15,000 Youths to be Recruited for a US$10M Agriculture Project

Mr. Mohammed Nasser technical team manager of the Youth Opportunity Project

The technical team manager of the Youth Opportunity Project at Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) has disclosed that his agency has begun the recruitment of 15,000 young people to benefit from job opportunities across the country.

Mr. Mohammed Nasser told the Daily Observer in an interview in Monrovia recently that the recruitment exercise began on January 9, and it is expected to be concluded when the target of 15,000 candidates is reached. He said the Youth Opportunity Project is a five-year program with a US$10 million loan from the World Bank through the Liberian Government in collaboration with LACE to provide young people with job opportunities.

He said the project has two components; the first focus is on productive work which looks at young people’s involvement in agriculture in their various communities, and at the end of the first phase they will receive U$300 each to enable them to make farms and whatever is generated will be theirs.

The sustainable part is to make sure that as these young people make money they are able to reinvest the profit. “We have our teams on the field in various locations across the country that are doing the recruitment; we have Community Facilitators with the oversight responsibility to get the recruitment done.” There are also county service providers and committees headed by County Superintendents in each county.

The second phase, he said “is the hustling enterprise that provides these young people the necessary training and guidance along the way. It is expected that the beneficiaries of the program will be able to multiply and transform their living conditions in their various communities.”

He re-emphasized that the second phase of the program will be held in specific locations which will include the most populated areas in Montserrado County, including Paynesville and central Monrovia.

The monitoring aspect of the program is a major concern which, he said, will ensure that these young people improve and make impacts on society. Mr. Nasser, who earlier described the five-year project as one of the best ways to transform young people’s lives, called on them to take advantage of such an opportunity.

“There are criteria set up for participation in the recruitment process and a system whereby interested individuals will be selected through a lottery system,” he said.


  1. The design of this program makes it look like a disaster from the start….
    This is not a job opportunity, it’s a business initiative..
    Businesses are known for failure 95% of the time….
    What I could do with 10 Million dollars is asked business owners to hire young Liberians and have them trained. This program can help pay their monthly salaries. At the end of 5 years, they will be trained professionals

  2. We thank the Liberian government and LACE for this initiative; any workforce development or apprenticeship program to empower our growing restless young adults is appreciated. Moreover, in a country where poverty poses a security threat, the agricultural sector rightfully deserves national commitment.

    That said, no start – up succeeds without close monitoring, supervising, overseeing, encouraging, and so on. Some genius dies in infancy everyday because of poor child rearing skills of parents, and flower plants wither because someone isn’t watering them. Please, let those managing this program do everything to bring it to fruition. Because that’s what usually lacking; sense of completeness, thanks again, folks.

  3. I am the Secretary General for the Association of Liberia Agriculture Professionals situated on the 72 Boulevard. We are an embodiment of young people with various discipline in Agriculture Sciences some of which are Agronomy, Genetics, Soil Science, Crop Science, Entomology, Pathology, Agriculture Economics etc. However, I will like to inquire/on behalf of the organization as to how one can be benefit from said program.

    If need be, we can as well visit you at your office at a specific time propose. My numbers are: 0775505306 and 0888854983. Thanks and we look forward.


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