medica-Liberia Launches New Project in Sinoe

To change norms will not happen overnight; to end SGBV will not happen in one day, but for the many years medica-Liberia has been in the county collaborating with all the different stakeholders, we can see that the efforts are making a significant impact. — Atty Yah V. Parwon, County Director, mL

medica Liberia, with support from Pro Victimis Foundation, is delighted to announce the launch of a new project. This project, titled "Strengthening Direct SGBV Prevention and Response Services for Survivors in Rural Communities in Sinoe County," represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to collaboratively combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV

The primary objective of the Project is to strengthen our collaboration with community-based SGBV Protection Networks (PNs) by providing crucial capacity support in essential areas. This support will enhance the independence and effectiveness of the community-based SGBV Protection Networks established by medica Liberia under previous projects as they take a leading role in providing direct support to survivors, initiating SGBV prevention activities, and linking survivors to services through the #SGBV referral pathway.

Madam Mbalu Jusu, Head of Programs – medica Liberia, presented the project on behalf of the institution. During her presentation, she stressed the importance of the project, stating that the project is adopting a suitability approach by empowering protection networks in response to S/GBV.

“This project is very important to us because, after many years of working with women and girls in the county, we always look for ways where SGBV actors and community-based SGBV Protection Networks can take leading role in providing direct support to survivors,” said Jusu.

Speaking on behalf of the Women and Children Protection Sections (WACPS) – LNP Anthony T. Kumeh thanked medica Liberia for the work and collaborative efforts over the years with the LNP/WACPS.

“It’s been many years, and we have seen NGOs come and go,” said Kumeh, “but medica Liberia has always been in the county and continues to support our work to stop SGBV in our communities.”

Still at the launch, on behalf of Greenville District Education Officer, Mr. Joshua Fallie, Administrative Assistant, appreciated medica Liberia team for the hard work over the years, especially in leeward communities of the county.

“I am happy because we have been advocating for medica Liberia’s work to reach out to other leeward communities in Sinoe, especially communities where they have yet to reach,” Fallie said. “Hearing all the work medica Liberia has been doing in different parts of the county but also expanding more to other communities, I am excited.”

Launching the project on behalf of the F. J. Grant Hospital, Dr. Kezelebah S. Goyah thanked medica Liberia for her work in the county but further challenged community leaders to fully support and collaborate with mL to ensure that S/GBV issues are addressed and responded to adequately.

“This is a really good program,” Dr. Goyah said. “I have not been in the county very long, but I can clearly see the importance of the work medica does in the county. But also listening to everyone shows how much impact the work has had in the community. I can assure you that we will work closely with medica Liberia in supporting survivors and in any other way we can.”

Madam Lauren G Mannoh spoke on behalf of the Sinoe women Platform. She stressed the importance of unity among women, recognizing that by joining forces and supporting one another, they could create a stronger and more effective response to the challenges faced by their community. She acknowledged the valuable role that Medica Liberia plays as an organization dedicated to addressing issues of gender-based violence and promoting the well-being of women.

“This issue of violence against women deeply affects us, the women of Sinoe. It is very important that we are fully represented and actively participate in this project. We have a responsibility to protect our daughters, sisters, and mothers. Therefore, I strongly encourage all the women in Sinoe to join hands with medica Liberia and work collectively,” she said. 

medica Liberia has been actively involved in addressing S/GBV through a comprehensive and multi-level approach, resulting in improved health, safety, and well-being for women and girls. Building upon the success of our previous initiatives, the Project will be implemented in select communities from the previous three phases of the project.

By addressing these key areas, the Project aims to empower survivors, promote their healing and well-being, and create a safer environment within rural communities in Sinoe County. The project recognizes the unique challenges faced by these communities and is committed to strengthening their capacity to prevent and respond effectively to S/GBV incidents.

medica Liberia, formerly medica mondiale Liberia, is a non-governmental women’s rights organization working in Liberia. The organization works with survivors of Gender-Based Violence and provides a holistic stress and trauma-sensitive approach that incorporates health, legal, and psychosocial approaches based on feminist principles.