12 Towns in Grand Gedeh Get Diaspora Help

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Determined to improve the health of their fellow Grand Gedeans, members of the Grand Gedeh Association in the United Kingdom (UK) recently provided material assistance to clinics in 12 towns across three districts.

Mr. Amos Zleh, president of the Grand Gedeh Association in the UK (GGAUK), equipped with a consignment of medical and other materials and accompanied by Emmanuel K. Z. Pour, president of Gbarzon District Youth Association, visited the towns and made their presentations.

The items, shipped from the United Kingdom, included 15 medical beds with mattresses, pillars and bed sheets valued at a little over US$7,000. Recipients were clinics in the three districts of Gbarzon, Tchien and Konobo respectively.

They included Toe Town Clinic, Dougee Town Clinic, Zleh Town Clinic, Polar Town Clinic, Jarwodee Clinic, Zai Town Clinic, Bouleken Clinic, Beh Town Clinic, Niao Jazon Clinic, Pennokon Clinic, Karlorwleh Town Clinic, and Ziah Town Clinic.

Mr. Zleh also delivered text books worth US$4,000 to the Grand Gedeh Community College (GGCC). Funds for the text books were contributed by Mr. Zleh and Eric N. Doe.

GGCC vice president for academic affairs, Bestman Charpy, expressed appreciation to Mr. Zleh and the brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom for the fine gesture, and used the occasion to call on Liberians both home and abroad to follow their good example.

Mrs. Agnes Pyne Woniewala, considered one of the most influential women in the county due to her resourcefulness and contribution to community initiatives, also commended GGCC and Mr. Zleh for remembering “your people back home.”

Mr. Zleh, on behalf of GGAUK, also presented five bundles of zinc to the people of Senewen in Gbarzon District towards the construction of a modern market building which, after completion, will be known as Madam Queaiyon Annie Krayee Zleh Market, in honor of the late mother of the GGAUK

At a meeting with county officials, including Senator A. Marshall Dennis, GGAUK was commended for its humanitarian initiatives toward the rebuilding of infrastructures and education of Liberians at home.

The GGAUK president also met Grand Gedeh County Superintendent Peter L. Solo and deliberated further the organization’s future initiatives towards the improvement of life in the county. Mr. Zleh told Supt. Solo that the development of Grand Gedeh County should not be tied to the Liberian government only, but to all Grand Gedeans including those in the Diaspora.

Zleh expressed concern about the “over congestion” at the Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital and extended an invitation to the Superintendent to attend the GGAUK’s May 2016 convention to seek more support for the expansion of the hospital.

Other initiatives in which the GGAUK is involved in the county include the renovation of the Karlorwleh Town Clinic in Putu Administrative District, the construction of the Senewen Market building and the electrification of Toe Town.


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