12,000 Notebooks Benefit 5 Schools

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A Liberian humanitarian and educator, Mrs. Kamah Diggs Johnson, says she was delighted to provide 12,000 notebooks and other instructional materials to five schools in and outside of Monrovia to help promote and encourage learning.

The items were provided to the Bible Way Mission School, (Monrovia-Robertsfield Highway), Ross Woods Christian Academy, (Old Road), Christian Richards Elementary School, and Daniel Adams School of Excellence of Lloydsville.

Mrs. Johnson is a pastor of the Nord Alive Church International in the United States. She made the donations late last year.

She said in an interview yesterday that she saw the need to provide the educational materials to the schools during a visit to Liberia and upon her return to the United States she mobilized her church members to contribute the materials.

The Bishop of Nord Alive Church International, Wesley T. Cheery, also threw his support behind the drive to collect the school supplies, she said.

“In four weeks the members of the church were able to mobilize 12,000 notebooks and other instructional aides for students and teaching staff of the five schools,” Mrs. Johnson said.

She said initially, she had thought of one school until she came to Liberia and saw that many students were in need of notebooks and that schools lacked instructional materials.

There are about 200 notebooks left to be distributed, but due to transportation challenges they could not be sent to schools outside of Monrovia

Mrs. Johnson has meanwhile promised to provide uniforms to the students in the future should friends continue to give her support.

She recalled how excited she was to see so many children in school and expressed the hope that the government will train many more teachers to cater to them.

In separate remarks, principals and administrators of the five schools extended gratitude for the materials and wished God’s blessings on the donors who have “demonstrated true love to our children.”


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