19 CSOs Receive Training in Public Financial Management

Among other things, the training was aimed at building Civil Society Organization members' concept of Public Financial Management Process

Nineteen civil society organizations receiving funding from donors for public use have completed a six-day training in Public Financial Management to help build members’ capacities in designing frameworks that guide management of public finance.

The training was facilitated by the Government of Liberia through the Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Project (IPFMRP) at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, with support from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

It focused mainly on budget process and approach to budget analysis, government’s expenditure, and the legal framework of Liberia PFM and budget Performance Monitoring Indicators.

Although most of the participants had received academic training from universities and colleges in Finance, the training was aimed at building Civil Society Organization members’ concept of Public Financial Management Process, the fundamental principle of Public Financial Management and the scope, contour and Element of a Public Financial Management system in Liberia to enhance their respective roles to promote the Development Agenda of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development across the Country.

By developing their capacities through the training, members of civil society organizations will also widen their knowledge in Public Financial Management.

Carolyn Myers Zoduah, Coordinator of Non-State Actors (NSA) Secretariat said the training was meant to refresh participants’ knowledge in the basic concept of public financial management including the budget process and domestic resource mobilization.

According to her, the NSA has realized that for civil society organizations to be able to contribute meaningfully and foster transparency and accountability in the management of the public resources, training is needed.

She added that the NSA decided to help civil society organizations in terms of identifying their roles as a watchdog in society.

“So we realize that there was limited knowledge of PFM among civil society organizations even those who have limited knowledge, their area of intervention was just around budget literacy and monitoring of the country’s social development fund,” she added.

Coordinator Zoduah disclosed that during the assessment process the training curriculum was developed to ensure participants have a broader knowledge of other Public Financial Management areas.

The six-day training, which climaxed on December 14, had in attendance non-State actors Secretariat Coordinator, training supervisors and Public Financial Management staff as well as key Media Institutions.


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