100 Youth Receive PBO, UNDP Regional Training


Authorities at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Liberia in partnership with the Peace-building Office (PBO) and the office of the Peace Ambassador of Liberia (OPAL) have ended a series of regional training workshops with Liberian youth groups in mediation, negotiations and peace-building.

Eric Quoi Quoi, one of the organizers, said they contacted community-based leadership to vet each of the 150 persons that benefited from the training.

Mr. Quoi Quoi said during the training, facilitators discussed with the participants learned how to resolve conflicts, manage and prevent them should they exist.

Participants were also taught how to recognize early warning signs and using the appropriate channels aimed at resolving the various disputes that may arise around the country.

Such channels, Mr. Quoi Quoi explained, could be through the police and other relevant security apparatus for the redress such conflict, dispute and violence in Liberia.

On the specific roles of women in peace-building, Mr. Quoi Quoi intimated that women over the years have shown that they are splendid instruments in the conveyance of conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation around the world.

He, however, clarified that such assertion does not suggest that men are not capable of resolving conflicts and other forms of violence and disputes around the world. He further revealed that the youth groups were targeted as a result of their being the main set of Liberians that are often used by various groups to sometimes cause trouble in the country.

The Peace Ambassador Liberia official also disclosed that the training exercises during the course of the festive Christmas season will take a break and continue after the pending presidential runoff election slated for December 26, 2017 in the country.

Mr. Quoi Quoi stressed that after the various training sessions, the youth groups will return to their original communities and begin to preach and teach aspects of mediation, negotiation and peace-building initiatives throughout the country.

Mr. Quoi Quoi reminded Liberians and support partners that the ultimate objectives of the various youth groups in Liberia are to enhance sustainable peace and genuine reconciliation amongst all Liberians in all parts of the country.

“When such peace-building initiatives are enhanced and carried out in every part of the country, reconciliation, stability and security can be assured not only for Liberians but investors of better climate to do sustainable business and other vital undertakings in the country,” Mr. Quoi Quoi asserted.

In closing, Mr. Quoi Quoi urged the participants to take advantage of the every component of the peace-building training and spread the messages of peace, stability and reconciliation in the country.


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