MOH Statement on LACC’s Investigation of Margibi County Health Team

Ministry of Health, Congo Town, Monrovia Photo Credit: LiberiaInfo

The Ministry of Health has officially received the report from the Liberia Anti- corruption Commission into a leaked audio recording emanating from the Margibi County Health Team as published by the Frontage Africa newspaper on February 2, 2023. Upon receipt of the report the Ministry informed former members of the Margibi County Health of the LACCs’ key findings. However, the ex-officials of the Margibi County Health Team contended in their feedback that the LACC did not review all available documents during the investigation.

The feedback from the ex-officials has been communicated to the LAC in the Ministry’s letter of acknowledgement.

Meanwhile the Ministry has asked the LAC to proceed in accordance with its mandate to bring the matter to a logical and legal conclusion.

A. Vaifee Tulay
Acting Minister/Deputy Ministerfor Policy & Planning
Ministry of Health
Republic of Liberia