“My Development Agenda Has No Boundary”

Sen.  Henrique Tokpa of Bong County.

--Says Sen. Tokpa

Bong County Senator Henrique Flomo Tokpa has maintained that his representation and development agenda for citizens and residents of his county has no boundary, nor is it restricted to a particular group of people.

As an educator and politician, Dr Tokpa asserted that his kinsmen voted him into the Liberian Senate based on his track record and promises he made to them, and he sees it as irresponsible for anyone to believe that in such a short time he will go back on the content of such social contract.

The erstwhile President of the Cuttington University then challenged the media, especially correspondents in the various counties, to help lawmakers fulfill campaign pledges through honest reminders in publications and broadcast reports void of biases and political linkages.

Senator Tokpa's statement to this paper comes days after a local tabloid reported that he (Tokpa) has been under the limelight in recent days over his failure to fulfill promises made during the 2018 senatorial by-election.

In the publication by a local daily through its correspondent in Gbarnga, Bong County, it reported that Dr. Tokpa at some political rallies promised that he would reintroduce the “High School Dux’ scholarship” program at the university, but it is exactly three years now with little or no hope for the reintroduction of the scholarship program.

But Senator Tokpa, reacting through his Capitol Building office, described the publications as “malicious, one-sided, false, misleading and political, and only intended to live in self-blindness and political cave.”

On the issue of scholarship, Senator Tokpa's office clarified that he has provided scholarships and financial aid to so many people and will continue to do so as a matter of passion. “He has provided national and international scholarships to several citizens of Bong County, some of whom are friends to the very correspondent who reported this malicious story,” the office noted.

According to the Office, Senator Tokpa provided scholarships to two persons from Bong County to attend the University of the Philippines and have graduated with Masters’ degrees and have since returned home to contribute to the national development programs of Liberia.  He, however, wondered if the New Dawn correspondent was aware of this.

On the national scene, the Senator's office disclosed that he has over 500 students across the country benefiting from scholarships at various Universities, High Schools, and other professional institutions, but the writer of the story is yet to verify his information published.

 With respect to financial aid, Senator Tokpa disclosed that he has assisted and continues to assist so many citizens including youths with financial assistance to go to school or stay in school across the county and other parts of Liberia.  “The education of the young people is paramount to the Senator,“ the official added.                                                            

On the reintroduction of the High School Dux’ scholarship program, the release disclosed that it is well on course, but the Senator was strategic about providing opportunities for the benefit of the majority of the people first and foremost. “Can any reasonable person refer to Senator Dr. Henrique Flomo as a failed person, if such person is not misleading or political?”

According to the office of Senator Tokpa, the Lawmaker has since asked Retired Bishop Arthur Kulah to lead the process of reconciling the caucus based on his exceptional experiences. In addition to Bishop Kula, the Senator has reportedly started the engagement with the religious civil society organizations, and eminent citizens in Bong County to develop a roadmap for genuine reconciliation across the County.  “Bishop Kula invited members of the caucus including the Vice President of Liberia, Jewel Howard Taylor at his Duport Road residence to state their individual position and where they stand on reconciliation” the office pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Office of Senator Tokpa is calling on Journalists in the county to avoid politics and report issues such as the abrupt changing of traditional leaders, replacement of the fallen Assistant Superintendent for Development five days after demise, and employing of surrogates at CARI, all of which he said are dividing the county.