12 Arrested for Illegal Waste Disposal in Paynesville

Paynesville City Mayor, Pam Belcher-Taylor

The Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) has arrested twelve residents for illegally disposing waste along streets in the City in violation of the City Ordinance Law.

PCC Mayor, Pam Belcher Taylor, described the actions of the residents at a news conference at the corporation’s headquarters on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, as “Unacceptable” and warned others to desist immediately or face the full weight of the law.

“The PCC patrol team on Monday arrested 12 residents of our city who were caught dumping garbage on the streets. We are processing all those caught and we will be forwarding them to court for prosecution,” the Mayor said.

PCC security team’s latest action, Madam Belcher-Taylor noted, is among other things intended to further clean the City and make it very green.  The action as well serves as a deterrence to would-be violators.

She said the beautification of the City of Paynesville is the collective responsibility of all residents and as such, she encouraged residents to help in the process of making the City Clean and green.

Littering and negative mental attitude towards public facilities and the street continue to challenge the sanity of Liberian cities and properties.  For instance, many believe that dumping garbage in the street is a right because the government is there to clean it for them.  Others in charge of government’s properties including vehicles recklessly use them with the belief that they are public properties without a definite owner.

Some of the those arrested for illegal waste disposal in Paynesville City are older men and women

In Paynesville, where the Somalia Drive road construction is ongoing, flowers planted along the first two lanes for beautification have all been uprooted by unscrupulous individuals and the drainages filled with garbage.   

Among those arrested who are now behind bars awaiting trial are older men and women most of whom are in their early and late 30s and 40s.

Madam Taylor stated that their security team will continue to remain proactive in order to bring to book would-be violators, disclosing that violators will receive a fine of US$100 when caught. 

According to Chapter 4 Section 10 of the city ordinance law, violators of the garbage disposal law must be fined US$100. 

Moreover, she also cautioned those who normally light fires and throw in the garbage to desist from such the act she describes as “Hygienic attitude.”

Disposing of waste properly has been a serious challenge for the city government but the mayor and her team have been making some strides to keep the city clean, though more needs to be done.

The PCC Mayor has also frowned on the abuse of the recently-refurbished children’s park in Paynesville City. She complained that the site is being used as a business center for commercial photographers.

She disclosed that many people who use the place for photo purposes often undress in the presence of kids—a situation she termed as “Unfortunate.”  “The park is for our children to come and have some level of creation, but sadly, it is turning into something very different. People come here to do photo sessions and are in the habit of undressing themselves while the kids are in the park. This is uncalled for,” she said.


  1. While i do agree with this action, i would like to ask, Are there provisions for dumping within the communities such that if you Didn,t use the facilites and dumped refused on the streets you will be arresten? I believe that gabbage dump containers should be set in communities with minimum amount to paid per house or business as the case may be to enable a good functioning system. Without this and arresting the people it will be baseless

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