10 Slovenian Doctors in Nimba to Perform ‘Free Surgery’

The team of Slovenian doctors shortly after they arrived in Ganta.

Ten Slovenian medical doctors are in Nimba County as guests of the Esther and Jereline Medical Center in Ganta to perform ‘free of charge’ hernia surgeries and related cases.

A hernia is the abnormal exit of tissue or an organ, such as the bowel, through the wall of the cavity in which it normally resides. The most common type of hernia involves the abdomen, specifically the groin. Since it was announced that foreign doctors were coming to perform the surgeries, over 400 patients have registered so far. They include women, children and mostly elderly men with various types of hernia that the hospital has already scheduled  to undergo  surgery. 
Dr. George Peters, Chief Medical Doctor at the hospital, said the ‘free hernia surgical project’ is sponsored by the UK-based “Hernia International,” comprising doctors from all parts of the world. The project is expected to continue into to 2018.

At a welcome ceremony, Dr. Peters said the hernia surgery project will concentrate on  children and women who often experience serious health complications.

Dr. Peters (center), with Slovenian Team leader Yuri, right

“We are using a mesh procedure that will stop the recurrence of these conditions because the surgery procedure does not have any side effect,” said Dr. Peters. He added that hernia operation techniques have advanced and many of the upcoming medical practitioners will have to learn them.

The first team of doctors arrived in Liberia last July from the United Kingdom and conducted free surgical operations at the same hospital.

In September, another team of doctors, this time from Spain, came and continued the same free services to hundreds of hernia patients .

The Slovenian Team comprises seven females, three males, including Dr. Yuri Goryaauts, the team leader, and a radiologist.

Dr. Goryaauts said he was happy to come to Liberia. “Slovenian doctors were in The Gambia some time ago and now we are in Liberia,” he said.

The E and J Medical Center is one of the newest medical facilities in the county. It was built by Representative Jeremiah Koung of Electoral District #1 as his personal property. It contains 100 private rooms, several operation theaters and a modern laboratory.


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