1000 Homes to Get ‘Big Light’ in 15 Days

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), Foday S. Sackor, says 1,000 homes will be connected with ‘Big Light’ in 15 days.

Speaking to journalists yesterday in Clara Town during a disconnection campaign that affected 250 homes across Montserrado County, Mr. Sackor said the exercise would benefit customers in Monrovia and its environs disconnected over a year ago.

According to Director Sackor, the new management intends to make LEC more accessible by increase connections. He expressed hope that Liberians will appreciate the LEC’s improved services. “We want to make sure that you can buy current anytime of the night,” he said.

“We intend to reduce cost but this is just the first 22 megawatts. We are observing the dry season and later the rainy season; and will make the determination after more homes have been connected.”

Director Sackor said with the coming of the 22 megawatts, communities will experience on and off power supply and therefore the public must remain calm as the matter will be settled in two to three months leading to a better system.

“We want to prove that Liberians can govern their own affairs. We have competent Liberians at the LEC who are ready to demonstrate and ensure access to affordable power,” he said.

Director Sackor was responding to reports of frequent power outages since the Mt Coffee Hydroelectric Power Plant came online on December 15. There were also reports by residents that they had not been contacted to get the first ‘Big Light’ although they registered for their meters several months ago.

“We have to rehabilitate and connect lines because of complaints from customers that they continue to experience problems with their meters and connections with transmitters,” he said.

“We’ve installed 53 light poles in Raymond Town, and 530 street lights across our network in Monrovia.

“We want to demonstrate LEC’s new management’s commitment to give Liberians the promise to enjoy ‘Big Light.”

Yesterday’s campaign was also initiated to complete the connection of the first 100 customers who had registered and paid for their connections with the LEC, but were still waiting to be connected. There are 700 such customers, who the LEC said will also be connected as soon as possible.

In an earlier statement yesterday, the LEC announced that the process of connecting customers will continue, but that it would take time to get every community connected to enjoy ‘Big Light.’

The LEC called on Liberians to show appreciation that at least after many difficult years, “we have begun a process that eventually will see the entire country enjoy cheap, affordable energy.”

Meanwhile, Director Sackor said the LEC has launched a massive campaign against power theft that affects the corporation’s revenue collection exercise, adding that there is zero tolerance towards it. “We are asking the communities to join or assist us in this fight, because those involved reside within these communities as well,” he said.

Director Sackor, who was accompanied by connectors, noted that power theft was affecting other communities and homes.

“We need revenue to enable us to connect other people, which is paramount to the new management team. You will not feel good if you are paying while others are in the constant habit of stealing power. We can only arrest this when community dwellers provide us with updates,” he pleaded.

Director Sackor meanwhile called on the public to be vigilant in helping to stop power theft, which would afford LEC the opportunity to extend power to other communities.

In 2015 the Liberia Electricity Corporation said it lost an estimated US$1.4 million to power theft.

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