MoE Fines Four Schools In Maryland County

Tehneseo P. Brohdonyen, Maryland County’s new County Education Officer

For Breaching Health Protocols

The county education office in Maryland County has fined four schools with different amounts of money for breaching health protocols in the county.

Making the disclosure to journalists in the county, The County Education Officer, Prof. Tehneseo P. Brohdonyen, said that the county office of the Ministry of Education imposed fines on  the four schools  that were caught in violating the prescribed health protocols and set regulations of the MOE. 

The affected schools include Deck And Kids Elementary School in Harper (LRD $ 100,000), Nazareth Preparatory and Elementary School  (LRD $100,000) Central Site High School (LRD $100,000) and Kids Success Foundation  (LRD $150,000 ). He also added that Kids Success Foundation  in Pleebo was fined L$150,000 for deliberately violating the MOE regulations and health protocols.

The Maryland county Education Officer used the time to call on Private, public and faith based school authorities to observe the prescribed health protocols, emphasizing that coronavirus can be combated if everyone sees it  alarming and gets involved by observing the prescribed protocols.

In another development, Rev. Prof. Tehneseo P. Brohdonyen has called on the Government of Liberia and humanitarian organizations to help renovate  the offices of the Ministry of Education and to provide mobility for  District Education Officers and other supervisors working in the county.

He informed  journalists that the MOE local office  in Maryland County has been leaking for years now and it has become one of the major obstacles for them.

It can be recalled that during the rainy season last year, water damaged several documents due to the deplorable condition of the Ministry of Education local office in Maryland. 

The County Education Officer pointed out that his office has informed  the national office  and other educational partners through written communications in relation to the renovation of the building, but things seem not to be favorable yet. 

Speaking on unemployment issues raised by  volunteer teachers at public schools in the county, the Maryland County Education Officer said 134 retired teachers have been retired while 69 of the retired teachers are being replaced respectively. 

He said the government is doing all it can to employ qualified  teachers in public schools and placed them on payroll  in the county.