Morocco Football Federation Completes Assessment to Install Artificial Turf in Liberia

Two officials of the Royal Morocco Football Federation toured the Blue Field and other facilities along with LFA President Mustapha Raji. (Photo: LFA)  

A two-person delegation from the Royal Morocco Football Federation (RMFF) has assessed the installation of artificial turf in Liberia.

The Moroccan officials' visit comes months after the RMFF pledged to build a turf of international standards in Liberia.

The Liberia Football Association (LFA) and the RMFF entered into a technical cooperation agreement, which includes this development.

The agreement was signed in Morocco on the sidelines of a FIFA-sponsored seminar on the growth of the game. It includes opportunities for training camps, coaching, refereeing, club development, and equipment support.

The Willis Knuckles Sports Stadium, Blue Field, and the ATS were three football stadiums that the team visited while in Liberia.

The Willis Knuckles Sports Stadium was initially chosen as the location for the installation of the artificial turf but, according to sources, the project may be moved to the ATS because of the quantity and quality of turf the Moroccans want to install.

There is still hope for the Willis Knuckles Sports Stadium, however, as the LFA works to build more sports facilities that will provide young people with safe playing surfaces.

The outdated turf at the ATS was inspected by FIFA development officials in October. The new turf should be installed over the course of the following year using the LFA's authorized project funds from the FIFA Forward funds. 

This suggests that the Moroccan turf might be installed at the ATS while the FIFA project is moved from the ATS to the Willis Knuckles field.