​IIA Urges U.S. Support in Investigation Of Auditors’ Deaths in Liberia

Richard F. Chambers, CEO, The Institute of Internal Auditors

Out of concern over reports of the suspicious deaths of three public-sector internal auditors and a Tax Payer Manager in Liberia, The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), a U.S.-based organization representing public- and private-sector auditors in Liberia and nearly 200 countries and territories, have called on the U.S. government to support Liberia President George Weah’s request for help in investigating the incidents.

In a formal letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, dated October 16, 2020, IIA President and CEO Richard F. Chambers stated, “While evidence of any wrongdoing in the recent deaths of the four auditors so far appears inconclusive, the United States and Liberia have a special relationship dating back more than 160 years and supporting this notable ally would be an important gesture of our countries’ commitment to each other’s security.”

Chambers recalled in his letter that “only a year ago, Thami Zikode, chief audit executive of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, survived an assassination attempt, according to reports, which also stated that Zikode was investigating allegations of corruption.”

Liberian internal auditors allegedly murdered (clockwise from left): Albert Peters, Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit, LRA; Victoria Asmah ‘Gifty’ Lamah, Manager, Tax Payer Services Division, LRA; Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa, Director-General, Internal Audit Agency; and George Fahnboto, Auditor, LRA.

Occurring over eight days, from October 3-10, the four deaths involved Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua, director-general, Liberia Internal Audit Agency, and Albert Peters, Victoria Asmah ‘Gifty’ Lamah, and George F. Fanboto, all with the Liberia Revenue Authority. All four reportedly were conducting audits of Liberia government accounts over allegations of misappropriation of funds. Nyeswa died of an apparent fall, while the others died in apparent car accidents, the IIA said in a release.

“If these deaths are determined to be more than coincidental accidents, we feel that such a sinister act, particularly on public servants whose sole role is to protect the country’s citizens, would be an attack on the people and an assault on society and democracy,” Chambers said in the letter to Pompeo. “Internal auditors serve as guardians of trust for their organizations. This is particularly true of public-sector auditors, for they hold a special place in demonstrating and defending the grandest virtues of society and of our noble profession.”

The IIA letter was copied to U.S. President Donald J. Trump, U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Michael A. McCarthy, as well as the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Liberia Caucus, Karen Bass and Donald Payne.

Headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, The IIA is the internal audit profession’s most widely recognized advocate, educator, and provider of standards, guidance, and certifications. Established in 1941, the organization today serves more than 200,000 members from more than 170 countries and territories.


  1. GMW would sleep well with this good news.

    The lack of a believable motive for an administration undergoing grinding revenue crunch (compounded by a pandemic) to run off revenue collectors by murdering four auditors two months before a defining senatorial election makes the suggestion insane. Notwithstanding, that’s what a media landscape without guardrails would have others believe. Meanwhile, the anarchists, who have been making terroristic threats of making our country ungovernable, believe they are untouchable. Thanks ILA for this stance; we need justice for our sister and brothers.

    • Are you being sarcastic about Pres. Weah sleeping good or not? Why should the US waste their investigators’ time and US taxpayers’ money on Liberia when NOTHING has been done since the US investigated the LD $16 Billion and US $25 Million cases?

      Those reports (especially the PIT Report) clearly implicated Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and other higher ups as key perpetrators. What has our President done? Who has been prosecuted and/or jailed?

      The best thing the ILA can do is to encourage the US to pose visa restrictions on Liberian govt officials and if possible, impose economic sanctions on Liberia. Pres. Weah, in his 3rd year, has clearly exonerated many Liberians who have long believed that he was incompetent, unprepared, and unable to lead Liberia.

      Pres. Weah’s poor governance, visible corruption, and fear of exposure are prime reasons why Matthew Innis, Gifty Lamas, Albert Peters, George Fahnboto, and Emmanuel Nyeswa all are dead. The GOL is the prime suspect. Until another credible govt takes power democratically and seriously adjudicate these cases, these atrocious murders will go unpunished for now. Who will George Weah investigate? His own govt officials who are implicated? Fingers also point at him. True justice will come after this inept CDC govt is voted out in 2023.

      And last, but not least, a former NSA Boss such as you, under whose leadership many mysterious deaths and imprisonment of prominent Liberians occurred during the brutal regime of Dictator Samuel Doe, should just keep quiet and go into obscurity. People like you should be invited to answer questions when we establish the War and Economic Crimes Court and try to exonerate yourself, if at all possible.

      As much backlash as you get from many Liberians every time you write a post, you still do not get it that many conscious-minded Liberians are fed up with the likes of you. WCC will surely come to Liberia and I hope you are still alive…..

      • Taylor Wilson aka whoever, you need to just keep quiet. You are one of those media and losers of election cheerleading zombies who suffers with a mind and thinking being shaped, controlled, and programmed, via the confirmation bias and disinformation disseminated and indoctrinated in a gullible society by “the Liberian media ….a biased watch dog guard for the highest bidder!

        when the U. S investigated both the $25 million U. S. Dollars, and the so called 16.B, the report clearly pointed out NO ONE! So, your idea that the report clearly pointed at individuals, IS A BLATANT MISREPRESENTATION…WHETHER DELIBERATE OR OTHERWISE.

        THAT REPORT POINTED OUT that “there was no money missing, as had been reported“, despite the age old systemic and procedural weaknesses at the CBL and shortcomings in Liberia’s fiscal and monetary management processes that are longstanding and continue to the present day“.

        In short, most of you have been brainwashed and manipulated by a politicized journalism paid by losers of election. Hence, instead of performing its role as a watchdog to expose the ills in the society, it has sold its reputation and soul for financial appetites and selfish desires.“.

        This menace regarding media and losers of election cheerleading zombies a compromised media, their paymasters MUST STOP. AND BE BROUGHT TO A PERPETUAL END.

        • Responding to a useless nonentity like you is a waste of time. Since Daily Observer went online many years ago, I have NEVER made any comment concerning you or replied to any comments you have ever made.

          You always write long-winded rubbish full of unnecessary verbosity and very little substance.

          It’s people like you (and the man I addressed above) who have massively contributed to destroying Liberia and making it the way it currently is.

          I do not want any of your nonsense or to even carry on any debate or conversation with you. You are a waste of my precious time. You are an old, stupid, useless idiot whose nonexistence in Liberia is better than anything else. Carry your foolishness to someone else, you idiot.

          • Taylor Wilson aka whoever, your act of responding to us is as useless as are the contents of your tautologically ignoramus rants which are no different from the scratch of a baby on the back of a tortoise!

            Notwithstanding, as little as you are, you can rest assured that whenever you attempt a false move or anyone attempts a false move whether daring to exploit the gap between perception and reality, or deliberately spreading disinformation, I TRUE NATIONALIST, A PATRIOT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, SHALL NEVER EVER RELENT TO PROFFER THE NEEDED REMEDY, TRUISM, OR EPISTEMOLOGY FOR THE COMMON GOOD!!

          • “When the GOL mysteriously annihilates auditors in a bid to cover their stealing, who should be responsible for bringing the perpetrators to justice?“ WHAT A SILLY PREMISE AND QUESTION! And you kids are behaving so stubbornly not learning from what others (eg. Mr. Sylvester Moses, Dr. Garsuah Gborvlehn, Mr. True Nationalist, etc. etc.) with the required wealth of experience and knowledge viz the subject matter are imparting into you little intellectual neophytes.

            You people in your gullible mentality need some help for this pathetic condition on your part that you would swing into the delusion that not only Washington but also the international community or their foreign missions have not long noticed the current and past gullible society in Liberia.

            Do you not know that the worlds major and great powers including regional powers ARE AWARE that not only on the continent of Africa, but also in parts of Asia and beyond, OTHERS (especially the opposition, or certain elements within the opposition) absolutely not part of government carry out such killings to soil a governments local, regional, and public international image?

            Here again is another ignoramus rubbish from you…“The US should continue to deny our corrupt GOL officials visa to run to America.“ You must be running mad to allow such wishful thinking cross your mind that the major or great powers would ever deny visas to officials of a given government as a result of the diabolical intent of whichever segment of a given population or even the very government, not to mention when the issue in no way affects the national interest of the given major power!

            As for your play play rant that “No serious nation will continue to take Liberia seriously and waste their hard-earned taxpayers money on corrupt Liberian officials who are only interested in enriching themselves“, YOU are really a toddler when it comes to the subject matter of government and international relations!

            Do you think if such thinking of yours were ever the case, the Coalition of Democratic Change Government of President Dr. George Manneh Weah would as we write still be enjoying the diplomatic,, economic, psychological, political, and military, support from Washington, Brussels, London, Abuja, Addis Ababa, and New York???

            Now, think about what we have injected above, and rescind everything you have said here IMMEDIATELY!!!

          • Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah you and True Nationalist, AKA Dortu Siboe Doe are just as stupid as stupid can be, a total waste of neural tissue, frustrated because you’ve been bootlicking George Weah and he cannot give you a job, and consequently, nonentities in Liberian politics. Stupid old men like you are the ones responsible for the mess that Liberia is in today. You should be preparing to exonerate yourself at the War and Economic Crimes Courts instead of parading in social media with foolishness. Do you think the US doesn’t have better things to do with their taxpayers’ money instead of wasting it on a useless, corrupt Liberian government? Since you’re running your mouth with your fake credentials, go find the resources to help your corrupt CDC govt investigate the murders of fine Liberians murdered by the GOL in a bid to cover their behinds. Move from under my post with your nonsense, stupid fool.

        • Spoken like the true idiot that you are. Unlike you, Mr. True (fake) Nationalist, Mr. Dortue Siboe Doe, or however you call yourself, I do not hide behind a computer and spew out rubbish and stupidity with pseudo confidence.

          As I said earlier, you are a total waste of my time and I will not relent put you in your place as long as you bring your nonsense under my post. As we say in Liberia, you have rubbed your bottom on the wrong tree this time around. Take your nonsense to the other writers who tolerate your stupidity.

          Unlike you, my email handle, Taylor Wilson, is indicative of my roots, the surnames of my mother’s family (Lofa) and father’s (Maryland) respectively. Who are you and where are you from (if you are even a Liberian)? True patriot my foot. Trouble makers like you should be prosecuted in the War and Economic Crimes Court and sent to jail for a very long time for your part you payed in destroying Liberia. Nonsense.

          You parade around here like you have monopoly over information, knowledge, and all things Liberia. You are the real ignoramus, An old, frustrated wannabe politician who has kissed George Weah’s behind to obtain a job (but to no avail). Just shut up and find two seats to sit down somewhere, you old, stupid idiot. Nonsense.

          • Mr. Wilson! I just want to say thanks a million for telling Mr. True or false nationalist the facts about himself. His loyalty to this administration and blindness to the evils going on in Liberia is just sickening and will barks at everyone’s that disagree with him. No wonder they hide their real identities because, they have no good intentions rather lies and propaganda.

    • Mr. Moses! Please don’t pretend that you really care about the death of these four auditors considering your post about how misguided the facts are. Do you really believe that, because these auditors collects revenue for the administration so the administration has no motive for killing them? These folks are not just revenue collectors per say, but also involved in check and balance on how these revenues that’s being collected is allocated by destinated personnels appropriately in accordance with government regulations. What will be the motives for just anyone to killed four auditors in any nation? Or was this just another coincidence in Liberia? I will say no and some individuals in this administration are involved.

      The real question remains and that is, will this administration be prepared to punished those names that will be mention or involved by the U. S investigators?

  2. Why are Liberians so comfortable to lies and sugarcoating issues that need condemning? When the U. S investigated the missing money and $25 million U. S. Dollars, the report clearly pointed at individuals and up to this date, no one was arrested neither charged for anything. Instead, they went after the wrong people wasting tax payers funds as well in that process.

    Bringing in U. S investigators into Liberia internal affairs is not going to help nor prevent the killings of innocent Liberians professionals because, the very first killing of Mathew Innings went unsolved in a small country like Liberia without any suspect or arrest,and up to date, investigation continues which says it all about what to expect from this killing again and that’s why this spiral of killings has become the order of intimidation in Liberia per say. If the U. S ever offered to assist with this investigation, their presence will recognized their absence because, they should have reacted after our government failed to punished those individuals directly involved.

    Similarity to the passport saga, they reacted against individuals by banning them and their spouse from entering the U.S. and until similar measures can be put in place involving any U. S help and assistance in future investigations, their presence again will represent their absence. They have the absolute power to excercise such leverage in Liberia and the game will changed for the best in Liberia. Just how they unilaterally took decision in the passport saga, similar policy need to kicks in, and that is, whenever they are called upon to assist in any form of investigations, they should render their punishment for those involved after their investigations despite the Liberian government willingness to prosecute those mentioned.

  3. Joseph Akoi, when the U. S investigated both the $25 million U. S. Dollars, and the so called 16.B, the report clearly pointed out NO ONE! So, your idea that the report clearly pointed at individuals, IS A BLATANT MISREPRESENTATION…WHETHER DELIBERATE OR OTHERWISE.

    THAT REPORT POINTED OUT that “there was no money missing, as had been reported“, despite the age old systemic and procedural weaknesses at the CBL and shortcomings in Liberia’s fiscal and monetary management processes that are longstanding and continue to the present day“.

    So, it you who is ”so comfortable to lies and sugarcoating issues that need” ABSOLUTELY NO ”condemning”.

    And to be fair with you, this is the consequential reaction of such as you with a mind and thinking being shaped, controlled, and programmed, via the confirmation bias and disinformation disseminated and indoctrinated in a gullible society by “the Liberian media ….a biased watch dog guard for the highest bidder.

    In short, most of you have been brainwashed and manipulated by a politicized journalism paid by losers of election. Hence, instead of performing its role as a watchdog to expose the ills in the society, it has sold its reputation and soul for financial appetites and selfish desires.“.

    This menace regarding a compromised media, their paymasters, and you media cheerleaders MUST STOP. AND BE BROUGHT TO END.

    • Mr. True or false nationalist! How in this world can you sit wherever you are and be telling the Liberian people that, the report was otherwise? You think our reading comprehension was too limited to understand the report? You are totally hallucinating because you think you knows it all and you don’t. Let’s get few facts straight and just tell me in your own words, in what sequence and direction was Finance minister name mentioned in the report regarding the $25 million mop up? What was the giving reasons specifically did Samuel Tweah name mentioned meant to you in the report? When you say such a statement that, no one was held accountable, you insults the vise majority of Liberians that, they don’t read to understand and only you read to understand.

      You act like a judge on this platform rather a reader of others views and I find that very interesting. You have no respect for others views on this platform once they disagree with you. Remember, everyone will not possibly be on the same page about issues relating to Liberia and that’s the beauty of democracy that we all should embrace in Liberia. You have never condemned this administration for their errors, even when they are wrong. How long are you going to defend the ill will of this regime and stop misleading the Liberian people?

      You must be desperate in your quest at all cost to propagate your lies to the marginal Liberians that, the $25 million was not stolen by Tweah and his group of syndicates, alongside the money changers in the infusion process as claimed. Probably and just perhaps, the report you read must have been totally different from what majority of Liberians was reading. If again we all might have read the same report, then your understanding is questionable because, that’s just being enemy of progress in Liberia because, your loyalty is detrimental to the well beings Liberians. Peace

    • Taylor Wilson and the rest of you zombies of conscience, the US auditing firm clearly and uneqivocally exonerated of the alleged missing money but flagged generational procedural weaknesses at the CBL that didnt start with President Weah.

      Why was government revenue periodically expended on individual properties as rent exoenditures when those facilities didnt exist?
      Who were the signatories to the government consolidated acciunts, how were they tracked to the CBL?

      The US didnt need to take side as you falsely have believed and it is the core of your animonsity against a sitting givernment to abort it that has driven the falsity of a missing money.
      The killing trends will eventually prove the real evil doers and it is important that a neutral player such as the US involved to bring credility to the onvestigations.

      Cummings, Dillion,
      Yeke, Joe Boykai, Urey and bastardizing and terrorizing Liberia by hiring killers to prove political points, will be exposed.

      Ghana will soon make arrests in Liberia’s meceranism! Watch and see!

      • Responding to an uneducated fool such as you is a waste of precious time. Keep buttlicking George Weah and see if the US will waste her taxpayers’ hard earn money to investigate Liberia’s own annihilation of public officials. You are a disgrace to Liberia, Smiht Whyte, or whatever you call yourself. Find two seats and sit down somewhere with your stupidity.

  4. Unexplained Murder: Why has Liberia Become a Country of Men and Not Laws?
    Statement by Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc.
    Why have Liberia and her citizens’ image, respectability, and standing driven so low, and why is the value of human life devalued and underestimated in Liberia? Undeniably, why has Liberia today become a country of men and not laws and accountability?

    The unjustified and unexplained deaths reportedly taking place today in Liberia in the space of 8 days don’t speak well of Liberia and its people as to maintaining national peace, security, and stability. Friday, October 2, 2020, Mr. Albert K. Peters and Mrs. Gifty Asmah Lama were found dead. Their lifeless bodies were discovered in a parked vehicle identified as belonging to and owned by Mr. Alpert K. Peters. Interestingly, the Liberian National Police (LNP), admittedly tempered with, compromised and contaminated the alleged crime scene by irregularly taking away and transporting the bodies of Mr. Peters and Mrs. Lama from the purported crime scene and over to the St Moses Funeral Home in Gardnerville, near the City of Monrovia, void of preserving and protecting the alleged crime scene to ensure the proper criminal investigation and establishment of their cause of death and who might have murder Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama and dumped their bodies on Snapper Hill, Broad Street, City of Monrovia.

    Sunday and Saturday, October 4 and October 10, 2020, Mr. George F. Fahnboto and Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa also separately and reportedly died under mysterious and unexplained circumstances. Within the space of 8 days, Liberia lost four highly productive and law-abiding citizens. Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnboto, and Mr. Nyesuwa were auditors and financial experts auditing the Government of Liberia’s accounts. Whatsoever the cause of the death of Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnboto, and Mr. Nyesuwa is, and who might have murdered them, Liberia and residents will never be the same. Liberia and residents are deeply traumatized and minute-by-minute living under well-founded and unwarranted fear. Liberia and its people are in the news. Liberia and residents are in the news for the wrong reasons, nationally and internationally. Everywhere Liberians and residents go, they and their families will have to, unfortunately, be compelled to answer whether they are Liberians and from the country where four of its promising and productive citizens were allegedly murdered. The reported and unexplained deaths of Mr. Albert K. Peters, Gifty Asmah Lama, Mr. George F. Fahnboto, and Mr. Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa, all auditors and financial experts will always hunt Liberia and residents as they travel to and through foreign nations and their airports.
    Liberians residing abroad and at home are admonishing fellow Liberians not to prematurely point accusing fingers at the George Manneh Weah-led Government, while others are asking why not. Arguably, this group of Liberians contends and says the Manneh Weah-led Government encouraged and brought this on itself by hiring and mixing former rebel and unreformed wartime generals and fighters with separate and distinct egregious human rights records amongst Liberia’s National Security Agencies. Whether the George Manneh Weah-led Government knows or has reason to know who allegedly targeted, kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnboto, and Mr. Nyesuwa or not, the facts remain President George Manneh Weah and his Government callously and rashly recruited, hired and mixed wartime generals Daniel K. Bracewell, Augustine Nagbe, Siafa Normah, Alphonso Diah, and others notorious rebel and diehard fighters amongst Liberia’s National Security Agencies void of reflecting on the impact of their past murderous and heinous records.

    Irrefutably, the mysterious and unexplained deaths of Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnboto, and Mr. Nyesuwa will certainly and always hunt Liberia and residents.
    According to and consistent with the laws of Liberia, a person is guilty of murder if he:
    (a) Purposely or knowingly causes the death of another human being; or
    (b) Causes the death of another human being under the circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life. Murder is a felony of the first degree. Still, a person convicted of murder may be sentenced to death or life imprisonment as provided in Sections 50.5 and 51.3 Penal Law Title-26- Liberian Code of Laws Revised, § 14.1. Murder.

    Liberia and residents cannot afford to have criminal-minded wicked people running Liberia’s streets, murdering anyone at their will and pleasure. JUSTICE MUST BE SWIFTLY DONE!

    • Jayweh, even if it is this Government hired and mixed former rebel and unreformed wartime generals and fighters with separate and distinct egregious human rights records amongst Liberia’s National Security Agencies“, PRIOR TO SUCH, did we not have the worst and even more mysterious killings in the immediate past Government?

      Jayweh, if your premise that these deaths under discussion and investigation were the consequences of ”former rebels, wartime generals and fighters with separate and distinct egregious human rights records amongst Liberia’s National Security Agencies”, WHAT HAVE YOU TO SAY about you elites and in fact, most of the Liberian people voting to power such generals as Prince Yormie Johnson, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her children, etc?

      Or what have you to say about Joe Willie or the rest who were jam packed at the Defense Ministry as whistlerblowers and others including Cllr. Michael Allison, Harry Greaves, etc. etc. were mysteriously slaughtered, etc PRIOR TO THIS GOVERNMENT.?

      Or those within the Police, the military, and even on the Bench of the Supreme Court (war criminal Kabineh Janeh), or the multitudes within the Liberian Legislature including Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson, who declared himself as commando, or Senator Oscar Cooper PRIOR TO THIS GOVERNMENT COMING TO POWER?

      Look JAYWEH,as our people would say here in Grand Bassa, if you do not have anything meaningful to say, just find somewhere to sit, and KAN NEE WON (CLOSE YOUR MOUTH)!!

      • Garsuah, after reading through what you have written, it certainly appears to me that you know not what you have written and why. Apparently, you are confused and so much so that in your mind you think that two distinct wrongs/evil doings apparently equal to been righteous. Absolutely not and you are totally wrong.

        Just because you think and conclude that the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led Government alleged abducted, tortured and murder promising and productive Liberians, certainly means that the reported abduction, tortured and murdered of Mr. Albert K. Peters, Mrs. Gifty Asmah Lama, George F. Fahnboto, and Emmanuel B. Nyeswua, equals one and the same. Garsuah, Murder is murder, no matter which Liberian Government, might have allegedly staged and committed such heinous and wicked criminal offense, if we were to rely on your fussy thoughts and reasoning.

        Reflecting on your reaction to our statement and analyzing the outcome of your write-up, you Garsuah Gborvlehn, admits that Mr. peters, Mrs. Lama, Fahnboto, Nyesuwah were abducted, tortured and murdered by official Government sanction.

        Garsuah, is there more you appear to know about who might have committed the four unexplained and separate murder of Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnboto, and Nyesuah that you supposedly wish to tell the public absence you holding back?


        You see how you mouth has put you in trouble?

        • Look Jayweh, it is certainly you who know not what you have written.!!!!!

          And that is, if you knew what you have written, you would have never put forward such a LAYMAN’S PREMISE that the death is the result of the current government..

          “hiring and mixing former rebel and unreformed wartime generals and fighters with separate and distinct egregious human rights records amongst Liberia’s National Security Agencies.“

          Hence, we ask you that because the past government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf also recruited, and hired wartime generals and fighters with separate and distinct egregious human rights records amongst Liberia’s National Security Agencies“, SO, JAYWEH,, THAT MEANS THE MYSTERIOUS KILLINGS WHICH WERE PERPETRATED DURING THAT GOVERNMENTS TENURE ARE AUTOMATICALLY OR NATURALLY ATTRIBUTED OR IMPUTED TO THAT GOVERNMENT?

          You should effectively respond to that question and DO NOT come and bore us with such very lazy, flimsy and frivolous response as “two distinct wrongs/evil doings apparently equal to been righteous.“What is wrong with you? Are you really a lawyer?

          Jayweh, you need to go back to law school and learn about “MAY NOT ARGUMENTS“ OR “MAY NOT PREMISES“. That is any premise or argument “MUST NOT“ OR “MAY NOT“ be unreasonable, must not be against fairness or equity, or against sound legal or reasonable justification.


        • Jayweh, you said you were anxiously awaiting my response. I have responded. above. I repeat hereunder.

          So because the past government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf also “recruited, and hired wartime generals and fighters with separate and distinct egregious human rights records amongst Liberia’s National Security Agencies“,THAT MEANS THE MYSTERIOUS KILLINGS WHICH WERE PERPETRATED DURING THAT GOVERNMENTS TENURE ARE AUTOMATICALLY OR NATURALLY ATTRIBUTED OR IMPUTED TO THAT GOVERNMENT?

          Next time before attempting to spread falsehood, you should ensure that your postulate, hypothesis, argument, or premise, is in CONGRUENCE with REASON! NA WOHN?

          • Garsuah,

            Permit me to reshape the discussion a little.

            One thing I know and I am certain about is this: There are many helpless and under-employed so-called PhD holders, Liberians, gainfully employed in countless Nursing/Group Homes and warehouses—working as Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Clerks in the USA. Many of these so-called PhD holders of the Liberian Community, run around the cities and streets of United States, foolhardy designating and holding themselves out as policy experts, when they are simply holding down Nursing Assistant and Clerk jobs and praying harder and harder each day to net a job one day in the government of Liberia.

            Many of these so-called policy experts and PhD holders, usually lie and write lies consistently for every Liberian Government that comes to power. They do so with the hope to net a job. So many of our PhD bothers, heartbreakingly become GAYS and for the time being, abandoned their wives and are GAYS for top GOL officials, just to net Ministers and deputy Ministers positions in Liberia. Others, due to their immigration status, they usually settle to reside here and aggressively write to support and sustain the unsustainable upside-down policies of the GOL—whether it be the Sirleaf or Weah-led Government.

            So many of our under-employed PhD holders, AKA, CNAs or Warehouse Clerks, daily take to the internet with firm understanding reached between them and every Liberian Government that takes power to aggressively write and support lies told by the power that be— sadly for any Liberian Government. This is what many of our PhD brothers do and are engaged in while their PhD degrees daily take dust, sitting on the walls in their apartments.

            To support and sustain their PhDs and uphold their pride as PhD holders, these brothers, reached out to the GOL and agree as so-called policy experts; though they are mere CNAs and Warehouse Clerks in the USA.

            So Garsuah Gbovleh, PhD, where do you work and what type of job (s) are you holding down in the USA?

            Are you one of the PhD holders/ CNA/Warehouse Clerks, n addition to working as policy expert/Public Relations/ PRO, to the Manneh Weah-led Government while Mr. Albert K. Peters, Mrs. Victoria Gifty A.Lama, Mr. George F. Fahnboto, Mr. Emmanuele B. Nyesuwa, and may I add, Mr. Mathew Innis, are found dead under mysterious and unexplained circumstances in Liberia?

            You, Mr. Sylvester G. Moses, Dortu Sibo Doe, AKA, True Nationalist and someone named, Kandajaba Zeobohn Zoedjallah, if this is this fellow’s actual name, are strongly and heartlessly credited with writing for and supporting every wrong and irresponsible policy announced in Liberia. Why so?

            We know that Mr. Sylvester G. Moses, turns 72 years old, Tuesday, November 3, 2020. We say happy pre-72nd birth to Mr. Moses. What on earth, do you want Liberia to remember you for? DIRECTOR of NSA, or private Security Advisor to GMW?

            You and Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah and Dortu Sibo Doe, AKA True Nationalist are Public Relations Officers to the George Manneh Weah-led Government; are you not? From what you all heartlessly write daily, we know that you certainly are.

            Who are you, Garsuah Gborvlehn, PhD, a private policy expert to GMW and at the same time holding down a CNA/ Warehouse Clerk job in the USA? You all, look despair and sound under employed. Which is which?

            For public disclosure, in the State of Colorado, USA, I am, the founder and Executive Director of a federally and Colorado Foundation funded Refugee Agency, known and Called, Center for Immigrants and Immigration Services(CIIS) — serving Agency.

            We serve Asylum Seekers, Asylees, Immigrants, to adjust status, naturalize and become US Citizen.

            In the Republic of Liberia, I own and operate a law and human rights Law Office known and called, Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc. Our focus is Pretrial detention, and Sexual and Gender-based Violence Against Women and Girls.

            I am also, the International Affairs Director at Africa Center tor Law. I, hold Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws, B.A, LL. B, and LL.M degrees from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law , UL, and Strum College of Law, University of Denver, DU.
            , USA.

            I am a Counsellor-At-Law, admitted to practice Law by the Supreme Court of Liberia, the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice, and the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

            Garsuah Gborvlehn, PhD, who are you and what do you do in the United States?

  5. Taylor Wilson or whosoever

    After venting on GoL’s response to the report of Kroll, you wrote as follows: “The best thing the ILA can do is to encourage the U.S to pose visa restrictions on Liberian government officials and if possible impose economic sanctions on Liberia…”
    Logic 101: Liberia Academy of Sciences.

    Interpretation: Forgo catching perpetrators of these heinous crimes which not only turned LRA to a haunted house, but also horrified residents. Instead, government should be punished on a presumption of guilt. It suggests you inciters are scared that solving these murders might expose a criminal conspiracy to use terror for political ends. And you guys have the bloody nerves to be planning protests as if the people are fools.

    Underestimating common sense of ordinary folks was the greatest mistake made in planning these nightmarish acts. They know government not responsible, and know politics is the motive. They know anti-establishment scribblers, agent provocateurs, and detractors don’t want the truth to come out. Criminal minds believe in their genius until caught: You can’t fool ordinary Liberians or the international community. Rubbish!

    • Sylvester Moses or whosoever

      As much as you claim to be the ultimate security professional and expert, who do you think should be most responsible for Liberia’s internal affairs? Liberia or the US? When the GOL mysteriously annihilates auditors in a bid to cover their stealing, who should be responsible for bringing the perpetrators to justice? The US govt? And you are the security expert…?….SMH.

      The US is NOT responsible for Liberia’s nonsense, corruption, bad governance, secret killings, and broad daylight stealing. The best thing the US, who’s not responsible for our mess, can do is to treat Liberia like they’re doing now (and then some). The US should continue to deny our corrupt GOL officials visa to run to America. An economic sanction would put real sense into our heads. The EU, Canada, and Asia should follow suit. You, Mr. Moses are very cognizant of why and how Doe was sanctioned. You can relate.

      As a poor nation heavily dependent on grants, loans, and hand-outs from all of these nations, Liberian leaders should be more grateful and govern themselves (and the nation) better. No serious nation will continue to take Liberia seriously and waste their hard-earned taxpayers money on corrupt Liberian officials who are only interested in enriching themselves.

      As much money as was stolen during your time in the Doe regime, was the US govt wrong for imposing sanctions on Doe right before the war circa 1988? Absolutely NOT. The same should be done to this corrupt and inept George Weah-led govt. The US is NOT responsible to probe the deaths of professional auditors who were allegedly killed by GOL operatives. Let us cry our own cry and leave the US out of this.

    • Look Jayweh, you are already ashamed of yourself that you claim to be a lawyer BUT YOU ARE UNABLE TO SUBSTANTIATE your own claims. SHAME ON YOU JAYWEH.

      And what proves this INABILITY ON YOUR PART is made evident here where, instead of substantiating what you have asserted, or at least, countering my argument, you laughably and patheticly disgrace yourself By RUNNING AWAY AND BORING THE READERSHIP with your totally irrelevant rants.

      I ask you again, Jayweh, are you really a lawyer, or you may have, yes attended law school, but you are one of those wo return home with a suitcase fill with diplomas, but unfortunately and realistically, left with an empty head?

      Honestly, Jayweh, your deportment here CERTAINLY suggests the immediate aforementioned paragrah – A Jayweh who may have actually reurned home with suit cases of diplomas, but left with a SHELL HEAD.

      Prove me wrong or incorrect to the readers here By YOU FREDERICK JAYWEH advancing a lawyerly, or at least, an intellectual counter to this hereunder:

      So because the past government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (or any other past government) also “recruited, and hired wartime generals and fighters with separate and distinct egregious human rights records amongst Liberia’s National Security Agencies“,THAT MEANS THE MYSTERIOUS KILLINGS WHICH WERE PERPETRATED DURING THAT GOVERNMENTS TENURE ARE AUTOMATICALLY OR NATURALLY ATTRIBUTED OR IMPUTED TO THAT GOVERNMENT?

      Jayweh, I tell you, I am not a lawyer, but rather a retired diplomat, but Jayweh, I have the intellectual acumen to propound “hundreds” of excellently convincing counters FOR AND AGAINST the above “puzzle” you find impossible to effectively respond to or counter, as the result of the solution to such puzzle been beyond your SHELL HEAD.

      • Garsuah Gbovlehn, I take it that you are 72 years old or older, and so you make no common sense by confessing and admitting that because Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government allegedly committed untold and unexplained series of killings in Liberia, it is equally acceptable and pleasing to you that the Manneh Weah-led Government, should equally abduct, torture and murder Mr. Albert K. Peters, Victoria Gifty Asmah Lama, Mr. George F. Fahnboto, Mr. Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa and may I add, Mathew Innis. What a silly and unexpected confession and admission entered by you against Mr. George Manneh and his highly challenged Government. Dr. Garsuah Gbovleh, (PhD), do you see where your mouth has landed you?

        If you were amongst the so-called policy experts, you have clearly shown your incapability!!!

        • Mr. Gborvlehn, make no mistake about that, Frederick Jayweh does not what IS MEANT BY the legal concept of RATIO DECIDENDI (the reason for reaching the conclusion he reached indicting the incumbent government).

          This is why he is just beating around the bush as one dancing around a pepper tree but very terrified to climb the pepper tree.

          Can you imagine you asking this man as to what prompted his verdict or conclusion, and he is there busy ASKING you..

          “So because the past government committed an act or omission, so that act or omission on the part of the past government justifies and identical act or omission by an incumbent government.“

          Really Frederick Jayweh??? My friend, Mr. Gborvlehn is not asking you about whether whosoever committed the crime is justified or not. For such a question would be foolish, taking into consideration the legal concepts of MALUM IN SE (evil in itself) and MALUM PROHIBITUM(evil prohibited)!

          He is simply asking you about your RATIO DECIDENDI the reason for YOU Frederick Jayweh reaching the conclusion that the incumbent government is the perpetrator of the crime.


        • Mr. Frederick A.B. Jayweh,

          I have been following the exchanges between you and others here over the hours. I got more concerned and interested when I observed that INSTEAD OF RESPONDING TO A MAJOR INQUIRY one of your intellectual opponents on the matter put to you, you chose to look the other way by responding..

          “I am the founder and Executive Director of a federally and Colorado Foundation funded Refugee Agency, known and Called, Center for Immigrants and Immigration Services(CIIS) — serving Agency.“

          And as if such needlessness was not enough, you went on INSTEAD OF TELLING US ABOUT YOUR LEGAL REASONING from which your belief has emanated, you chose to bore us about your further ownerships and additional resumee.

          Well, I have a minutes ago googled this your center in Colorado. But surprisingly, I have not found none of such centers or services of yours amongst the .charities in Colorado or anywhere in the USA. Probably my computer here with me may be the problem. Could you please paste the particulars of your websites and your organization here, that would be great?

  6. I worked fourteen years in Sierra Leone before thinking of returning home upon an invitation of Tolbert encouraged by VP Warner to whom I was introduced by Siaka Stevens in 1978. The security service there didn’t kill anyone on the orders of politicians, and SKD wouldn’t have asked me to. NSA officials used brains, not guns. In times of war, eliminating a danger to the homeland, for instance, Bin Laden, is self-defense.

    If you don’t know, foreign countries ask each other for help in criminal investigations and national security matters. You should advocate bringing the murderers to justice, not discouraging foreign involvement. As for my profession, I didn’t stumble into it. Few of my uncles and aunts were cops, and two got to the top. November 3rd makes me 72 years, and I had become a cop before turning 18. My work in Sierra Leone and Liberia earned the designation of a “professional”, not my mouth!

    • Mr. Moses, no one is disputing your professionalism, acumen, and expertise. Whether we like it or not, your name is written in the history books of Liberia. That alone, is an accomplishment.

      My issue is with the games this Weah govt is playing with the Liberian people and how experts like you are throwing support behind them. The US willingly intervened and helped us investigate the $16B and $25M crises. What did our govt do with the findings? Who has been punished for stealing from the Liberian people? No one to my knowledge.

      So why should the Americans waste their time again? Even if they find glaring pieces of evidence and expose the killers of our auditors, do you think Weah will take any action? I guess not. Pres. Weah has already proven that he is not fit to lead the Liberian people. No amount of US help will push him to punish the killers of those innocent auditors.

      I read your response and have read your resume. As a former public official, that is public information. Kudos to you. However, can you honestly tell us that this current fiasco was not born during the eras of Tubman, Tolbert, and flourished under Doe? Can you honestly tell us that people did not die mysteriously or were jailed unjustly while security operatives like you suppressed the truth to protect the powers that be? This current GOL is playing from the playbook of the Tubman, Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, and Ellen eras. Nothing strange here.

      At 72, you are my elder and I apologize for the earlier harsh words to you. You are almost 45 years my senior. My frustration is with you, the older generation, who allegedly witnessed (or participated in) the many crises that plunged Liberia into the mess that it is today (while my generation was mostly toddlers and kids) and still support the same trends in successive governments. This is why most of us want the War Crimes Court so that all persons who allegedly committed war and economic crimes in Liberia can have their day in court and exonerate themselves. Also, just so you know, Taylor Wilson is my email handle and is indicative of my roots and family surnames: Taylor (mother, Lofa) Wilson (father, Maryland). I await your response.

  7. Cllr.Jayweh,
    A few weeks ago, I asked you to respond to a series of questions about Alexander Benedict Cummings’ sexual lifestyle. You were kind enough to have responded. However, since that time, an acolyte of Cummings has said repeatedly that you are a bogus person, and if so, a bogus lawyer who cannot be found anywhere. I am not supportive of his reasoning! I think you should find some time out of your busy schedule to address the issue of your authenticity.

    I have another issue that boggles the mind. In an earlier post, you claim that Liberia is no longer a country of laws, but rather a country of men and not laws or “accountability”. (Please note, I didn’t quote you verbitim). With all due respect Sir, I disagree with you on two counts:

    (1). Quiet frankly, Liberia has not been a country of laws, but rather a country of men! During the administrations of our country’s past leaderships, there’s not a scintilla of evidence that points to a president who had shown respect for the laws of Liberia. None!
    Example, during the administrations of Tubman and Tolbert, a native Liberian was not given a high profile Ministerial position in the government. Tubman tried it as a political stunt in the 1950s, (Boayou and Dukuly), but only for a brief while. Remember, when Doe came to power, he was a military man. Do you think military leaders show respect for the rule of law? Joseph Kasavubu? Idi Amin? A. A. Afrifa? How’s about Taylor? If Taylor had shown any respect for the rule of law, would his butt be locked up in a British jail today? Can you name a Liberian president who has shown an inch of respect for any law in Liberia? Try it!

    (2). Now what’s about accountability?
    I was born in Maryland county. When I was growing up in Maryland, human disappearances for ritualistic purposes were unchallenged. Also, during the presidency of Tubman, Liberians paid taxes. But most counties of Liberia (probably not yours) were dirt poor. Where was accountability? Things weren’t done right. Who was held accountable? Of course, during those days, Tubman and his minority supporters termed his form of government as a democracy! Tubman’s government was a one-party government. Do you see where I am going? Also, were there any mysterious deaths during EJS’s presidency? Was anyone held to account? That doesn’t mean because no one was brought to justice, so therefore nothing should be done this time around.

    I do believe that the recent deaths of people in Liberia is suspicious. But I think it is naively preposterous for anyone to point fingers at a time when the investigation hasn’t begun. Sadly, Weah is being held accountable. But that’s not fair to him because of what I said earlier. The investigation is ongoing. Let’s wait and be calm. Sooner or later, the killers will be brought to justice.

    • Very troubling and strange about Frederick Jayweh’s hypothesis, assumption, or unwarrantedly bizarre indictment is his Frederick Jayweh’s BASIS OR RATIONALE which is that once a government has reintegrated former combatants into institutions of government, that government becomes the guilty culprit for any mysterious killings in the country, as if it is absolutely impossible for non state actors or anti incumbent political or other individual actors (within government, the opposition, or otherwise) to be the perpetrators of such killings.

      But mind you, while he displays such a bizarre prejudice and unreasonable disposition,, he limits such RATIONALE OR BASIS sodden in over naivety and gullibility to the present, despite the reality that the reintegration of these ex war combatants were done by the immediate past government under whose duration of governance similar or even worse mysterious killings were rampantly massive.

      What an unreasonable and prejudicial basis or rationale lacking any sound epistemic teleology and justified jurisprudence.

      • Dortu Siboe Doe, AKA, True Nationalist, Mr. Taylor Wilson, has clearly and sufficiently drilled deeply into head some common sense. Having said that, I rather leave you and Garsuah Gbolvehn and others hustlers alone, you deserve not my precious time for your all morally depraved and totally bankrupt!!!

        • Mr. Frederick Jayweh, do not hide behind some little rude little boy Taylor Wilson (if that is his real name, which I doubt) who appears not to have any training nor respect for his parents, probably because they themselves are street, rude, uncivilized, and gutter mentality.

          Taylor Wilson and I are of the same age and gender if what he says about his age is correct. He must be one of the many or few of our age group who have grown up during the war years with parents who themselves had no training from their parents, and with the maladies of war, very rude little children as this Taylor Wilson has ended up becoming a contamination on this site.

          The common example is seen in him not actually knowing someone (Sylvester Moses who could be his grand father) and went on insulting this man simply because the man said whatever he Taylor Wilson disagreed with.

          So, Taylor Wilson, this is just to let you know that as of now whenever you dare exhibit your rudeness out here again by insulting any of these elders, I shall waste no time in putting you in your place. Do you have to insult them simply because you disagree with them?

          Of course, many of us of such age as you do not agree with them most of the time. But nevertheless, besides learning a thing or two from them, we are able to grasp the messages from all sides! So, neither I nor you have the right to insult them simply because we do not like what they say or argue.

          What really annoys me about you, is that you just insult anyone who criticizes you, disagrees with you, or does not side with popular opinion. I took serious notice of this when you even had the audacity to insult Mr. Smith White, and then you went on insulting almost everybody or anybody who has a different view. We are equals and of the same gender. I am ready for you Taylor Wilson to cleanse you of your rudeness.

  8. Taylor Wilson

    Your gracious apology is accepted, I was young and in a mighty hurry to change things, too.

    My point though is that four parents were brutally murdered, Liberians should embrace any foreign help to hold the killers accountable. I’m not a CDC partisan. I advocate for stability of the state, and GMW is the Head of State. Trying to restore a minute sense of normalcy after the madness of ethnic slaughters wasn’t easy, I served as national security advisor (1991-1994) with Sawyer’s IGNU. Let us collectively deter terror; make Liberia stable for investors and tourists; and focus searchlights on governance. A very broke country is an indicator of potential instability.

    • Mae Moore, if this is your real name, the mysterious reported abduction, torture, and gruesome murder of Mr. Albert K. Peters, Mrs. Victoria Gifty Asmah Lama, Mr. George F. Fahnboto, Mr. Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa in the space of 8 days, and may I add, Mathew Innis’ death, is not about my office and me. This unexplained and unjustified reported murder of Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnboto, Mr. Nyesuwa, and may I add, the death of Mr. Mathew Innis, if these people were your relatives, you will be crying for justice today. So what in the world are you saying and confused about it. We are talking about life, the life of promising Liberians.

  9. Mr. Frederick Jayweh, that we are crying for justice does not mean Frederick Jayweh must come to compound our cry for justice, deceiving us or bluntly spewing lies.

    You made a claim and others negated and criticized your claims, and instead of supporting your claims, you chose to lie to us in your ignorance.

    Did you not know that we are faced with the mysterious deaths of eight innocent people, and you came bragging about your resumee and ownership?

    And what is shameful is that you cannot even defend or represent the very resumee you want to brag about. Woe unto you!

    • Mae Moore, if this is your real name and true identity, Mr. Albert K. Peters, Mrs. Victoria Gifty Asmah Lama, Mr. George F. Fahnboto and Mr. Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa and may I add, Mr. Mathew Innis, were reportedly abducted, tortured and heartlessly murdered by known and unknown criminals. If Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnbato and Nyesuwa were your relatives or members of your household, that is if you have anything called household, you would have not written and published such senseless nonsense.

      certainly, you are a morally bankrupt and a deprave creature. At best, you come from no home!!!

    • Hney,

      Reading through your disconnected and incoherent nonsense, I obviously have nothing to say to you. You, Seibo Dortu Doe, AKA, True Nationalist, Garsuah Gbovlehn (PhD)/CNA, and morally bankrupt Mae Moore, are one and the same and you all come from no home and so, you have no problem to write nonsense.

      You, blindly designate Garswah Gbolvlehn, the retired diplomat/CNA, True Nationalist, AKA Seibo Dortu Doe and Mae Moore, paid agent and hustler, comrades. What more do I have to say to you?

      At one point you agree that Liberia is a country of men and at the same time, you are fussing with yourself that Liberia is a country of laws. Do you really understand yourself?

      If Albert K. Peters, Mr. Victoria Gifty Lama, Mr. George F. Fahnboto and Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa were your family members and a part of your household, that if you have a home, you and your comrades would not have written about their senseless and unexplained deaths.

      Shame on you Hney, I certainly hope you had a home and you came from one.

      • Mr. Hney, he Frederick Jayweh after been disgraced and exposed for his shameful inability to articulate THE RATIO DECIDENDI (THE REASON) SUPPORTING his own claims, he wants you to console him. Here is a guy swinging into an intellectual forum with his arms, shoulders, and neck, covered with his stripes of titles, but finds it very difficult, and in fact, impossible to point out the principle upon which his rants are based.

  10. The Wrong Name Sitting At the Wrong Place?

    Well, since the American are invited to spearhead the autopsies investigations, medically. Maybe it will ease some anger against the government. I m not ruling out that big hands are not involved, however, let us wait for the results of the autopsies on the corpses before we can let loose our horses out of the barns for criticism of the regime.

    Can anything good comes out of a man named WEAH who is a president of Black Africa Oldest, less developed country? Maybe this head of state does not fit a profile of the person some of us want on Capital Hill. He hasn’t lived across the Atlantic nor was he part of any higher “class”, of the so-call elite prior to him being the president. Do not get me wrong, I’ m not a supporter of any regime that kills its own people.

    I have seen well minded Liberian approaching me with mobile phone screen and saying, ” you see what George Weah doing in Monrovia”? Graphic photos of individuals throats cut, or slashing of human body parts sent to them by friends and relatives through wattapps media. The only crime I have committed, is by asking them, ” do we know who doing the killing”? They get so angry and tell me , “oh, so, you supporting Weah”?. I have always encounter these altercations many times. I m an open minded individual. The fight over [class] in Liberia is as old as Liberia itself. Maybe that’s the reason our country is old, but still underdeveloped. I might be wrong, and stand corrected on this. Liberia has a checkered past in history. Certain individuals, certain names, their geographical origin and places of warships have been given free pass in the past. Most of us Liberians have seen it as a norm in society and have brought it forward into today environment.

    Let’s have an open minds and don’t allow our biases to get the better of us only because we think that Mr. Monkey doesn’t belong to the high canopy of the fruit tree. If Mr. Monkey is wrong, he will be dealt with accordingly.

    When almost 300,000 people died in the span of 14 years, majority of us said it was it was a “revolution”. I m still questioning and yet to see what did the “revolution” change. Few hold other responsible. Some perpetrators are still enjoying state protection.
    Maybe the American Medical Pathologists will ease our anger by telling us who the killers of the auditors are.

    From: Adelaide, Australia, Mamadu Bah (N/P) meridian Health

  11. In defense of himself, Cllr. Jayweh always uses this phrase, “if this is your real name…….! Example,Jayweh does not believe that the following people are authentic:

    Comrade Garswah Gbolvlehn, the retired diplomat, Comrade True Nationalist, the genuine patriot and of late, Miss Mae Moore, the prolific commenter.

    So why does the gentleman continue to use the phrase? Well, I think I broke the code. The reason Mr. Frederick Jayweh uses the phrase is simply to conceal his real Identity. Maybe Jayweh is all the things he claims to be. On the flip side, maybe he’s not.

    Personally, I don’t give a hoot about names. Some of the good commenters who express themselves in our court of public opinion have gotten their names from the farthest planet. Like them, Jayweh could have gotten his name from Jupiter! Who knows? What I care about most is the veracity of what a commenter says. I don’t know Jayweh. I am not a defender of his.

    I disagree with Cllr. Jayweh when he says “Liberia is not a country of laws but rather one men” as it once was. My retort to Jayweh’s argument or contention is that Liberia has never been a country of laws. For sure, as far back as I can ascertain, Liberia has been a country of irresponsible men who governed the country with an iron hand!


  12. Better said Uncle Hney. We are looking at the theme of the message in the commentator’s writing: is it educative, peaceful, informative, etc.

    Mamadu Bah ( N/P)

  13. Cllr. Jayweh,
    I think you’re really, really infuriated! Calm yourself down gentleman. To respect yourself and maintain your sanity, it’s sometimes good to avoid arguing with everyone who disagrees with you or with people who provoke you. Calm down gentleman.

    You claim that my thoughts are disconnected. That’s a bogus claim. On the issue of whether Liberia is a country of laws and not men, (an issue you brought up), I have always maintained the view that Liberia’s leaders have been one of men. I do agree that instead of men, our country should be governed by the rule of law. Unfortunately, it’s not like that!

    Question: Where’s the inconsistency on my part that you’re referring to?

    Something I don’t do:
    I don’t get into name-calling neither do I participate in un-educational arguments with anyone. Some commenters shout profanities at one another because of their personal disagreements. I am not like that. In my view, a problem never gets solved when people send their colleagues to hell and beyond. I understand that it’s a good idea for us to express our ideas. My ideas were expressed. Apparently, you’re unhappy. What should I do? Appease you?

    Hang in there!


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