102-Yr Old Voter Calls for Peaceful Run-off Election

Old lady Zumogar: "I want a peaceful runoff election."

One of Liberia’s oldest citizens, old lady Millie D. Zumogar, 102, yesterday called on all Liberians to ensure the peaceful conduct of the pending November 7 run-off presidential election.

Mrs. Zumogar voted on October 10, as she had done in many other elections in the country’s political history.

In a Daily Observer exclusive interview, the centenarian warned supporters of the two political parties in the run-off, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the governing Unity Party (UP), as well as their sympathizers, against electoral violence.

“I am calling on all my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren not to cause trouble for the country. We need peace and we should all do our best to keep it,” she said.

Born in 1915, Mrs. Zumogar said the elections she witnessed and participated in, during the 1930s, 40s and onward, were usually held peacefully and the results were accepted gracefully by the electorates without anyone seeking legal redress.

“At that time, nobody used to challenge the government, because things went on well and not too many book people were around to express mixed views on the electoral system like it is done today,” she recalled.

Speaking on the William V. S. Tubman era, she said Liberia was getting closer to development, but some of the citizens at that time were impatient, a situation that led some people to go against the President, which in return took the country backward.

Old ma Zumogar said she gave birth to nine children, one male and eight females, all of who are alive, with the eldest – a female, now in her 85th year.

Mrs. Zumogar was born in Foya, Lofa County, and married Mr. Zumogar in Voinjama in the 1930s.

She is one of five persons in their hundreds registered by the National Elections Commission. Meanwhile, the old lady said she hopes to be alive to cast her vote in the November 7 run-off election, adding that what matters is peace, whether it is CDC’s George Weah or UP’s Joseph Boakai that wins.


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