120 Elderly People, Several Institutions Get Relief Donation

The team of distributors with staff of GUMH

In response to COVID – 19

In response to COVID-19, a group of citizens under the banner “Sons and Daughters of Bain/Ganta” have begun identifying with about 120 elderly people and institutions in and around Ganta with food aid and some protective gears.

According to the group, the donation will be done in several phases, beginning with Ganta and its environs, and shall extend to other communities across Nimba County.

On Friday, May 22, 2020, the group distributed about 200 bags of 25kg rice and over 2,000 pieces of nose masks to elderly people and several institutions in Ganta, including Ganta Rehab, Ganta United Methodist Hospital, E and J Medical Hospital, Bomah Clinic and other nearby clinics orphanage homes and members of the visually impaired community.

Each of these institutions received few bags of rice, nose masks and powder soap as a support to their fight against COVID-19, while most of the rice went to the elderly, without nose mask or tide soap.

The communities visited during the distribution, include Nengbeh, Gowee, Tonglawin, Tonzolowee, Pledehyee, Gbloryee and among others.

“We are giving each of the elderly people one bag of 25kg of rice, because they do not have any means now of looking for food,” said Mr. Lawrence Sua, one of the sons.

“Alongside the distribution of donation, we have a team responsible for carrying on awareness about all health protocols in the fight against Coronavirus,” he said.

The group made it clear that the donation doesn’t have anything to do with politics, saying, “it is purely humanitarian as a means of buttressing the government’s efforts in the fight against Coronavirus.

“We are still lobbying with friends for more funding so we can extend the donation to other parts of Nimba,” said Mr. Titus Kpayili, a member of the distribution team.

At the beginning of the donation, Ganta Rehab received 12 bags of 25kg rice and 150 pieces of nose mask and a carton of powder soap, while the GUMH received 20 bags of rice with 200 nose masks.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Liberia, there have several awareness teams in Nimba, but this group is the only group that carrying distribution of basic needed items and at the same time carrying on awareness.

However, the distributing team have extended thanks and appreciation to those who made contributions, especially those living in the USA, Canada and others parts of the world for the distribution successful.

“We received money from citizens of Bain living in Canada, the USA and those living in Liberia. Even some of those currently living in Bain made some of the funding available,” he Mr. Lawrence Sua, the team head.


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