2 Charged for Killing Daughter


Police in Gbarnga Bong County have charged a man and his wife with murder for their alleged involvement in the death of their twelve year old daughter.

The incident occurred in Gbartala, Yellequelleh District on the night of June 27.

According to Inspector John Kelenso Flomo, the Commander of the Crime Services Division (CSD) of the Bong County Police Detachment, the two suspects, Adama Jalloh, 34, and his wife Asatu Jalloh, 29, were sent to the Gbartala Magisterial Court on June 29, for prosecution in accordance with the New Panel Code of Liberia.

Inspector Flomo said a jury appointed by the police and community leaders to examine the body to determine if there was any foul play, reported that the hands of the victim, Kiatu Jalloh, were broken and there were bruises on her body.

The CSD Commander informed the Daily Observer that the parents told police during preliminary investigations that the victim’s hands got broken and she died as the result of sickness but they failed to state what kind of illness Kiatu  suffered from.

“The parents attempted to secretly bury the victim, but police in Gbartala were alerted by some residents. That is how the police were able to apprehend the two suspects” Inspector Flomo revealed.

“We believe the child was beaten and killed by Adama Jalloh and his wife Asatu Jalloh because of their attempt to  bury the body covertly,” the CSD Commander said.

The investigation will also require the assistance of local residents to provide information to the police that could help to prosecute the suspects, Inspector Flomo said.

Investigations conducted by this newspaper established that Adama Jalloh is a step-father to Kiatu Jalloh.

The biological father of Kiatu  is Prince Konah of the Lorma tribe, a resident of Zorzor, Lofa County. Kiatu’s previous name was Hawa Konah which was changed to Kiatu Jalloh when her mother married Adama.

It was gathered that Kiatu on several occasions was allegedly pressured by her step-father to join the Islamic religion and ill-treated for not being active in worshiping at the mosque.

Some residents of Gbartala who spoke to this newspaper on condition of anonymity said on several occasions Kiatu attempted to run away to her biological father because of the punitive treatment she was undergoing at the hands of her mother and step-father.

Asatu  and Adama Jalloh have two children who are currently with relatives in Gbartala while the parents are being held at the Gbarnga Central Prison.


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