100 Youths Get Gifts from Church in New York


At least 100 Liberian children last Saturday received gift packages of shoes and clothes from the New Beginning Assembly Church of New York.

During the distribution at the New Assembly Church of God near the Stockton Creek, Caldwell Bridge, in Monrovia, Amos N. Tubor said the gifts are modest contributions from the church in New York following his recent visit to the United States.

Mr. Tubor is the National Coordinator of Better Future Initiative (BFI), a not for profit organization that operates volunteer supporters services in various communities.

He said the gifts for the children came as a result of consultations he held in the United States during a recent visit to seek support for children whose parents are financially unable to help them.

The 100 kidschildren, accompanied by their parents, were drawn from nearby communities, with a focus on targeting poor parents who cannot afford to provide financial and material support to their children.

“There is much more coming to help children whose parents cannot afford to buy shoes, copy books and nutritious food,” Tubor said.

Pastor Barbara Singh of the New Beginning Assembly of New York, he said, spoke about her passion to support the less fortunate in Liberia.

“Pastor Singh led her church to send free of charge these materials that we are giving to all of you children today,” Tubor said.

Earlier, Salia Dukuly, a Liberian economist, who recently returned to Liberia after decades in the United States, told parents whose children were beneficiaries to ensure that they do all in their power to send their children to school.

“I want to commend Better Future Initiative, whose welfare program is spearheading this distribution, and I want to call on all of you parents here to make sure that these children go to school,” Dukuly said.

After the children raised their hands to answer his inquiries about who is interested in becoming a president, an economist, a minister, among other fields, Dukuly then told them that the only way they can achieve their dreams is by remaining in school and being serious with their lessons.

“If you study hard,” Dukuly told them, “you can be whatever you want.”

He told parents everywhere in Liberia to make education a priority in the lives of their children so that the children can help them during their twilight years.

He commended the New Beginning Assembly Church of God of New York for thinking about Liberian children, whose future can only change for the better with local support and assistance from abroad.

The activities of the Better Future Initiative include economic empowerment, social welfare, academic affairs, agriculture program, youths and students, health and sanitation, among others. It draws its membership from communities where it carries out campaigns by hosting youth and student community engagements, which identifies leaders in key sectors of the community to speak to the youths and students.


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