12 Towns in Rural Bong County Get Solar Street Lights

Rep. Womba and residents of Pelleli Town install one of the solar street lights

— Another 12 Towns Targeted

Twelve (12) towns in upper Bong County, rural Liberia, have received and switched-on 60 solar street lights through the instrumentality Bong County District #4 Representative Robert Flomo Womba, as part of his #LitUpperBong Project.

For the first time, over 5,500 residents, including women, children, youth and the elders, will see and appreciate ‘lights’ in the midst of farming and schooling, in the various towns due to the 60 installed street lights.

Representative Robert Flomo Womba, like other lawmakers during the campaign period in the 2017 legislative election, persuaded the voters that they could ably represent their constituents and encourage development to come to them. Though provision of street lights may have not been one of his campaign promises, it is part of the many community development needs of rural and urban dwellers alike.

Each of the street solar lights, according to Rep. Womba, has eight renewable bulbs, with 10 years’ warranty. The cost of the 60 solar street lights, iron poles and technical assistance is put at US$6,000.00.

During the formal presentation of the 60 solar street lights in Pelleli town on Friday, January 17, 2020, where four street lights were switched on, Rep. Womba, displaying the remaining 56 newly imported solar street lights, said other towns in the district will be switched on between Friday and Monday.

According to the Bong County District #4 Representative, the remaining solar street lights will be installed in the following towns: Ksolietta Town four solar street lights; Warta, Gbansue, Killiai and Denya towns, three solar street lights each; Naama, Shankpali, Yowee, Foequellie and Jorwah, seven solar street lights each; and Nyansue town, five solar street lights.

At the launching program, Rep. Womba said his passion for development in his district is unparalleled and it is a way of giving back. He said another 12 towns have been targeted to get lights soon.

“I built the palava hut in Pelleli where we are sitting. After a few weeks, l came back and brought 75 chairs with some tables. After a month I came to the Methodist Church in this town with musical set. I know what it means and I know what you did for me in Pelleli. This is my way of giving back to the community. And there are things which I didn’t promise but decided to give, one of which is light,” Rep. Womba said.

“This light will help the elders in the night to sometimes play or sit under to lecture, but it is mostly for students to study. I believe this light will help change your living condition. I want to assure you people this contribution will go across the district,” the lawmaker said.

He added: “I will always try to help our people to give them development surprises. These solar streets lights are built-in, which have batteries and with 10 years warranty. So, when you take care of it, you will benefit for 10 years.”

Pelleli Town Chief, Athur Joe, described the solar street lights in his vernacular as a ‘surprise gift’ and that it will truly help the men, women and children of Pelleli Town and the district at large.

Speaking in Kpelle, Elder Johnny Kollie added: “We are happy. The lights you gave us made us proud. You are indeed the true son of Bong County. Always count on us.”

The Zota-Panta lawmaker said the district comprises of about 175 towns and, by the Grace of God, all of the towns will get solar streets lights.



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