103 Year-old Madam Neyah Janegah Wordsworth of Bensonville Dies

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Madam Thelma Neyah Janegah Wordsworth, one of Bensonville’s eldest citizens, if not the eldest, died last Thursday, June 23, 2016, in Mooingah, Bensonville, following a brief illness.

She was the widow of Jomboh Wordsworth, a police officer raised by the distinguished Wordsworth family of Careysburg City, Montserrado County.

Ma Janegah’s marriage to Mr. Wordsworth was blessed with four children—three daughters and a son.

Ma Neyah Janegah was born in Bensonville on June 10, 1913, a month after President William Richard Tolbert Jr., who was born on May 13 of that year. Her parents were Oldman Suasu Flomo of Belle Yella District, then Lofa County, and Mrs. Yongor Jena Flomo, also of Bele Yella. Oldman

Suasu came to Montserrado on a military assignment. On his return home he was stopped and had to return to Montserrado. He settled in Careysburg, where the Wordsworths took him in.

Pa Suasu and Ma Yongor were already married in Bele Yella when he left on his military assignment. She later joined him and they settled in Moingah, Bensonville, where their children were born, raised and obtained their elementary education.

Survivors include her three daughters, Mrs. Pauline Yarsieh, Mrs. Jenneh Boima and Mrs. Thelma Mehn; 15 grandchildren, 12 great grand and one great, great grandson, nearly three months old.

According to daughters Jenneh Boimah and Thelma Mehn, funeral arrangements will be announced later.


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