Mercy Int’l Medical Center Unveils New Facility

The new home of Mercy International Medical Center in Congo Town, Monrovia

-- Promises that Liberians will no longer have to travel abroad for advanced treatment

The proprietress and Medical Director of the Mercy International Medical Center, Dr. Zhai Yu, has assured Liberians and patients of providing the needed medical treatment and continued care for a healthy society and citizenry, while cautioning Liberians and foreign residents to seek treatment at the center.

Dr. Yu made the remarks on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, during the grand opening of the medical center’s new space, located at the Old Road, Catholic Junction in Congo Town, while urging Liberians and foreign residents to seek medication at her health center.

“Now, we have many good services being provided here, therefore, save your plane tickets and hotel bills and come get better treatment and diagnoses at the Mercy International Medical Center like you get overseas. We intend to start doing surgery,” Dr. Yu said. 

According to her, the decision to move to a bigger facility that accommodates more people has been a longtime dream for her and the staff with the vision that the new facility will provide additional services to patients. 

The new facility is more than three times the size of its previous home, which was a bungalow on Newport Street, Mamba Point, where the clinic resided for about 10 years. 

“We have to spend more money to bring it to the level of a medical center. Today, I am happy that we have such a new facility and we are also prepared to bring new equipment, professional nurses and doctors,” Dr. Yu said.

Dr. Yu said though they sometimes advise patients to seek medical services abroad, there is a plan to begin providing treatment and necessary equipment for illnesses that continue to cause Liberians and foreign residents to travel abroad. 

“We recommend that patients seek treatment abroad because of medications and equipment. Certain treatments need a particular equipment and medication and, if we don’t have, we quickly inform the patients and encourage them to seek treatment abroad and without delay,” Dr. Yu said. 

She said the new facility will provide opportunities for additional health workers and professional doctors to help the team in providing care and service to patients. 

She said the Chinese-owned medical center has professional Liberian doctors who are working and continue to be committed to providing better service to the patients. “This is a challenge for us now. because the bigger the facility, the more patients we get.”

“We were just praised by some of the patients who continued to seek treatment here and it’s because we provide test results very quickly and care for them. We also ensure that our patients are satisfied and have the best treatment before leaving our facility,” said Dr. Yu who is also known to patients as “Dr. Yular”.

She said doctors at the center are encouraged to ensure that a patient's diagnosis is correct because the wrong diagnoses may lead to wrong treatment. “Our medications are working very well and patients who come here can attest.”

According to her, she intends to have more professional doctors, including eye doctors, dentists, and other specialists for operation which will provide additional services to patients seeking treatment.

The Mercy International Medical Center also receives patients from neighboring countries, including Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast, according to Dr. Yu, who said the center has been in Liberia for over ten years, providing reliable and better services.

Wednesday’s event of the unveiling of the new facility brought together prominent Liberians who continue to seek treatment at the center, including Dr. Eugene Shannon, Olivia N. Shannon, former Liberia Revenue Authority boss Mrs. Elfreda Tamba and Mr.  Kolli Tamba, and John Y. Barkemeny of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation, among others.

Mr. Barkemeny urged Liberians to seek treatment at the center as they provide better and reliable treatment for all patients.

“I know besides God is you. I want to congratulate you again for the last ten years and hope we continue to work with you,” Barkemeny said.

Dr. Eugene Shannon expressed gratitude to Dr. Yu for her service, adding “we enjoy the service she provides for us as patients and we urge her to continue to render service to Liberians and Liberia.”

“We have depended on your service for years and hope that you will continue because, to our knowledge, you are our private doctor, best friend and one who knows exactly what she’s doing,” Olivia Shannon said.