1,500 Pro-Poor Housing Units For Underprivileged Citizens

Pepci Yekeh Speaks to reporters in Sasstown where the Pro-Poor housing units began.

-LACE Executive Director Quiwu Pepci Yekeh

The Executive Director of Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), Quiwu Pepci Yekeh, has disclosed that the government is poised to build 1,500 Pro-Poor Housing Units in the 15 counties to help underprivileged citizens.

According to Yekeh, said the government has completed a total of 500 Pro-Poor housing units including in Sasstown in Grand Kru, Popo Beach in Montserrado, and Kpelleh Village in Grand Gedeh counties and other places, and it’s expected to build a total of 1,500 across the country.

He added about 240 housing units have been completed in Grand Kru County including Grandcess, Sasstown, Barclayville, and neighboring villages and towns.

“The structure you saw in Grand Gedeh is just the first phase, so Grand Gedeh has completed the first phase. We have about 50 housing units now. We have to go back to Grand Gedeh County to do the second phase,” Mr. Yekeh said.

Mr. Yekeh said “If you have come to Sasstown and see the living poor condition of our people, it was very sad for you. Like before, there were lots of deplorable kind of structures and today, the beneficiaries are excited that they can no longer go in the bush to defecate.”

“We started the Pro Poor housing unit construction here in Sasstown, and we moved to Popo Beach in Monrovia. We were able to construct housing units in Grand Gedeh County and then in Bong and to Nimba Counties,” Mr. Yekeh said.

He said while the President has promised to build 200 housing Units in Kanweaken, River Gee County, additional housing units are expected to be built Gbi and Dorus which is located in Nimba County.

Mr. Yekeh said there are plans to continue building of housing units in Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties.

Beneficiaries in Grand Kru are delighted over the President’s decision to build modern houses for them.


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