141 Presidential Pro Poor Housing Units To Be Formally Distributed This Month

Some of the completed Pro Poor Housing units in Sasstown, Grand Kru County

… plus 62 more in September 

Sasstown’s senior citizens (elderly) — known to be vulnerable — who have lived in dilapidated mud-and-thatch houses up to now, are expected to formally get free and modern ‘family houses’ under the Presidential Pro Poor Housing Units project.

The Housing Units (27ft x 25ft) comprise two bed rooms, a living room, bathroom and two porches.

The ramshackle thatched houses were marked for replacement by the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) to allow only “senior citizens” of Sasstown, Grand Kru County, to benefit from the Presidential Pro Poor Housing Units.

The Building Construction Company (BCC) was contracted to build 170 housing units in six of the nine towns in Sasstown while Mobel is due to construct 33, also in the six towns.

The legatee towns include Jekwikpo, Felorkri, Daryokpo, Kitea, Klaydia and Kunie. Norkwia, Sloyee and Wessah towns are the only towns in Sasstown, which are not included.

The BCC is expected to complete 108 units, while Mobel would erect 33 units to be publicly turned over by the end of August.

The turning over program will be attended by the Grand Kru County Legislative Caucus, the County Leadership, Ministry of Internal Affairs, LACE, BCC management and the beneficiaries.

Mr. Joe Jojo, the Supervisor of BCC, said as of Wednesday, 86 of the units have been fully completed in Jekwikpo and Felokri of Sasstown. He said the remaining 22 in Daryokpa, Kitea, Kunie and Klaydia will be ready.

A staff of Mobel, who asked not to be named, said 20 of its 33 targeted housing units are fully completed while the remaining 13 will also be ready for the end-of-August turning over.

“We have been here since 2019 February and we are happy to say we have 86 houses completed. Other houses are nearing completion. Some need painting, others need plastering and others need roofing,” Joe said.

“We are sure that by the end of the month, we will complete 108 houses for the first phase of the official turning over,” Joe noted.

According to Joe, the outstanding 62 housing units are expected to be completed hopefully in September.

Though BCC and the Mobel officials are tightlipped on the overall cost of the 203 units which are to be built only in Sasstown, the Daily Observer has gathered that the estimated cost is about US$3.6 million — and each of the units is put at US$18,000.

Mr. Joe told the Daily Observer that the ongoing 24 housing units in Grand Cess has been halted because of conflict between the BCC contractors and the youth.

There are unconfirmed reports that the rigmarole was allegedly prompted by contractors denigrating their cultures, while another account suggests that the commotion stemmed from a protest against the backdrop that most of the older people — elders were left out during the marking of the Presidential Pro Poor Housing Units.

Meanwhile, the Daily Observer has gathered that about 70 Housing Units have been occupied by the beneficiaries ahead of the formal turnover.

However, Joe, in response, said the housing units were temporarily turned over in consultation with the County Leadership because the beneficiaries appealed to relocate because of the “leakages” of their thatched houses.

Furthere, the BCC has also constructed a Pro Poor House for President George M. Weah and, according to unconfirmed reports, that house cost about US$55,000.


  1. By Liberia’s standard, something is better than nothing, especially for that county’s senior citizens. Way to go George, this perhaps is the beginning which begins with one step in the right direction. Many senior citizens were waiting for this day to come, and have a place they can call home. Way to George.

  2. At least George, you can get some blessings from doing this one for your people. But you know what, since you turned your back on school, you can NEVER do things right but with vain passion and zeal.
    Where did you get the money to build those houses?
    Suppose there is an audit tomorrow and it is found that the missing cash went towards building those structures, don’t you think they will be confiscated and resold to those same people or other occupants?
    How do the beneficiaries maintain the units built for them since you do not want to open the road for economic activities to be dominant in the region?

    You see that beautiful landscape on which the units are built, it could have been used expediently for tourism to put more money in the pockets of those old people to build the lives they want for themselves; we call that capitalism. What you have done is socialism or communism, it WILL backfire, believe me!

  3. Lover of Cummings, Petarus Dolo, You said Weah turned his back on school, Since you and your lover Cummings were facing the school, what contribution both of you have made to Liberia that Liberians are proud of and can make reference to ? The Answer is NONE, ZERO.

    Petarus Dolo, continue your homosexual work in the Ivory Coast and stop pretending to other like you know everything that concerns Liberia but have no work history there like the one you said you fell in love with, Cummings. Ewww, Nasty.

  4. Brother Aaron Doe Nelson,
    Have you watched a 1960s video called “the cows of doloken paye”? Download the video and watch it gentlemen and ladies. Every Liberian should watch it. The video has many parts to it. The cows of dolo-ken paye! There’s an ordeal that goes on in the video. Maybe we ought to try that experiment in Liberia in order to test for homosexual authenticity in the ranks of politicians.

    • Another silly blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. There was a time in that country when no youths or young people coming into could be part of any political development or party. James Davis graduated in 1975 from high school, not too distant from the 1980s years that brought about political change in that country. There was no such thing as youth wings for their political participation in the direction and discussion about the future of their country. That has changed, with the full participation of what is called as the generational change forming part of and discussion about their country through their involvement of political activism of the youth wings of the various political parties that the country has to offer. Whether the ideas of their various political parties are meaningful or not, they have the courage and political chance to speak out. It is theirs future that they are concerned about and with. And that’s a good thing to get all the country’s youthful citizens involved. But one thing though, blind loyalty to support acts that are not meaningful, and at best destructive to the human’s imaginations are what have become worrisome politically. That is missing an opportunity to direct their thoughts. And so because of the lack of opportunity for the youthful citizens before the 1980s that about political change, leaders of past regimes thought it wise to remain in power for 27, 29 years or 9 years until they were driven from power. Now the youthful citizens have theirs’ day to look out for their future. But, now a day, until nonsense is coming out of their mouths and abusive languages or words. So what is Hney doing watching a video that has to do with homosexuality , and asking others to watch ? Very interesting question. Told you the other day to be objective, and you will not make these wide assertions that everyone would like what you liked. Video on homosexuality ? O well, each to his own desires.

      • “There was no such thing as youth wings for their political participation in the direction and discussion about the future of their country.” James Davis

        James Davis, really? What about YOPTA – YOUTH ORGANIZATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE TOLBERT ADMINISTRATION?????????????????? OR FLY .The Federation of Liberian Youth headquartered at the end of Camp Johnson Road adjacent the Buzzi Quarter Gas Station??

  5. James Davis,
    You seem to be having problems once again with your independent thoughts. For instance, you brought up the subject of “Youth Wings”. But a well known compatriot, Mr. Freedom To Be Blunt disputes your story without reservation. Comrade James Davis, when you introduced your story about “Youth Wings”, were you thinking about YOPTA? Or are you having problems with your psychological resilience?

    Second, you have become a terrific stone thrower since I have known you comrade James Davis. Just the other day, you aimed a stone of palm butter at me. Thanks be to God. The palm butter stone didn’t cause the “stuff” to splash all over me. Well, what else can I say. I am a Marylander, but I’ve got some Kru blood in me! The palm butter issue is just the tip of the iceberg. Many dangerous stones are thrown by you almost daily.

    Third, the cows of doloken paye issue that I mentioned was a joke, Mr. James Davis. In the video, someone’s cow was chopped by a cutlass or a machete! The townsmen decided to locate the culprit and so they reverted to the use of sasiwood. Watch the video James Davis! Be real young man.

    What’s the connection?
    Once again jokingly or truthfully, Cummings of the ANC is being accused as either a homosexual, a bisexual or both. But the supporters of Cummings (such as you and other well-known apologists that you know) are saying that your man is straight. Straight? The rumor (if I may call it a rumour) cannot go away. It keeps coming up unabated! So my point is simple… let’s revert to the use of sasiwood. That’s what the townsmen did in the video story of the “cows of doloken paye”. By trying the sasiwood method, we may arrive at the truth.

    Finally, Mr. James Davis, as much as you call for objectivity, you aren’t being objective. If you live in a house that’s built with glass, you don’t throw stones.

  6. Housing is important even in heaven – God makes the wicked homeless and sends them to the fiery inferno of hell. Thank you, GMW.

    • you should know about this because as NSA director you made thousands of people homeless during Doe administration. you have bloody hands why do you comment on liberia when you murdered thousands as the NSA director. now you come on this website and act like you are a true patriot of Liberia.


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