporting to dissolve the marital bond that existed between a married couple using the seal of the court with the intent to deceive Janice Bondo Saylay Twun,” the ministry claimed.

It was not also clear whether members of the defendants’ family would have hired a lawyer to secure a bond to release them from further detention as they await trial, because there was no effort by any of their family members to hire a lawyer to secure their bond.


  1. Who knows how many they have denied justice to? Let them rot in prison and get convicted with maximum sentence. This will serve as a lesson to other court employees.

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