13 Retired from Commerce Ministry

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) over the weekend retired 13 employees, who served the ministry in various capacities over the years.

Each of the retirees received packages in line with the ministry’s regulations and the Civil Service Agency (CSA) Pension Law.

The retired personnel included Augustus Cammu, Roosevelt Gbormie, Ignitius Nyenkan, Alice Nyenkan, Donoe Robert, Lewis Gibson, Boakai Sirleaf, Samuel Liberty and Aaron Willie.

Others were Moses Q. Williams, Stephen Zaizay, and Henrique Harvey. The Ministry praised each of the retirees for ‘dedicated and committed service’ to the country over the years.

During the brief ceremony at the ministry in Monrovia, members of the retirees’ families turned out en-masse to grace the occasion. Former workmates as well as senior staff from the offices of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) and those from the CSA were present.

Frantz C. Sawyer, Acting Commerce Minister and Deputy Minister for Administration, lauded the retirees for their long years of ‘distinguished services.’

“Today is a special day for me personally, because we are retiring some of the ministry’s finest employees,” Sawyer said.

He said retirement is not the end of everything, and therefore, the 13 former employees should go home and celebrate with their family members in good faith.

Sawyer assured the retirees that the ministry’s doors will be always opened to them because some of the new employees will be looking to them for their individual and collective expertise.

“All of you have special skills that the ministry can make maximum use of. Therefore we want to assure you that our doors will be opened to you at anytime,” he said.

Willis D. Knuckles, III, Assistant Minister for Administration, lauded the retirees for rendering ‘valuable services’ to the ministry and to their individual lives; services, he said, that will be remembered now and in the future.

Samuel Liberty, who responded on behalf of the retirees, expressed gratitude to the ministry’s staff for cordially working with them over the years.


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