2 Armed Robbers Gunned Down in New Kru Town

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A heroic performance by a member of the Police Emergency Response Unit (ERU), identified only as ‘Gizzie Boy’, met total community acceptance yesterday (Dec. 21) when he killed two of five suspected armed robbers during a shootout in New Kru Town, a suburb of Monrovia.

The officer also shot another suspected robber in the stomach and sent two others, including a woman, running for dear life. The injured robber is in police custody, and officials told the Daily Observer that he would provide them information about their operations.

The robbery victim, identified only as ‘Kaka’, is a moneychanger, and sources in New Kru Town told this newspaper that Kaka was pointed out to the gang of robbers by “some people” in the community.

“That is how they operate,” a resident said, “the armed robbers are directed to their victims by someone, who is part of those that live in the same community as the eventual victim.”

Deputy Police Director for Operations, Abraham Kromah, who came to the scene of the incident after being told what happened, according to eyewitnesses, congratulated Officer Gizzie Boy for living up to expectation.

“He shook Gizzie Boy’s hand,” a witness said. “It showed that he did a good job to get rid of armed robbers who would kill their victims if they don’t get what they wanted.”

Daily Observer’s investigations established that the five robbers allegedly began their operations around 3 a.m. Wednesday, when one of them reportedly climbed through the ceiling and entered Kaka’s room. The robber also managed to open a door, which is located outside the building.

Kaka (moneychanger) allegedly awoke to see the robbers in his room, demanding where he kept his operational money. When Kaka refused to divulge the info, one of the robbers allegedly struck his hand with an instrument, forcing Kaka to cry for help.

Kaka’s cries awoke ERU Officer Gizzie Boy, who is his next door neighbor. According to sources, Gizzie Boy immediately got “his things” together and monitored the proceedings.

“Gizzie Boy was able to know how many robbers were in the room with Kaka and those outside; and when he heard a gun fired outside, he knew it was time to act,” Daily Observer learned. Though sources could not confirm how long the shootout went on for, from his vintage point, Gizzie Boy fired at the first robber with a direct shot and followed with a second shot, who by then decided to escape the scene. However, he could not go far, and collapsed on the ground behind a zinc shack, a stone’s throw away from the house where the incident took place. But it was not until the third person got shot in the stomach that the game came to an end.

During the commotion, the remaining two robbers, including the woman, managed to leave the area with a bag of money they managed to secure from Kaka.

The news of the deaths of the armed robbers went through the Borough of New Kru Town like wildfire as people streamed from all directions to have a glimpse of the corpses. Many of the onlookers commended the officer for his bravery and assistance to Kaka.

Police spokesman Sam Collins, confirmed the police’s engagement with the five suspected armed robbers at the crime scene, including the dead and wounded.

Meanwhile, Kaka was sent to the Redemption Hospital, where the surviving robber was also sent, for treatment.

The two corpses were meanwhile removed by the Liberian National Police (LNP) Forensic Team, assuring that investigations are continuing to get the other two robbers.

It could not be confirmed if the LNP recovered the gun used by the robbers in their failed and disastrous operation. However, residents who thronged in their numbers to see the two dead men said they were not from the community.

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