18Yr-Old Female Murder Suspect Appears in Court


Satta Morris, the 18-year-old woman accused of stabbing a lady identified as Weedor Lamah, 29, in the throat with a kitchen knife of which she bled to death, appeared before the Monrovia City Court yesterday for the first time.
The incident occurred on September 24 at their Bernard Farm, Omega Community. The stabbing victim reportedly bled to death.
At yesterday’s hearing, Magistrate Kennedy Peabody ordered defendant Satta to remain in custody, at the Monrovia Central Prison (MCP) until a pre-trial hearing can be scheduled.
The crime of murder is non-bailable, therefore suspect Satta could not seek bail.
Several of her family members were seen at the City Court and a woman identified as her sister was seen in tears yesterday while Satta and the other prisoners were put into a tricycle (keh keh) and driven to their cells at the MCP where they are awaiting trial.
If she is found guilty, Satta could spend the rest of her life in jail.
A charge sheet from the police obtained by the Daily Observer claims that defendant Satta Morris has so far admitted to stabbing Weedor to death.
The document believed to be the police’s preliminary investigation quoted Satta as saying that prior to the incident, there was constant misunderstanding between her and Weedor.
The misunderstanding, she claimed, came about after she noticed that her fiance Alex Karkor was having a relationship with the deceased’s niece-in-law, identified as Ma- Lonkon, which Satta alleged her victim, Weedor was aware of.

The relationship, she claimed, resulted in Karkor impregnating Lamah’s niece-in-law, Ma-Lonkon.

According to the record, on the night of September 24, between 9:30 and 10:00 PM, Satta and the deceased went into a heated verbal exchange, which resulted in a fight.

As the result of the tussle, defendant Satta sustained a severe cut on her left ear, apparently from being bitten by the deceased, at which time some members of the community intervened and separated them, the police record states.

After Satta noticed that she had sustained the wound on her ear, she immediately reported the incident to one of her brothers, identified as Darkina Morris.
It was Darkina, the document said, who encouraged Satta to arm themselves with knives before proceeding to the home of the deceased.

Upon their arrival, Darkina immediately attacked one of the deceased’s sons, identified as Johnny Lamah, who Darkina allegedly stabbed in the face.
As a result, the blade broke and a piece of it remained in Johnny’s flesh, at which time he fled to an unknown location, the police record states.

While Weedor was complaining to her neighbour, identified as Hajah Karkor, about how Satta had brought her family member to attack her and her children, it was then that Satta rushed on Weedor and stabbed her in the throat, according to the document.

After stabbing the deceased, the record said, Satta attempted to escape, but was caught by the deceased’s husband, James C. Lamah, who later took her to their community chairman, and the chairman subsequently reported her to the police.

James and some neighbours picked up Weedor and rushed her to the John F. Kennedy Hospital, but upon their arrival she was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

According to police, it was based on the admission of defendant Satta and the testimony of witnesses, as well as their own investigations that they charged Satta with the commission of murder.


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