10,000 Ebola Survivors Receive Cash from SC International

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The Liberia office of Save the Children International has begun a cash distribution of over one million United States Dollars to survivors and relatives of those affected by the deadly Ebola virus disease.

The international aid agency is targeting at least 10,000 Liberians, some of whom are survivors of the disease. Others are relatives of those who died and left behind families, including widows and children.

Thousands of Liberians were directly and indirectly affected by the virus. The country is now trying to revive its economy which shrank (decreased) severely as a result of the virus' impact.

Many concessions scaled down their operations, pulled out their expatriate staff and even laid off most of their local staff. The Liberian government had to also send on leave 90 percent of its workforce, who it termed "non-essential staff" to decongest offices and prevent the virus spread.

Save the Children's intervention, which is made possible with funding from the Norwegian and Swedish governments, has been praised by the more than 120 beneficiaries who came from towns in the Mamba Kaba Statutory District of Margibi County and met in Dolo Town also in the district, to receive their direct cash benefits from the aid agency.

Under the Save the Children's Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) grant, each of the beneficiaries will receive US$200 for two months.

Speaking to the Daily Observer, Mr. Augustine Fayiah, Coordinator of Save the Children's Food Security and Livelihood Program said the 4-month project will benefit at least 800, 410 and 211 household heads in Montserrado, Margibi and Bong Counties, respectively. 

Fayiah said that the 1,125 household heads have dependents which sum up to 10,000 in the three counties. Save the Children had to scout for funding, he said

"There are no strings attached to the usage of the money. Beneficiaries are allowed to use it as they see fit.  However, he personally hoped that they would use the funds in ways that will benefit them.


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