16 High Schools Compete in World Water Day Championship


In observance of World Water Day on March 22, National High School Sports with support from WaterAid Liberia will organize a football and Kickball championship and an essay competition featuring 16 high schools within Montserrado County to create awareness about the day.

World Water Day is a global observance highlighting the importance of safe water in support of Sustainable Development Goals #’s 6.1 and 6.2.

The 2019 World Water Day Football and Kickball Championship and the essay competition under the auspices of WaterAid Liberia will involve the following high schools:

World Wide Mission, St. Simon Baptist, Logan Town Central High, James Doe Young, Careysburg Public High School, Amos T. Warner, A.M. Fofana Islamic High School, Nathan E. Gibson, First Assembly of God, Elizabeth Tubman Memorial Institute (ETMI), E.J. Goodridge, Victory Chapel, Kendeja High, Muslim Congress, Voker Mission, and Future Leaders Preparatory Academy.

The football and kickball championship is scheduled from 18 – 21 March 2019, at four venues, namely Right To Play, TUSA Field, Alpha Field and Slipway Field. Prizes will be awarded to champions and runners-ups in football and kickball.

In addition, the prize for the winner of the Best Essay competition will be awarded to the winning high school during the official program marking the observance of World Water Day on March 22, 2019, at the Monrovia City Hall.


Monday, March 18, Alpha Field

Voker Mission VS Victory Chapel 12:00 (KB), 2:00 (FB); Nathan E. Gibson VS ETMI 1:00 (KB), 3:30 (FB)

Monday, March 18, Right To Play Field

A.M. Fofana  VS Kendeja 12:00 (KB), 2:00 (FB); Amos T. Warner VS Careysburg Public School 1:00 (KB), 3:30 (FB)

Monday, March 18, Slipway Field

Future Leaders VS St. Simon Baptist 12:00 (KB), 2:00 (FB); World Wide Mission VS Assembly of God 1:00 (KB), 3:30 (FB)

Monday, March 18, TUSA Field

Muslim Congress Vs E.J. Goodridge 12:00 (KB); 2:00 ( FB); James Doe Young Vs Logan Town Central High School 1:00 (KB), 3:30 (FB).

Tuesday, March 19, Alpha Field (qtr finals)

Winner G-1 Vs Winner G-2 12:00 (KB), 2:00 (FB); Winner G-3 Vs Winner G-4 1:00 (KB), 3:30 (FB)

Tuesday, March 19, Right To Play Field (qtr finals)

Winner G-5 Vs Winner G-6 12:00 (KB), 2:00 (FB); Winner G-7 Vs Winner G-8 1:00 (KB), 3:30 (FB)

Wednesday, March 20, Right To Play Field (semifinals)

Winner G-9 Vs Winner G-10 12:00 (KB), 2:00  (FB); Winner G-11 Vs G-12  1:00 (KB), 3:30 (FB)

Thursday, March 21, Right To Play Field (Grand finals)

Winner G-13 Vs Winner G-14 1:00 (KB)

Winner G-13 Vs Winner G-14 3:30 (FB)


A.T. Warner, 10-0 AM Fofana (kickball)

  1. T. Warner 2-1 AM Fofana (Right to Play Field) (football)

Logan Town Central High 12-4 Muslim Congress (kickball)

Worldwide Mission, 1-0 Future Leaders (football)

St. Simon Baptist, 2-1 Worldwide Mission (football)

James Doe Young, 2-1 Muslim Congress (football)

However, Muslim Congress filed a protest against James Doe Young for allegedly using four illegal players. The semi-finals are scheduled for today, March at the Right To Play Field.


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