13-yr-old Girl Allegedly Raped, Kidnapped


A 13-year-old girl has been allegedly raped and Kidnapped during the night of December 17, 2020, by her aunt’s husband,  51 years old Bill C. Kollie.

Bill, according to information, is a driver of Montserrado County District #6 Representative Samuel Enders.

The father of the survivor, in an exclusive interview, told the Daily Observer that during every vacation year the survivor usually comes to Monrovia from Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, to spend time with her grandmother.

He said the survivor, while on vacation at her grandmother’s house, Blessed C. Kollie (a sister to the survivor’s Mother) will usually take her to her home to spend some time with her cousins before returning to her partners in Buchanan.

Upon arrival at the ELWA Junction in December 2020, the survivor’s father said she was picked up by Blessed, the wife of the perpetrator.

The survivor’s father said: “Blessed and her husband Bill have been on separation for the past 11-months, and she is seeking for divorce before the Supreme Court of Liberia on allegation of Gender-Based Violence against her. In this process, she took the little child to her home where she no longer stays to spend some time with her kids. She just risk my daughter’s life in that kind of way.”

He said Bill and his children stay in a two-bedroom apartment, adding that “The children sleep in one room while Bill and his wife were in one, but because of the current separation, Blessed no longer lives in the house with her family.”

He explained that the survivor was able to explain to one of the neighbors what her abuser was doing to her every time, which has resulted to her ailment.

According to him, when Blessed got home, her husband firstly denied having anything to do with the girl, but later admitted that he sexually abused her.

He said Bill begged his wife that the girl should be treated without the knowledge of her partners, but his request was denied by Blessed who called and explained what had happened.

“That was how their neighbor called their mother to inform her about how my daughter has been abused in the past few days. She quickly went there and started making confusion with her husband at which time he was able to convince her to have my daughter treated at a local clinic called the United Pentecostal Church Health Center unknown to us the parents,” the survivor’s father explained disappointingly.  

The survivor’s father said at the clinic, his daughter was diagnosed with malaria and thyoid, but her aunt requested that they should check whether she was sexually abused.

“After the nurses have checked my daughter,” he said, “They were able to discover that she has been raped. The nurses told Blessed and her husband that they cannot handle such a case and they referred the child to the Du-port road one-stop center,” he said.

Upon reaching the one-stop center, he said the place was closed, so the child was taken to the home of Bless’s friend in Soul Clinic Community where she awaited medical examination the next day.

Innstead of the girl at the hospital, Blessed reportedly left for central Monrovia, leaving the survivor in care of her friend’s 21-year-old daughter.

He said, “according to Bless, when she was in town, she received a call from Bill requesting her location at which time had gone to town to pick up some money for medical attention for the survivor.”

The father said: “When he knew that Blessed was not at home, Bill went and kidnapped my daughter on the night of December 17, 2020 and escaped with her.”

“On the night the girl went missing, a next-door neighbor said she saw Bill entering the house, but that lady had no idea about what he had done. After he took the child from the room, he was later seen by another neighbor on the nearby football field with her, and since then we have not found the child and Bill went on the run,” the survivor’s father said.

According to him, they were able to track Bill by arresting his 32-year-old son.

Bill is now arrested and incarcerated, and whenever he is asked about the whereabouts of the girl, Bill will accordingly say he and his wife have killed and buried the child to a location he has refused to show.

The survivor’s father who strongly believes that his daughter is still alive said his daughter is not active that is why she is still missing.

With the hope of seeing his daughter, he called on women rights advocates and other human rights defenders to stand help him trace his missing daughter and to get justice.

Bill has been charged by the Liberian National Police and sent to the Monrovia Central Prison where he is awaiting trial.

The Medical Report

The medical report in possession of the Daily Observer indicates: “This is to certify that the above person was seen examined and treated in our health facility. Physical examination including laboratory finding revealed Typhoid, and hymen is broken.”


  1. Kidnap and rape have been committed by a 51-year driver named Bill Kollie.

    The victim’s aunt, Mrs. Blessed and nurses of a Monrovia clinic who examined the victim.

    Verdict From The Court Of Public Opinion:

    (1). Punishment: Five years in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Offense: Forced sex with an underage teenager by (Wm) Bill Kollie.

    (2). Punishment: Five years in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Offense: Kidnapping of an underage teenager by Bill Kollie.

    Judge’s condemnation statement:

    Bill Kollie is dangerous,
    deranged, and imbalanced. Whereas there are more mature women in the republic of Liberia that he could have talked to in order to satisfy his insatiable sex urge, Kollie unmercifully kidnapped and raped a 13-year girl. Kollie should do his time in jail immediately. This court will not settle for foolishness. The law is the law.
    Have a good day ladies and gentlemen!

  2. This is a classic example of what is coined in legal parlance as aggravated sexual assault because to begin with, she was kidnapped and secondly, she was under 14 when Kollie, her sexual assailant, attacked her.

    Many jurisdictions in the United States do categorize this offense as a felony and the minimal sentence for the crime is between 20 to 25 years imprisonment. However, we’re a sovereign nation and therefore our laws and the equivalent penalties for their violation may differ from other countries based on our cultural uniqueness.


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