Miss Liberia Goes Digital

Miss Liberia contestants with executives of XL Entertainment and Mwetana

The host of the Miss Liberia 2022 Beauty Pageant, XL Entertainment Inc, and the MWETANA Consulting & Technology Group, an Information Technology Company have signed a partnership contract for Miss Liberia. MWETANA Consulting & Technology Group serves as the Title sponsor of the pageant and as the lead Technology Partner.  

This partnership will see the full digitization of the voting processes of the Miss Liberia pageant for the first time; including the introduction of a dedicated Miss Liberia app for the public; and the entire voting process as done by the judges. Increasing not only transparency, but also efficiency and the ability of Liberians across the world to participate in the Miss Liberia process. Pageant lovers and followers of Miss Liberia from all over the world will vote for the queen of their choice downloading the Miss Liberia app from Google Play and Apple App stores respectively in order to participate by voting online, following voting statistics, getting Miss Liberia news in real time, etc...

Held for the first time in 1962, the Miss Liberia pageant is overseen by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT). Miss Liberia is a national beauty pageant for young Liberian women from the 15 sub political divisions of the country to compete for the title of Miss Liberia and the honor of representing Liberia at a national and international level. Traditionally, the winner will represent Liberia at the Miss World beauty pageant. The pageant was last held in December 2016, when the incumbent Queen, the beautiful Miss Wokie Dolo won the title. 

MICAT gave the green light for the holding of what will be the 25th edition of the Miss Liberia Beauty Pageant, to XL-Entertainment as they won the license to host the pageant. 

Speaking during the signing ceremony Friday at the prestigious Boulevard Palace Hotel in Monrovia, April 2020, the Chief Executive Officer of XL Entertainment, Mr. Zubin Cooper said, “Today is very important because it marks the step of introducing technology and new innovations to the new Miss Liberia beauty pageant; helping to restore the luster and changing the way in which Miss Liberia has been perceived. Some of you may ask me which way, but creating the means wherein Liberians can participate in the selection of their queen of their country is an important step,” he noted.

Mr. Cooper said that the innovation will allow judges to satisfactorily use the technology thereby making the process especially from the judges’ perspective and how the public views them, much more transparent and fair.

“We will not see judges running back and forth with scores sheets, instead we will be introducing an app based system on the internet and social media as well. The process will be coded on a round by round basis, through which XL Entertainment will professionally and technically serve the public through a transparent and fair process to all participants, the voting public, the Liberian public, the diaspora and world as well,” he said.

For his part, the Chief Executive Officer of MWETANA Consulting & Technology Group, Mr. Vivien Charles Jones, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be part of this year’s Miss. Liberia beauty Pageant especially with the introduction of technology.

Mr. Jones told the ceremony that his company uses technology for clients to operate transparently making every field or program more effective and that is one of the reasons MWETANA has finally become a proud partner of the historic event.

He noted during past competitions there has always been a notion that something went wrong, like cheating or it wasn’t fair, but his company uses technology to level the playing field for everyone.

According to him, the competition is about the nation’s credibility and because of that they are passionate about making sure it works hundred percent. Mr. Jones pointed out that all the contestants have to do is to do their best, because whatever the score says that will be final and that technology will be a partner to all including the contestants, voters, observers, and the general public.

MWETANA, established in 2006, provides high quality solutions and services to businesses and organizations looking to use technology to increase productivity, efficiency, and improve their bottom line.  MWETANA (www.mwetana.com.lr) strives to provide quality, cost effective systems and solutions to clients that help improve and optimize business processes.  MWETANA strives consistently toward its goals of achieving Quality, Innovation and Excellence.  These goals are important for MWETANA as an organization in building not only optimal business processes, but also draws Liberia into the realm of advancement in making our clients technologically savvy and competent.

The Queens from the fifteen (15) counties were very enthusiastic and glad about the introduction of technology to help the process become free, fair, and transparent.  Some even expressed the hope that XL-Entertainment and MWETANA can work with other pageants and competitions in Liberia to improve the voting processes and improve the moral integrity of pageantry and competition in Liberia.  XL-Entertainment and MWETANA and the other partners are looking at changing the beauty pageant and entertainment industry in Liberia.  "The Digital Revolution has arrived to Miss Liberia, making it better for all Liberians and lovers of Liberia," the organizers said in a statement.