15 Police Officers Dismissed

15 Police DirectorFInal.jpg

Authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) have dismissed 15 officers from the service for constantly being absent from their jobs without an official communication or leave, noting, “This is an act of absence without leave (AWOL).”

A police statement issued yesterday in Monrovia said the dismissed officers were in violation of of the new police duty manual.

A majority of the dismissed officers are from the Police Support Unit (PSU), a division that defends the state whenever riots and other violent acts occur.

Those dismissed included George E. Tamba 0092, Tweh-Max W. William 3467, Moses M. Flomo 2308, Anthony G. Morris 3530, Lucia L. Vakona 3884, Ftzgerald J. Smith 2599, Wehyee Myers 1613, and Dweh F. Konowe 3475.

Others are James Kamara 0198, Mohammed A. Kaba 2996, William A. Duo 4478, Rene T. Juwle 1821, Ruben S. Duo 3979, John E. Harvey Jr. 0637, and Sam D.
Howard 2268.

They have been mandated to turn over all government properties in their possession with immediate effect, an LNP statement warned.

The police statement noted that the officers are no longer in the employ of LNP, and warned that “anyone doing business with them as police officers will be doing so at their own risk.”


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